Sexual Addiction Recovery With Therapy And Counseling

Addiction on its own is a very controversial subject!

Not many will be willing to talk about it openly. Now, match the controversy of the subject itself to the shame that is attached to sex addition. So, people might find it hard to know about sexual addiction recovery.

No wonder there aren’t any anecdotes of people coming up and talking about the adversities that they had had to deal with when they were going through sex addiction.

Sex addiction is no more a mental disorder anymore!

However, it is deemed by many as a form of mental problem and is still studied by psychologists all around the world.

Hence, being diagnosed with sex addiction or having an inclination towards it is not the end of the world.

If you are suffering from this addiction, then do not worry cause it is possible for sexual addiction recovery.

You do not have to talk to anyone about this!

You are just going to talk to a professional about this.

There are endless numbers of counseling and therapy that can help you get through this addiction with ease and make sexual addiction recovery.

Yes, you will need an iron-clad determination and the will to get over this turmoil.

However, the treatment can be conducted by professionals without an ounce of judgment from their end.

What Is Sex Addiction?

When we talk about sex addiction and collected information from VSM Detox in Austin. It is important to understand that individual has no control over their instincts. 

It is described as this excessive need to participate in sexual activity all the time.

Sometimes in social settings, they are unable to control themselves whenever anything mildly sexual catches their eyes.

This can even lead to excessive masturbation and even porn addiction.

Sex addiction is not like drugs or alcohol, where the individual can still have access to all the substances. However, a sexual performance might not be that readily available all the time.

This can make the person borderline hostile or even indulge in some social or borderline criminal activities to fulfill their need. Due to this sexual addiction recovery is a must for those people.

Signs Of Sex Addiction

Here are some of the common signs or sex addiction symptoms to expect on someone or you if you are dealing with sexual addiction. It can also be a sex addicts addiction warning signs.

  • Multiple sexual partners and unable to be in a committed relationship.
  • Constant masturbation can later derail their sexual performance.
  • Having compulsive and even borderline obsessive thoughts about certain sexual activities.
  • Unable to concentrate on work or even their academics.
  • Feeling a strong urge of repentance after climaxing after sexual activity. This is because the inner conscience is making you understand that something is wrong with this lifestyle.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

Here are some of the common reasons which can cause sexual addiction. These are suggested by experts who have studied a lot regarding this subject.

  • Other Addiction: Addiction like alcohol or ecstasy can cause sex addiction since they are known to be the cause of excessive secretion of testosterone in the body.
  • Dysfunctionality: Mental dysfunctionality, which can cause frontal lobe abnormalities, can also cause sex addiction.
  • Medication: Yes, there are some medications that can cause sex addiction among adults.
  • Excessive Masturbation: Excessive masturbation can make your body dependent on that activity for the purpose of stress relief, and as a result, you are addicted to sex as well.
  • Porn Addiction: excessive consumption of pornography can give individuals unrealistic desires for sexual activities; not finding that in their normal sex life can lead to this addiction.

How Therapy Can Help With Sexual Addiction Recovery?

Whenever we are talking about sex addiction recovery, there could be nothing better than therapy and counseling.


Here is your answer!

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most crucial therapeutic practice which is practiced by every counselor whenever they are treating someone with an addiction.

It is no different from someone who is suffering from compulsive sexual addiction.

There is no addiction in the world that hasn’t stemmed from mental health issues.

So, in order to understand the triggers and what is causing the addiction, sitting through CBD counseling is very important for every patient.

They will learn their triggers. Plus, understand the different ways in which they can combat these triggers.

2. Couples Therapy

Some sec addiction also stems from a dissatisfactory sex life among couples.

This is where one of the partners usually tends to find that satisfaction is other partners or excessive porn addiction.

The addiction then follows with the constant availability of partners or by practicing too much masturbation.

Keeping the intimate sexual problems will do no good.

Therefore, it is always advised by therapists that couples talk to a couple of counselors who specializes in them and can give them the appropriate action plan to rekindle their sex life and, at the same time, get rid of this addiction.

Talking about the problem is the first and foremost thing for anyone dealing with addiction.

3. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Some patients fail to see that they are suffering from an ailment!

Since sex is such a common part of our lives, they do not see the problem in their compulsive behavior.

Through this therapeutic treatment, they will learn more about acceptance and committing to recovering themselves.

4. Self Help Groups

Some of these addiction issues stem from your unconscious mind, and your subconscious is not able to control them.

Through certain nonverbal therapeutic activities, patients can be more aware of their conscious minds and control their urges.

5. Holistic Therapy

Holistic recovery basically teaches a patient, calm activities which can help them control their mental chaos.

This is where they learn activities like yoga, physical exercise, meditation, and journaling.

All in all, ways in which they can channel the urges into something more holistic than giving in to them. 

This will also help them shape a new positive and healthy lifestyle.

Recovery To Lead A Normal Life

When we talk about the turmoils of sex addiction, we are not saying that sex as an activity is bad.

All we are saying is that an excessive amount of anything can’t be good and you can also get sexual addiction recovery by following necessary precautions.

Thus, through these recovery counseling programs, you will be able to minimize the activity and lead a normal life.

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