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Masturbation Effects on Kidney: Benefits & Drawbacks

Masturbation is a taboo term in some societies that nobody likes to talk about. Considering the religious or ethical standards, it is believed that masturbation is immoral and unethical and must be avoided. Besides these aspects, the truth is masturbation is a normal healthy practice that offers different health benefits physically and mentally. There are multiple myths circulating on the internet regarding the masturbation effects on kidney and other organs.

The myth that masturbation affects the kidneys basically originated from a Traditional Chinese medicine concept. A small 2020 study explained that proponents of this society believe traditionally that men having kidney malfunction have low sexual performance. There are multiple thoughts and aspects regarding this myth. One of them is that the kidneys are the major reservoir of semen and frequent masturbation or ejaculation may cause imbalance in your body, causing the sickness.

This article will provide reasoning and logical aspects to discard the myth related to masturbation effects on kidney. Moreover, we’ll discuss the positive effects of masturbation on the kidneys.

Does masturbation affect your kidneys?

The belief that there are masturbation effects on kidney is false and illogical. Expelling semen either during ejaculation or masturbation does not cause your body to lose basic nutrients. Semen contains only a few nutrients with a minimal protein quantity. It doesn’t harm your kidneys or any other body part. You may feel referred or associated pain in your lower back with kidneys. But for this pain, kidney problems are rarely the main cause.

To compensate for the protein loss due to masturbation, you only need to eat 0.1 ounces of chickpeas or half a tablespoon of milk. From this, you can have the idea that losing protein during masturbation is of no medical concern.

Masturbation effects on kidney stones:

There is research that explains that masturbation can help to expel kidney stones. In a recent study, researchers examined the effect of masturbating 3 to 4 times per week for expulsion or breaking of 5 to 10 mm kidney stones. Besides this, let’s discuss some topics related to masturbation effects on kidney.

What can be the cause of pain in your kidneys after masturbation?

Masturbation itself doesn’t cause any harm to the kidneys in relation to masturbation effects on kidney. But, if you are having pain after masturbation, there may be some underlying hidden etiology that is unrelated to masturbation. The most common causes of kidney pain include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and other kidney-related problems. If you are having continuous and severe pain, you must speak to your healthcare provider to address the main culprit of pain in your kidneys.

Besides pain in your kidneys, if you are having lower back pain, it may be due to poor positioning or muscle strain. You may seek medical attention to know the cause and get proper treatment according to the etiology.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation is a taboo term in different societies not discussing the benefits of masturbation. Moreover, there is little research regarding the benefits of masturbation. Masturbation releases a list of hormones to affect our body in a variety of ways. These hormones are majorly happy hormones to release body stress and affect positively. Here is the list of hormones

  • Dopamine
  • Endorphins
  • Oxytocin
  • Prolactin
  • Testosterone

Here are some of the main benefits of masturbation to boost or elevate your mood.

Stress relief:

Masturbation can naturally boost your mood and may work as a stress reliever by releasing endorphins and other happy hormones. These hormones improve mood and relax your body muscles.

Improve sexual function:

Masturbation helps to improve sexual function by stimulating the blood supply to the genital area. In addition, it improves muscle tone with increased sexual desire and arousal. Moreover, it helps to learn better about sexual desires and preferences to provide a more satisfying experience with a partner.

Improve sleep:

Masturbation relaxes the body and improves the quality of sleep by releasing different hormones. These hormones induce sleepiness and also relieve stress and tension.

Pelvic pain relief:

Masturbation can help you deal with premenstrual cramps and also provide relief from pelvic pain. Endorphins released during orgasm can provide relief from pain in any other part of the body.

Are there any drawbacks related to masturbation?

Generally, there are no such specific drawbacks related to masturbation. However, there are some emotional and physical side effects that may affect the quality of your life.


Masturbation is not considered ethical in many societies. Many people feel guilt after masturbating due to their religious and cultural beliefs. It is a normal and healthy sexual practice that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. But, still, if you are feeling guilty of masturbation, you can trust a therapist who provides sexual education and health.


Masturbation addiction is an uncontrollable desire to masturbate. Here are some signs that you have developed unhealthy masturbation habits. These habits are as follows and also need to be addressed properly.

  • Your daily life activities are interfered with by masturbation
  • It’s getting hard for you to stop thinking about masturbation
  • You masturbate even if you are not aroused.
  • It negatively affects your social life and relationships.
  • You are dealing with negative energy through masturbation.

These habits are the potential drawbacks of masturbation and must be properly managed. Besides this, you should also check this article on Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Physical side effects:

Masturbating with a tight grip is thought to desensitize nerves that reduce the feeling among people who have a penis. It is also known as death grip syndrome. This physical problem makes it difficult to orgasm without repeating the same motion over time. In the same way, people with vaginas can also have a similar condition who masturbate with extra pressure. If you are suffering from this condition, it’s high time to take a break from masturbation or change your technique with less pressure.


Masturbation is considered an unethical practice in different cultures. For this reason, people think that masturbation may cause multiple side effects. There are no scientific claims regarding masturbation effects on kidney in a negative way. Masturbation in a healthy environment with proper hygiene protocols can offer benefits to improve health and mood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can masturbation cause urinary tract infection?

Infections are not because of masturbation. However, infection occurs due to not following good hygiene practices. Not cleaning up your genitals after masturbation can be a source of infection. For this reason, it is important to follow good hygiene practices to avoid any kind of genital infection.

Can masturbation cause weakness?

No, masturbation does not cause weakness if done in a proper manner. Excessive masturbation can cause tiredness or fatigue and may cause decreased immunity.

Dr. Rahul Kushwaha

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