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Red onions calories, nutrients and health benefits

Onion (Allium cepa) is a bulb-shaped, root vegetable grown all around the world. Onions have got some amazing eye-watering benefits that you didn’t know about. They are full of carbohydrates, minerals, and much more. Especially red onions have got healthy calories and carbs that your body truly needs.

Because of all the several health benefits onions provide, they have become the staple food in many countries. Almost no dish is complete without onions. There are many types of onions having different uses depending on their taste. We can cook onions in various ways to get red onion calories. Meanwhile, we can also have them raw. Let’s have a look at different onion facts.

Different Types of Onions

Onions are available in several different types. From red onions to shallots to leeks, there is a huge variety of onions. The three basic types of onion include white, yellow, and red onions. Out of the huge variety of onions, these three are the most used ones. 

Red Onions

Red onions have far more sweetness than the other ones.  They are also known as purple onions due to their beautiful purplish-red color. Along with their flavor and aroma, they also add beautiful purple color to your dish making it look amazing. Red onions are the best choice for grilling and pickling.

White Onions

As their color suggests, these are the mildest onions. They do not have that strong pungent flavor but are sweet. Because of their sweetness, these are usually eaten raw in salads and sandwiches. If you want to further enhance the sweetness you may soak them in water for some time and there you have them ready to be added to your favorite salad. 

Yellow Onions

On the contrary, yellow onions have a very strong flavor and pungent smell. These are usually used in dishes requiring caramelized onions. Cooking will surely lower the sharpness and you would get a nice sweet flavor.

Why are Red Onions Red?

Have you ever thought, why red onions are special and different from ordinary ones? Red onions are different because of their distinct purplish-red color. Now from where this red color comes from?

The answer is anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is the pigment that gives the red onions their distinct red color. Not only responsible for the color but anthocyanin is also an antioxidant that will make your immune system strong

Nutritional Facts about Red Onions

Red onions have a lot more nutrition than you think. Red onions are a source of:

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

When eaten raw, red onions calories equal as many as 40 calories. If onions are sautéed in oil or butter it will increase the calorie count. Onions have a high water content with very few proteins and fats.

Carbohydrates make up a huge percentage of red onions. These carbs are usually simple sugars, giving the onion its sweet taste. Red onions are also a good source of fiber, especially fructans. Fructans keep your gut healthy by feeding the healthy bacteria living there. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Onions also provide you with vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. All these vitamins and minerals will boost your immune system and help your body fight against viruses and bacteria. Potassium is a very important mineral for those people having a problem with high blood pressure. Onions will help you keep your blood pressure in control. 

Health benefits of Red Onions calories

For centuries, onions have been a part of every cuisine. Taste cannot be the only contributing factor, there must be some health benefits connected that made onions the staple food of many cuisines. Let’s dive into the health benefits of red onions.

Antibacterial Nature

Through research, it has been proved that onions have strong antibacterial abilities. Onions are used in several herbal treatments. Onions and garlic both can help your body fight against bacterial invasion. 

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Onions can also help reduce blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a fast-growing disease. Almost every family has one or two members suffering from this disease. Following a strict sugar-free diet and eating medicines regularly is a very difficult practice for diabetes patients.  Taking onions regularly can be very beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels.

Makes Bones Strong

Having calcium-depleted bones, scientifically known as osteoporosis is very common in elderly people. Most women above the age of 55 complain about joint pain. Vitamin D supplements and calcium-fortified milk are usually prescribed to such patients.

But if you want to keep your bones healthy from a young age, for that you just have to add onions to your diet. Onions make the bones strong by fighting against bone deterioration. They also increase bone mass. 

Immunity Booster

Onions are full of antioxidants, which make your immune system strong. Your immune system must be strong enough to protect your body from harmful pathogens. Onions are found to be very helpful in protecting the human body from cancer-causing toxins. They protect you against different cancers including colon, breast, and prostate. 


Red onions contain a special type of fiber that acts as prebiotics. Prebiotics help in the growth of good bacteria found in the alimentary canal. They help the good bacteria with their detoxifying functions and keep your intestine healthy. Prebiotics also lessen the chances of colon cancer. 

Prevents Heart Diseases

Another type of antioxidant, quercetin is found in red onions. These antioxidants are known for their cholesterol-controlling abilities. Onions are very beneficial for heart patients. As they lower blood cholesterol levels, onions can prevent several cardiac diseases.   


Though rare but onions can cause allergies in some people. Some people experience indigestion after eating onions. It can also cause the sensations of heartburn and abdominal pain.

You need to monitor your condition to check if you are sensitive to onions or not. Be careful, onions may also be dangerous for some pets like cats and dogs. The reason behind this is the sulfur-containing compounds.


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