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Popcorn salad: An interesting and healthy snack

Love the popping sound of the popcorns and love to eat them too? Have you ever imagine popcorns in a salad? haven’t? let’s try one today.

There is a variety of mayonnaise salads that we have eaten in our lives. Why not have mayonnaise and other regular salad seasonings with the popcorns also.

Popcorn salad is getting hype these days. It contains all the regular salad ingredients like vegetables, mayonnaises sauce or sour cream, and other seasonings. The extraordinary ingredient in this salad is the popcorns.

The article is for those who are new to popcorn salad, here we brought the recipe for it for our readers, and we will let you know some other things also about the popcorn salads.

Let’s try having this suspicious salad!

How to make popcorn salad?

It is easy to make like all the other salads. It can be used as a side dish in a treat meal. You can have it plain also as a whole meal.

Let’s explore the recipe for it.


All the ingredients are easily accessible. The ingredients that make it special and unique are given below.

  • Bacon
  • Mayonnaise
  • Celery
  • Cheese
  • Chestnuts
  • Chives
  • Popcorns
  • Carrots


These instructions are easy to follow. After following these instructions you are going to have a tasty popcorn salad. Let’s get into the procedure.

  1. In the first step start preparing the bacon.
  2. Take a skillet, place the bacon on it and leave it on medium to low heat for several minutes. Cook them until they get brown and nicely cooked.
  3. Take the celery and chopped it finely. Place this chopped celery on a separate plate. Take the cheese and shred it also. Take the chives and minced them properly.
  4. It’s time to pop the popcorns. Take a popcorn popper and add popcorns to it. Wait until the popcorns get popped out completely. Take the popcorns out of the popper and place them separately.
  5. Take a medium-sized bowl. Add celery, carrots, bacon, and all the other ingredients in that bowl. Stir the ingredients well so that they get mixed properly.
  6. Add some additional bacon and popcorns at the time of servings.
  7. Add the popcorns and the additional bacon from the top and served it immediately.
  8. Experience your homemade made one and enjoy the crunchy texture of it in a sweet-salty salad.

Soggy Popcorns

The only question that comes to my mind when I think about that is when it is, with mayonnaises the popcorns get soggy and then they become not eatable. To solve this query we have an option for you.

Place the popcorns and the other mixture separately. At the time serving add it to the salad and then have it immediately before the popcorns get soggy.

The mayonnaise will take a long time to sog the popcorns. because the mayonnaise is thick inconsistency. In comparison to mayonnaise, the popcorns become soggy in the water immediately.

Refrigerated Popcorn Salad:

The other salads are good if eaten cold. The popcorn salad can be eaten cold but there is a problem with it.

When we take the salad other than the popcorns out of the refrigerator. Then add the freshly made popcorns on it, this cold salad and hot popcorns confuse the consumer.

It is advisable to eat it immediately. The best way to eat this salad is when made freshly.

Have this salad directly from the bowl to your plate.

Nutritional Profile of Popcorn Salad:

It has a very unique nutritional profile. It contains carbs, fats, proteins, and fibers. Let’s get the source of these carbs, fats, and fibers.

  1. Fibers:

As we have added some vegetables in the salad these vegetables provide fibers and little carbohydrates to the consumers.

2. Fats:

The main ingredient that gives the fats to salad is the mayonnaises. These fats are although not healthy to eat. The mayonnaises contain saturated fats and cholesterol. These are considered bad for health.

3. Carbohydrates:

The vegetables that we have added to the salad contribute towards the carbohydrates in the popcorn salad. Popcorn is another source that gives carbohydrates.

4. Proteins:

The proteins in the salad come from the cheese that we have added to the salad. Cheddar chasse is preferred to have in the popcorn salad, in addition, you can have another cheese verity also in your made one.

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The popcorn salad is new to hear but don’t be curious about its taste. It is tasty and crunchy to have at the same time. It is easy to make.

There are some crucial points to consider when you are making it as you are playing with sensitive ingredients like popcorns.

Try your best that popcorns don’t get soggy. Prepare them immediately at the time of salad eating. Don’t let them sit at room temperature, because they can absorb the humidity from the environment also.

Add the freshly prepared popcorns on top of the fresh salad. Mix them a little and then have it immediately. In this way, you can experience the best popcorn salad with its characterized crunchy texture.

If you find this article helpful let us know in our comment section below.


How can I fix the soggy popcorns?

If you have made the popcorns even when the salad is n process. And the popcorns become soggy because they were placed in a soggy environment. Noting to worry about. you can refresh these popcorns.
Take the popcorns and place them in your microwave oven for 30 rotations. When you take your popcorns out of the oven. They will be the same as they are freshly made.
Add these popcorns to your salad. Mix it gently and have your popcorn salad.

Is eating popcorn salad healthy?

As we have added mayonnaise in the popcorn salad so it is not considered healthy to eat. The mayonnaise contains all the bad fatty acids which are not good for health.

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