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5 Reasons to Purchase a Medical Alert System for Your Aging Parent

Providing the best care to help your loved one age in place can be difficult, as you have other obligations on your schedule. Luckily there are various methods, including having a medical alert system to ensure that your aging parent gets timely emergency help when you are not around. Read on for five reasons to purchase a medical alert system for your aging parent.

Increased risk of falls

Did you know that over 32,000 deaths in seniors 65 years and above result from falls? Old age comes with limited mobility, and in case your loved one falls, they may not get up to ask for help immediately. They may also get severe injuries, including fractured and broken bones, brain injuries, and lacerations, necessitating emergency medical help. Investing in a medical alert system for your aging parent helps them get the timely assistance they need. Check out this medical alert systems review to gain helpful insights on alarm units to make an informed buying decision.

Ease of use

Aging parents are more vulnerable to accidents such as falls. It may be time-consuming to find a mobile phone and dial for help. Your loved one may also experience difficulties memorizing an emergency contact, which is why you should purchase a medical alert system for them. Medical alert systems can be worn around the neck or wrist and operated through a push of a button. This makes them easier to use and comfortable for your aging parents. Your loved one does not even have to take the device off during showers, as they are also waterproof. 

Medical alert systems help seniors stay independent

One of the things your loved ones dread about aging is losing their independence. You have to constantly monitor their every move, send them to an assisted living facility, or hire a home caregiver to ensure their safety, which makes them lose their independence. With a medical alert system, your aging parent remains in control over their routines without worrying about safety.

Peace of mind

Leaving your aging parent unattended at home, especially when they have a pre-existing medical condition like diabetes and high blood pressure, can be stressful. You keep worrying about their safety, making it difficult to focus on your daily routine. By investing in a medical alert system, you can focus on other activities knowing that your loved one is monitored 24/7. 

A medical alert system also instills confidence in your aging parents as they do not have to worry about falling or being stuck in a situation without appropriate assistance.

Medical records

Emergency response teams rely on an individual’s medical history to offer appropriate assistance. However, if an accident affects your loved one’s ability to speak, and you are not available to give an account of your aging parent’s existing medical conditions, administering the proper treatment could be delayed since the medical personnel has to run tests first. However, a medical alert monitoring station acquires medical records of your loved one once you purchase an alert system, and this information is relayed to first responders in an emergency, meaning your loved ones will get timely proper treatment.


Are you deliberating on whether to invest in a medical alert system for your aging parent or not? Consider the above reasons to make an informed decision.

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