Can Poor Mental Health Lead To Drug Use And Dependence: Experts Answer

Whenever we see someone suffering from addiction, we cannot help but wonder what conspired to it!

What were the toxic influences, and how did they fall into this rabbit hole of constant drug use, even though they can understand it is affecting them.

These questions aren’t uncommon, especially if you are seeing someone very close go through them. This is mostly because you wish to understand the addiction to the core so that you can help them.

Can poor mental health lead to drug dependency? If this is a question, then you are not wrong with your curiosity. However, sometimes poor mental health can lead to problems that can be difficult to cope with.

As a result, people take the help of toxic drugs to escape from the mental turmoils they are facing.

This is a dangerous and harmful coping mechanism!

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Why Is This Escape Required?

When we think about it, there are other healthier ways in which you could cope with this feeling.

Then why are more and more people falling victim to such addictions?

This is because of the quick escapism. Consuming synthetic drugs can lead to feeling euphoric and a quick escape from reality. This is because it directly hits the central nervous system and is responsible for secreting dopamine [also known as the happy hormones].

This is a reaction that has to be achieved regularly from other mindful activities, and it might not be that quick.

On the other hand, the happiness felt from productivity or good yoga is long-lasting, while the one you get from drugs is temporary.

Still, it doesn’t stop people from abusing them, especially for someone who suffers from severe mental trauma and depression.

We have seen patients of drug addiction wanting to relapse more when influenced by their poor mental condition. So, why is this happening?

Why Mental Health Is Contributing To Drug Use & Dependence

These are some of the pioneer reasons why drug use is influenced by bad mental health.

We have taken these anecdotes from doctors all around the world, and this is what the professionals have to say.

1. A Quick Escape

We have already talked about this before, but here is to elaborate upon it a little. When we talk about escape, we are talking about the quick escape.

At times, people suffering from mental problems become so desperate that the idea of drugs looks impressive to them.

Some get into the consumption, promising it won’t happen daily. However, once you get the taste of this quick coping up, it is difficult to free yourself from the clutches. This is because they now have an option for quick relief.

2. Dependency

When someone is suffering from a mental problem, their mind is already going through this stage of vulnerability.

They are too weak to argue with their mind when it craves these substances. As a result, they can get more influenced, and the more they talk, the more their body gets habituated to the idea of drugs.

The body starts to think of these substances as a medicine, and whenever your mind is anxious or about to embark on a panic attack, it will automatically carve for that ‘cure.’

3. Craving For More

Yes, there is a certain euphoria that is attached to the consumption of drugs.

But, as mentioned before, this feeling of sudden happiness and detachment from reality is not long-lasting. So, what happens when it ends?

Does the patient accept the fate of the bad mental disease?

No, they will crave for it more, and the consumption amount of frequency will increase more than you could imagine. 

What happens next?

They are suddenly addicted and cannot seem to say no to drugs.

4. Mental Illnesses Increasing

Now, there is a codependency between drugs and mental disease.

You might start consuming them to cope with your depression, but what happens when the effects wear out?

Your normal reality will feel foreign because it doesn’t match that sudden happiness you felt while you were high. Hence, depression or any other mental health condition can increase.

Therefore, it is not just that mental health can increase consumption; the increased consumption can also elevate your mental illnesses. One way or the other, the body, mind, and soul are heavily affected because of the chemicals in the drugs.

5. Increase In Pill Addiction

Sometimes therapists can recommend anxiety medications, antidepressants, and even ADHD medication for curing the patient.

The danger follows when patients start consuming more than the prescribed amount. Sometimes these patients can be so desperate for relief that they believe taking as many pills frequently will have more effect.

Not only does it not cure their mental health, but it can make them addicted to these substances.

Professionals should be very careful when prescribing such medications.

6. Feeling Of Hopeless & Impending Doom

This is the dangerous turn that drug addiction can take!

At one point, people suffering from this addiction can feel immune to the effects. However, not only will they start consuming more now, but they will also feel this sudden hopelessness.

If you know or suspect someone from this addiction, lend a helping hand before they reach this stage. Most cases of overdose or suicide are reported in this stage because they have lost all temptations from life.

7. Inability To Experience Pleasure Elsewhere

There are other elements that can help in the increase of dopamine.

  • A good movie.
  • Running till you can’t breathe.
  • Meditation.
  • Laughter with friends/family.

However, when the mental health problem is taking up most of their headspace, they are not able to concentrate on anything else. This is when drugs seem like the savior for them.

Do You Need Help?

If you find yourself or someone not being able to say no to drugs when you feel a rush of anxiety or depression kicks in.

Suppose you find yourself spending more of your salary buying these drugs. Not to mention taking the risk of doing something so illegal.

Then you need help.

It is not the end of the world, and with the right help, you will not just overcome your addiction but also your mental problem.

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