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Russia will start using the first approved COVID-19 drug from the next week

Russia has the third-highest number of infections in the world i.e 423,741, after Brazil and the United States. But has a very low number of deaths.e 5,037, which has been a matter of debate.

Russia will begin giving its first drug approved for the treatment of COVID-19 to the patients next week. Its state financial support told the rebel that this move is a hope that will alleviate tensions in the healthcare system and accelerate the return to normal economic life.

The Russian sovereign wealth fund EDIF said that Russia will begin trial from June 1 and will be able to treat as many as 60,000 people in a month. There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and human studies of various antiviral drugs have yet to demonstrate its efficacy.

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A new Gilead antiviral drug called Remdesivir has shown promise in a small efficacy study against COVID-19, and some countries are giving it to patients based on compassionate or emergency rules.

Avifavir, known generically as favipiravir 400 mg, was first developed in the late 1990s by a Japanese company that Fujifilm later bought when it entered healthcare.

Krill Dmitriev, head of the RDIF, said the clinical trial involved 330 people. The clinical trial showed that the drug successfully treated the virus in most cases within four days. The trial was due to end in about a week, he said, but the ministry of health had given its approval for the use of the drug as part of a special accelerated trial, and production began in March.

Japan has tried the same drug, known there as Avigan. It has earned acclaim from the preeminent Shinzo Abe and $ 128 million in government funding, but its use has not yet been approved.

Favipiravir 200 mg appears on the Russian government’s approved drug list on Saturday.

Dmitriev said Russia that the new drug, which comes in the form of tablets, would allow people to spend less time in the hospital and would reduce the time they are contagious, indicating that the drug has few side effects but is not suitable for pregnant women.

He said that it has been particularly effective for patients suffering from mild or mild symptoms. Dmitriev said that RDIF, which owns a 50% stake in the production of the drug ChemRar, has funded the trials and other work with its partners for approximately 300 million rubles ($ 4.3 million). He also said that the costs for Russia were much lower due to previous development work in Japan.

Avifavir works by short-circuiting the reproduction mechanism of some RNA viruses such as influenza.

Once Russia’s medical needs were met, Dmitriev declared that he would flourish to export Avifavir. He said that the countries of the Middle East and Latin America had expressed interest in acquiring it.


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