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How to Lose Face Fat? 9 Golden Tips and Exercises

Face fat is the deposition of extra fatty tissue under the skin layer of the face making it look rounder and chubby. A fuller and plump face looks more beautiful than a slim face. But chubby cheeks may be because of obesity and genetics. It feels annoying to deal with a healthy face as no such shapewear is available for face fat to adjust correctly. Most people ask this question about how to lose face fat.

There are several fast-forward ways to deal with face fat. But, these are decisive because they do not have long-lasting results. Besides these, there are several other strategies that focus on your diet and healthy lifestyle for sustainable results. Losing face fat requires long-term, persistent changes to get maximum benefits. This is exactly what we will be focusing in this article on how to lose face fat.

How to lose face fat? – An overview

Losing fats in a specific region is quite tough to achieve. You have to go through a complete body weight loss regimen to get the desired benefits on your face. It will surely help you to achieve a slimmer look, flattering features, and sharp jawline. This article summarizes the best possible strategies to help you deal with face fat. Let us have a detailed look at various ways to answer this question about how to lose face fat.

Here are some authentic and recommended methods to lose face fat. These methods will prevent you from getting plumpy cheeks for a long time.

Facial exercises

Let’s start this journey on how to lose face fat by some effective facial exercises Exercises play a prime role in enhancing facial appearance, muscle strength, and resistance to aging symptoms. In addition, exercises help a lot to tone muscles giving the appearance of a slim face. There are some exercises that help you to lose face fat. Let us look at these exercises to reduce facial fat.

  1. Lip pull exercise – This facial exercise helps you to lift your face. In addition, it also helps to maintain a pointed chin with a proper sleek jawline.
  2. For this exercise, maintain your head in a still and neutral position.
  3. Lift the lower lip in the upward direction as far as you can do it maximum by stretching the skin over the jaw bones.
  4. Hold on to this position for up to 20 seconds.
  5. Continue repeating this exercise to enhance the results.
  6. Fish lip exercise – This exercise helps to properly tone and stretch the facial muscles. Moreover, it also offers a slimmer look on the face.
  7. For this exercise, maintain your head in a resting position.
  8. Suck your lips and cheeks from the inside of your mouth. Indirectly, make your lips like fish.
  9. Hold on to this position for up to 20 seconds.
  10. Repeat this exercise several times to get maximum results.
  11. Mouthwash exercise – This exercise also helps you to maintain the tonicity of the facial muscles and sharp jawline.
  12. For this exercise, fill up your mouth with air and pass air from one side of the cheek towards the opposite side just like you use mouthwash.
  13. Keep on doing this exercise for up to 20 seconds.
  14. Relax and repeat the exercise several times to get maximum results.
  15. Chin lift exercise – This exercise helps you to lift up the chin and create a sharper jawline.
  16. Go for a comfortable position. Tilt your head in the backward direction with the head facing toward the horizon.
  17. Maintain your lip like you are kissing the ceiling. It will create a proper strain at the jawline.
  18. Hold this position for up to 15 seconds and continue repeating this exercise several times.
  19. Yoga exercises – Yoga postures are beneficial to tone the muscles and create a slimmer look. But to get results, you need to be persistent enough to continue yoga postures for longer periods. One of the yoga postures is as follows to learn about it.
  20. Lion pose – This yoga pose gives the best facial performance to tone the facial muscles and also the thyroid region.

These facial exercises are going to be very effective ways to lose face fat.

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are yet another set of exercises that will help you in how to lose face fat. Cardio exercises are a kind of physical activity that enhances your heart rate. It is one of the effective methods to deal with the issues related to weight loss. Different studies suggest that Cardio exercises help to boost fat burning and greater fat loss. Moreover, people can perform cardio at low, moderate, or high-intensity levels. Maintaining high-intensity cardio exercises several times a week can burn the fats more vigorously.

Common cardio exercises include running, walking, swimming, biking or dancing. All these exercises will help you in how to lose face fat.

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Stay hydrated enough

Drinking enough water is one of the major factors in burning fats. Focus on this point if you are following a weight loss regimen. Different studies dictate water increases the feeling of fullness and makes your weight loss journey an easy task. In addition, another study also suggests that drinking water just before the meal lowers the number of calories used during the meal. Moreover, water increases the metabolic rate. This is a very simple but an import aspect while considering how to lose face fat.

Increased metabolic rate burns enough calories to help to boost weight loss. Take at least eight glasses daily to hydrate yourself. Drinking cold water puts our body in an effort to make the water warm at body temperature. It utilizes the body’s energy to perform this. Therefore, it burns calories more easily. In addition, drinking sufficient water can help reduce the bloating and puffiness on your face. Hydration decreases the chances of fluid retention in the body. In this way, this helps you in how to lose face fat.

