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PRP Facial Treatment- Pros and Cons of the Treatment

This article will cover the basics of PRP Facial Treatment, how it brings your face a new life, the areas of skin it works best for, and so many other amazing facts. So let’s start.

What is PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment will use the healing power of your own body by using the plasma of your blood to give your skin a better tone and fresh look. This plasma extracted from your blood will help grow new tissues in the areas where it is injected.

The other common yet more exciting name for this treatment is Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, or Dracula Therapy, referring to how your skin eats your blood to get a new charisma and more youthful skin. This treatment is carried out without cutting or surgery and only uses injections. This treatment will not use any medicine from outside, making it the best option for people allergic to different drugs and medicines.

PRP treatment will improve the appearance of your skin by regenerating collagen. Wrinkles are fine lines are gone, and you will also experience great improvement in overall health and the glow of your skin.

PRP injections

PRP injections are prepared with your blood, which means you will not get injected blood from any external source but yourself. Once blood is taken out from your body, the next step is to extract platelets, which are concentrated by running blood through a centrifuge.

Once the platelet concentration is done, these activated platelets are injected into the affected part of your face. This will release growth factors in the affected areas helping it increase the reparative cells that are produced by the body and function as healing or amending cells. More precisely, it is your damaged tissue where platelets are injected directly.

Another important point to mention here that might concern you is that sometimes your doctor might mix additives known as thrombin and calcium chloride into a platelet-rich plasma to artificially activate the platelets. This helps in enhancing the plasma’s regenerative properties. Before you go into the treatment, you can ask your doctor if he is practicing this and ask him if it can give you any infections or side effects to be on a safer side.

How PRP Facial Treatment works:

It would be an interesting read for you to know how PRP treatment works. It has some facts that amaze you about how much power is invested within your body to get healed and even reverse your age. Though healing with the help of your blood still seems like a fairytale or mystery, despite a great number of medical researches, studies, and experiments supporting it, we will try to explain to you how this treatment work in a simple way to make you believe in its powerful impact. 

Though we are focusing on the beauty side and how PRP helps give a younger touch to the skin, it must be noted here that with more and more advancements, PRP is not just limited to beauty or enhancement of outer appearance but also is being used to heal injuries faster and avoid more serious or invasive treatments.

When is the time you should be knocking for PRP Facial Treatment?

When you see your face in the mirror and find fine lines on your face or neck or notice nasolabial folds around your nose or marionette lines around your lips, it is a matter of concern. No matter how they appeared, was that your wrong makeup product choice, unbalanced beauty routine, or age factor, loosening skin is always a big concern for anyone.

But thanks to the advancement in the medical field and its continuous embedment with the latest technologies, these skin issues can be treated very easily, without surgery and even without significant pain. You are now available with a great number of options to go for your facelift and healthier, younger skin.

And one of these options, and we would say the best one, why are we calling it the best one, will be explained later in quite detail, is PRP treatment or Vampire facelift. So, whenever you feel dullness in your skin or an open area, consider getting a PRP session to avoid further unwanted situations.

PRP treatment is considered a good help in many skin-related problems but is the priority when the problem is in your cheek areas, under-eyes, nose folds, or fine lines on the outer side of your lips. These areas have given the best results to the treatment in more than 92% of cases treated with the Vampire facelift technique.

How soon should you Expect Results?

Generally, PRP facial treatment requires you to undergo treatment three times during the whole process. Your certified CPD Microneedling Diploma specialist will advise you to come back after 4 to 6 weeks after one session is done.

As collagen production usually takes up to three months, you will see a visible improvement in skin texture and elasticity as the first sign of after-treatment results.

If you are a regular smoker or habitual heavy drinker and have any stress or physical illness, you might face a visible difference in results compared to other healthy individuals having a great lifestyle. It can also cause a delay in results. 

Who should not get PRP Facial Treatment

For ladies, if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, recently given birth, or breastfeeding, should not receive PRP facial treatment and wait for the ideal time when they can undergo this treatment?
Treatment is also unsuitable for people suffering from severe blood conditions like anemia, low HB levels, cancers, or autoimmune diseases.
Benefits and side effects of PRP 

Pros and Cons of PRP Facial Treatment:

Whenever a beauty treatment is done, it comes with some benefits and side effects. So before going through any treatment, every person should know if it is the right choice they made or not.

Here we will carefully elaborate on the benefits and few drawbacks of the PRP treatment so that you can make a wise choice before undergoing the treatment and getting needles on your body.

First, let’s get an overview of the amazing aspects PRP offers:

  • No pain treatment: PRP is almost pain-free, the only pain you have during the treatment is from pricking the injection needle, and that too is avoidable if local anesthesia is given
  • No cuts or surgery: The best part of PRP treatment is its procedure that involves no cuts or surgery.
  • Organic treatment: PRP is a completely organic treatment, so it is ideal for those who do not want to go under synthetic treatment.
  • No gender hurdle: PRP is not gendered specific, so anyone can enjoy this treatment.
  • Natural results:  After treatment is done, the results are 100% natural-looking and will leave no mark of artificial appearance as you see through plastic surgery
  • Fewer chances of reaction: As you already learned through this article, PRP treatment uses sources from the body of the patient undergoing treatment. It minimizes the risks of allergic reactions.
  • Natural collagen production: As PRP treatment is purely natural, it typically reduces the lines and wrinkles in a gentle 2-3 month process with little or no swelling, bruising, or lumping.
  • Long-lasting results:  You enjoy long-lasting results after the PRP treatment for up to 2 years. That will help you save the mess of undergoing treatment every six months or so and spending money repeatedly. 

You should be most ready to receive mild swelling, redness, or heat in the treated area, which is common side effects when you receive a beauty treatment. Also, because a volume of fluid is administered to the area, some bruising can occur and may take several days to disappear.

So why is PRP Facial the best treatment

We hope you have a clear picture of what platelet-rich plasma treatment is, how this procedure is carried out, and its pros and cons. Let’s quickly rephrase why PRP is the best facial treatment: It is a 100% natural, no-pain procedure that uses your blood to give a new, younger-looking, and fresh look to your skin.

Due to its natural qualities, you have fewer chances of getting any reaction or no positive results. Another essential aspect that makes it the best treatment for your facial uplift is long-lasting results giving you peace of mind for about two years.

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