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Olive Garden Salad Calories: Know About the Nutrition

Want to have some elite kind of salads? Go to the olive garden and enjoy the best salads in the town. If you are health conscious then let’s also know about the olive garden salad calories.

Olive Garden is a famous casual food restaurant chain that has its specialties in Italian cuisine. There are salads both in healthy and unhealthy options, steaks, dessert, and drinks in the restaurant. The salads and steaks are considered as the main course at the olive garden. People who are calorie conscious are more inclined towards the salad of the olive garden restaurant.

The article is for those who want to know the calorie count of the salads that they are having at the olive garden. We will enlist some of the olive garden salad calories for you so choosing a salad from there become easy for you.

Olive garden salad calories

Olive Garden is an Italian cuisine specialty restaurant. Its menu is not huge. The few things that it offers are good in quality. There are many varieties of salads available at the olive garden. Some are healthy to have and some are not. Let’s get the calorie details of the olive garden salads.

1. Olive garden salad with signature Italian dressing

A serving of the olive garden salad with the signature Italian dressing contains a total of 150 calories. The salad is rich in sodium. It contains 770mg of sodium in a single serving. The salad is rich in carbohydrates and fats and it is low in proteins. The salad on whole is considered an unhealthy item to have because of the huge % of carbs and fats.

2. Olive garden salad without any dressing

This is the healthiest salad that you can have at the olive garden. The total amount of calories that you get from the dressing-free salad is 70. This salad is low in fats and proteins. It contains carbohydrates in a little higher amount. There are 2grams of proteins and fats separately available in the olive garden dressing-free salad.

3. Olive garden farmhouse salad without croutons

Here is a balanced-calorie salad for you. This contains a decent amount of calories in the salad. 110 calories are there in a single serving of the olive garden farmhouse salad without the croutonsThe salad is rich in sodium. There are 670grams of sodium in the farmhouse salad. In comparison to the others, the fats are low in number in this salad. There are 8g of fats available in the single serving of this salad. Proteins are 2 g in number and carbohydrates are 7grams. Olive garden pasta salad: the most calorie-rich salad of the olive garden is the pasta salad. You can have 200 calories in a single serving of the olive garden pasta salad. The salad is rich in carbohydrates and fats. There are 12g of fats and 18 grams of carbohydrates. 750mg of sodium is also available in a serving of the olive garden pasta salad.

4. Spaghetti and marinara salad

Spaghetti and marinara salad is one of the unhealthy options in the salads. This salad is rich in calories. These calories mostly come from carbohydrates. The salad is low in fats. 480 calories are there in a single serving of spaghetti and marina salad. Fats are 10.5 grams in a single serving, carbohydrates are 84 grams, there are 5grams of fibers also available in this salad, and the amount of sodium is 730 grams.

Menu of the olive garden

Other than the salads there are many other things available on the menu of the olive garden restaurant. Salads and streaks are their specialties. Desserts are also there on the menu of the olive garden.

  1. Herb grilled salmon.
  2. Tilapia piccata 
  3. Chicken piccata
  4. Garlic rosemary chicken 
  5. Shrimp scampi
  6. House salad with low-fat dressing 
  7. Chocolate mousse cake 
  8. Strawberry and white chocolate cake dolcini 
  9. Chicken alfredo 
  10. Sausage stuff giant rigatoni 
  11. Classic calamari
  12. Five Italian cheese fondue
  13. Lasagna fritta 
  14. Chicken parmigiana
  15. Braised beef and tortellini 
  16. Steak gorgonzola alferado 
  17. Chocolate caramel lasagna. 


The olive garden, the salad place. Olive Garden is a restaurant at which you can have a variety of mouthful salads. These salads can be healthy to eat or calorie-rich also.

You can choose one depending on your choice. There are custom dressings also available to have with the salads.

In the article, we have mentioned some of the salads and their nutritional profile. This is for convince of the customers. Customers now can check the calories of the salads they are going to have from the olive garden restaurant. 

Check the calories and choose one that suits your diet.

If we remain helpful for you in this context, let us know in the comment section below.

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1. How many ounces of salad are there in a single serving of the olive garden salad? 

A single serving of olive garden salad contains 5 ounces of salad in it. You can increase the serving depending upon the number of people you are. When you are with your family or friends at the olive garden to enjoy its salads, increase the serving depending upon how much you want to have that salad.

2. What is the lowest calorie meal that I can have at the olive garden restaurant? 

Minestrone and house salad with the grilled chicken is the lowest-calorie meal you can have at the olive garden restaurant. This is especially there in the menu for people who are on diet or are conscious about their weight. 
Let’s go and grab this calorie efficient meal.

3. What is the olive garden famous for?

Olive Garden is an Italian specialty restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its salads. There is a variety of salads available at the olive garden. Some lie in the healthy category and some are unhealthy to eat. There is a variety of dressings also available that you can have with your favorite salad. 
Other than the salads. The olive garden also offers steaks, desserts, and some drinks to their customers. These are also good to have

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