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Five Most Effective Methods To Prevent Substance Abuse Cases

Our society is continually evolving. Therefore, every human generation had to deal with the challenges that were prevalent during its time. For example, since baby boomers fell short of the modern-day technology, they had to make peace with physically and mentally consuming practices in every walk of their lives. Likewise, the current generation is also subject to a series of problems—sleep deprivation, technology takeover, college debt, and unemployment, to name a few. We will be dealing with substance abuse.

But the most disturbing factor is that the contemporary generation indulges in substance abuse to take temporary refuge from these issues. Resultantly, the usage of alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and other illicit drugs is unprecedented today. Getting into substance abuse is not a solution by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it only worsens things at the end of the day.

People don’t become addicted by accident; certain things pave the way for them. Make sure you get such weaknesses out of the system and stick to the following conducts to keep substance abuse at a safe distance:

1. Enhance Your Knowledge

Today, it is relatively more comfortable to seek help from a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), and all you have to do is type dot sap near me to proceed for affirmation. Still, on an individual level, we have insufficient knowledge about drugs. Parents try to budge away or divert the attention of their children whenever they inquire about such stuff.

But science has long unearthed that we need to know more about drugs and drug addicts if we are to get rid of this nuisance. The lack of knowledge about drugs is a big reason why a fair proportion of the general public takes drug consumption so lightly. The more you know about the harmful effects of substance abuse and the soul-crushing recovery process of addicts, the more determination you will show to evade drugs.

2. Get Over Peer Pressure

Unless you reside in a remote location, you must have peers. A peer group shares age, interests, social standing, and experiences with you. Peers may or not be part of your friend circle, but they have a high probability of impacting your overall personality. Their influence could be both positive as well as harmful.

Peer pressure is hands down the biggest reason why an overwhelming number of people start consuming drugs. This tendency is particularly alarming among teens. A well-documented study has established that nearly 55 percent of teenagers engage in substance abuse surrendering to peer pressure. You can readily come across college boys who started taking drugs because everyone around them was doing so, and they didn’t want to feel “left out.”

All this could sound pretty much bleak. But there are two techniques to combat peer pressure and stay sober effectively. Let’s unveil them without further ado:

  • Choose friends wisely: Be it consciously or unconsciously, we tend to pick the habits of our friends. So if you spend most of your time hanging out with drug addicts, you are quite likely to follow suit.
  • Learn to say no: For many people, their inability to say “no” puts them into trouble. They assume that it would offend their friends. But that is not true. Because friends always accept you for who you are. A point-blank refusal will keep them from coming at you time and again.

3. Stay On Top Of Physical Activities

In this very era, it is relatively more comfortable to subscribe to unhealthy habits that somehow lead us to substance abuse. Take the example of excessive usage of mobiles. They have turned us into a couch potato. We have skipped several physical activities and, as a result, deprived ourselves of endorphins. Health experts believe endorphins stimulate a feeling of natural high. It is one reason why the present generation looks for artificial means to elevate their mood.

A daily workout can be a useful tool to avoid drug intake. Don’t worry; the exercises need not be all agonizing. Something as simple as walking or running will get the job done.

4. Know Your Trigger Points

Trigger points are situations that make you a potential candidate for substance abuse. They vary from person to person. While some people turn to alcohol due to the extreme financial pressure, others may drink simply because a club happens to be near to their house. Once you identify your trigger, you could take a variety of measures to do away with it.

One way to tackle your urges is to create a support system around yourself. It must comprise of people who love you and are always willing to listen to you. Talking to mental health experts will also help a great deal.

5. Stay Mentally Occupied

Along with physical inactivity, mental dormancy is equally capable of taking you to the path of substance abuse. Recently, a comprehensive study has highlighted a close connection between boredom and addiction. Creative hobbies, like painting, writing, or playing a musical instrument, are deemed as highly engaging. If you are not the original type, perhaps sparing some time to social work is going to be your best bet.

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Final Words

Indeed, substance abuse is more common than ever. The increasing number of abusers stands as a testimony to that. But this does not mean you can’t keep it at bay. Just walk the tight line of these methods that we have carefully put together, and you would never get enticed to substance abuse in the lifetime.

Mehedi Hasan

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