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Congealed Salad: How Delicious Does It Taste?

A crunchy salad embedded in a jelly? Is it possible? Yes. You can experience the two weird textures in the congealed salad.

It is the most ancient type of salad. You may have eaten this in your grandma’s home. It is now extinct. But we are here to refresh your memories. It is a suspicious kind of salad in which all the salad ingredients are present in the gelatin. This gelatin gives a jelly texture to the salad.

The article is written for you so that you become able to make your own. There are different recipes for the congealed salad. We will inform you about some of the famous recipes for it.

How to make the congealed salad?

There are many different recipes for making it. The main ingredient in each of the recipes is the gelatin that will give the characteristic structure to the salad. Let’s get the details of some famous congealed salad.

Cherry flavored congealed salad:

One of the famous ones is cherry flavor congealed salad. It is the oldest type of congealed salad. Let’s refresh this recipe today.


Besides the main ingredient and the enlisted ingredients, there are many other ingredients that you can add to it to customize it. There are only a few ingredients for the cherry flavor. here is the list.

  • Packets of cherry jello
  • Hot water
  • Cans of crushed pineapples
  • Pecans
  • Celery.


It is easy to make. You have to do a little chopping of the vegetables and then you have to add in the cherry jello. Here are some easy instructions to make the perfect one.

  • Take a dish and spray it with some non-stick spray.
  • Take hot water in a bowl and add the cherry-flavored jello to it. Mix the mixture until fully combined.
  • Now take the cream cheese and blend it until its texture changes to flakes or chunks.
  • Chopped the celery and pecans.
  • Add finely chopped celery, pecans, and pineapple chunks to the cream cheese. Stir them all together for proper mixing.
  • Add the hot jello to the mixture.
  • Let it cool for a few hours in the refrigerator.
  • The cherry-flavored congealed salad is ready. You can have it with some whipped cream.

Lime flavored congealed salad:

Lime flavored is another famous type of congealed salad. The ingredients are almost the same as that of the cherry-flavored one. Just the flavors are different complimenting the lime gelatin.


The ingredients that give the characteristics flavor of the lime is of course the lime-flavored gelatin. The other ingredients that complement the presence of the lime gelatin are

  • Canned crushed pineapples
  • Cream cheese
  • Heavy cream
  • Pecans
  • Lime jello.


The easy instructions for making the lime-flavored one are here. Follow these and these will lead you to a tasty homemade one.

  1. Take a bowl of hot water. The water should not be boiling.
  2. Add the gelatin to the bowl of water and stir them until they get fully combined.
  3. Soften the cream cheese in an electrical beater.
  4. Add the chopped pecans and crushed pineapples to the softened cream cheese.
  5. Transfer the hot gelatin into the mixture of cream cheese, pecan, and pineapples. Stir them all a little. And set this aside in the refrigerator.
  6. After being cooled the lime flavor one is ready to eat.
  7. You can top it with some nuts and whipping cream.

Molding of congealed salad:

This is the most asked question, to mold a congealed salad or not.

If you didn’t mold it, It is still ok. But if you mold it, it will give a more fascinating feel to the consumer. It can be molded in cake molds, ice cream, and biscuit molds. The biscuit molds can be the best of all. These small molds make your congealed salad attractive and also make the serving easy. Just remove the jello salad from the mold and serve it with some dressing like whip cream or some fruit slices.

You can make different shapes with your made ones. For the children, you can have bite-size molds. These small pieces will attract the children.

Mold it in the way you want.

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The congealed salad is retro. The people of these are not aware of the deliciousness of the congealed salad. In this article, we have refreshed some of your memories with the congealed salad. You may have eaten this in your grandma’s home. After reading this article you can know for sure become able to make the congealed salad on your own.

The congealed salad is considered unhealthy to eat because of the presence of high sugar gelatin. The flavored gelatin is high in sugars and low in fibers. Try to have this salad occasionally and don’t add it to your daily diet.

Hoping that this article has refreshed your old memories with the congealed salad, if it is like that let us know in the comment section.


When does the congealed salad originate?

The congealed salad is originated in the late 1900s. It is retro now. Old people are aware of the congealed salad and also serve this unique salad in some of their friends and family gatherings however, the generation of these days are new to the congealed salad.

Why I am addicted to jello products?

The manufacturing companies of the jello products advertise their product in a way that consumers become unable to resist their product. They complement their gelatin product with some products that make the best combos like the crushed biscuits, canned fruits, and many more.

Is flavored gelatin healthy to eat?

Gelatin is a non-healthy food choice. The flavored gelatin contains a huge amount of sugar. The gelatin is low in fibers. This nutritional profile makes it unhealthy to add to the daily routine.
You can have it at some events, but don’t add it to your daily diet otherwise, you can be at risk of diabetes. Add food items to your daily diet that are low in sugars and high in fibers.

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