Reduce alcohol intake:

Though it looks quite cool to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. But, it is one main reason for fat accumulation and bloating. Alcohol includes high calorie intake with decreased minerals and vitamins. In addition, alcohol works as a diuretic, producing more urine. Decreased water in the body may cause water retention giving an appearance of puffiness. Reducing alcohol intake can thus help you in how to lose face fat.

Besides all these, alcohol intake can trigger various hormones to stimulate hunger and feeling of appetite. Alcohol decreases the production of the leptin hormone that enhances the feeling of fullness. Therefore, you feel like your stomach is empty and you continue eating. Heavy drinking poses a greater weight gain and bloating. Moreover, increased alcohol intake can cause inflammation, a high risk of weight gain, and obesity. So when you are searching for how to lose face fat, you should reduce alcohol consumption.

Limit refined carbohydrates

One of the major things to consider in how to lose face fat is to limit refined carbohydrates. Nowadays, people prefer to take junk food items. These junk food items are the main source of refined carbs that increase the chances of weight gain and fat deposition. These carbohydrates are in processed form with no beneficial nutrients and fibers, containing only sugar and calories. A higher intake of these refined carbs increases the chances of obesity and belly fat. Replace your refined carbs diet with whole grains to boost your weight loss journey. This will surely help you in your query about how to lose face fat.

Adequate sleep:

It is a very important thing to get proper sleep about 7 to 8 hours. It helps in the weight loss journey. Moreover, it also helps to reduce facial fat. Insomnia or being unable to sleep can increase the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone can increase the side effects including weight gain. High cortisol can increase appetite and also affect the metabolic rate. Moreover, these changes result in high fat deposition. Therefore, you should get quality sleep time to get over these harmful hormones. Moreover, lack of sleep may cause you to eat more, gain weight, and decrease metabolism. This getting adequate sleep is another thing to consider in how to lose face fat.

Check and balance your sodium intake

Salty food items are the main source of sodium intake. Sodium is a mineral that is commonly used in daily routines. You should check this surprising link between salt and weight gain. People use salt in refined foot items, sauce, and different other food items. Increased sodium intake produces a symptom of bloating. This bloating may lead to facial swelling and puffiness. In addition, a high sodium intake can lead to fluid retention. Processed food items contain about 75% of sodium in an average food product. Cut down your sodium intake as it can help you to reduce your facial fat. Thus balancing this will help you in how to lose face fat.

Change your lifestyle

If your query for how to lose face fat is to lose face fat permanently, there needs to be lifestyle modification. The best way to reduce facial fat and prevent weight gain can only be done by long-term lifestyle modification. People following a healthy lifestyle are at lower risk to gain overall body weight than the other ones. Daily exercise, taking a diet with lean proteins, and intake of fruits and vegetables assure a normal body mass index with sharp skin features. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is surely going to help you in how to lose face fat and that too in a long run.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is key to losing weight and is found to help many people searching for how to lose face fat. Check out your body mass index and count your daily calorie demand. Balance your calorie demand and calorie intake by properly burning out the extra calorie intake. Must focus on your breakfast rich in lean proteins to keep you healthy and energetic for a long time. Cut on the sugary products, salty or fried items. Try to take a healthy and balanced diet in the form of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. This is a must while you consider how to lose face fat.


How to lose face fat is a question common among the public. Facial fat is quite difficult to deal with. You have to follow the proper overall weight loss methods to get over your facial fat. It is quite difficult to focus only on the facial fat while gaining weight overall. Therefore, focus on your overall body weight and cut on all the toxic things that are putting extra weight on your body.

Take a well-balanced diet enriched with proteins and fibers. Don’t go for continuous fasting as it will help you with nothing. Take a healthy diet and maintain your daily facial or cardio exercises. It will help you to boost your weight loss. In addition, don’t go for defined food products as they contain only sugars and calories. Take enough water to hydrate your body. Ensure quality sleep of eight hours and manage your stress levels to maintain healthy weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to lose only face fat?

Overall body weight loss can help you achieve your target of losing facial fat. Otherwise, there is no such evidence available related to spot reduction. Moreover, spot reduction is not effective for boosting fat loss in specific parts.

What are the main causes of fat deposition on the face?

There are several causes of facial fat deposition. Weight gain is one of the main leading causes of facial fat deposition. Moreover, malnutrition, no exercise, aging, or genetic problems can cause facial fat deposition.

How long does it take to reduce face fat?

It usually takes time to manage facial fat. Most people get over their chubby faces when they reach 20% of their body fat. You can reduce about 0.5-1% of body fat every week by properly following the routine.

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