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Vitamin C Abortion: Is it safe?

Vitamin C abortion is one popular self-abortion method. Vitamin C is found in many foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. It is documented for being a potent antioxidant. Also, it has many positive effects on health. Its positive effects are related to skin and immune functions. It is also vital for collagen synthesis, animal tissue, bones, teeth, and small blood vessels.

As the human body cannot produce or store Vitamin C, it’s necessary to consume it regularly in sufficient amounts. But, when it’s taken by pregnant women, it’s going to cause abortion of the child, referred to as Vitamin C abortion.

It is the way to handle an unpredictable pregnancy. People now encounter the water-soluble vitamin abortion method. People take large doses of Vitamin C supplements during a row for a few days to cause an abortion.

It really sounds exciting as it’s a simple solution, as this vitamin is usually available in nearby grocery stores and pharmacies. You also get Vitamin C from various food sources.

After knowing how easy it is, what comes to the mind is how safe Vitamin C abortion is.

So here we clear your doubts.

Is Vitamin C abortion safe?

In terms of abortions, it sounds like a home remedy. Vitamin C isn’t among the safe and reliable options of abortions. There is no conclusive evidence that it’ll cause an abortion as pregnant women regularly take Vitamin C with none adverse consequences.

There is no credible scientific information that proves Vitamin C has effects on pregnancy, implantation, or menstruation to cause a Vitamin C abortion.

Many home remedies for unplanned pregnancies include eating fruits with a high content of Vitamin C . This may include papaya, pineapple, etc.

However, a pregnant woman can consume up to 2000mg of Vitamin C per day, which is safer in every aspect. Having lots of papaya or pineapples per day is completely unreasonable and may harm your fetus and your body as well.

Should we go with Vitamin C abortion?

When you are talking about home remedies to handle abortions, Vitamin C abortion can be the safest choice. The reason? lacking Vitamin C really causes consequences for pregnancy. Moreover, even if you take Vitamin C in a somewhat greater amount, at most it will cause a stomachache or may sometimes result in diarrhea.

But if you are willing for safe abortion, there are various other methods available. We will be discussing these methods in the section below.

Medical abortion

It is a major type of abortion that involves taking two different types of abortion pills. These pills are meant to terminate the pregnancy.

Among the two pills used in medical abortion, mifepristone is the first pill. Similarly, the second pill is misoprostol, also popular as Cytotec. The simultaneous use of both pills decreases the chances of side effects and also enhances the efficiency of abortion.

How do the pills work?

Both the pills mentioned above work together to help terminate the pregnancy. The first pill known as Mifepristone blocks progesterone and also breaks down the lining of the uterus.

After 24-48 hours of the intake of the first pill, you will take the second pill. The second pill is known as misoprostol. It causes the contraction of the uterus resulting in the expulsion of the embryo along with uterine lining.

What are the side effects of medical abortion?

If you have gone through a medical abortion, you may experience cramps and bleeding that can last as long as two weeks. It may normally take a time of few hours to one or two days for a woman to abort after undergoing a medical abortion. Cramping and light bleeding are normally experienced following a medical abortion. Some women may also experience the following after a medical abortion.

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sometimes diarrhea

Who should go for medical abortion?

Now after knowing about medical abortion in detail, you may want to know if you fall in the category to be eligible for medical abortion or not. If you are dealing with the below-mentioned cases, you should consider yourself not eligible for medical abortion.

  • Case of ectopic pregnancy
  • Can’t deal with surgical abortion in the case of pills failure
  • Dealing with long term corticosteroids
  • Having genetic disorders
  • Lack of proper medical facilities
  • Dealing with molar pregnancy
  • Kidney, heart, or liver problems
  • In taking anticoagulants or with bleeding disorders
  • Having an IUD
  • Adrenal gland problems
  • Insufficient understanding while following the directions


While considering home remedies for abortion, Vitamin C abortion can be the safest way. One of the reasons behind this is very few side effects of overusing Vitamin C.

However, there is no evidence of Vitamin C abortion working very well with pregnant women. To consider other methods of abortion, you may go with medical and surgical methods of abortion. Consulting your doctor before undergoing any of the abortion methods is recommended.


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