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Does Adult Circumcision reduce Risks for Diseases in Females?

One thing that is most disturbing and concerning for people throughout their lives is to have any disease or infection. It is less distressing when the disease is cured within a few days or weeks. But it becomes a point of worry when an ailment prolongs more than the usual time takes or very serious diseases develop.

For all who are either married or not it is a problem that their female partners can get various diseases through sexual practices. It can’t be said for sure whether your partner will get the infections but one thing is confirmed that Adult Circumcision is the best way to reduce the risks.

How is Adult Circumcision Performed?

The male penis is a very sensitive and important organ for many reasons. So whatever procedures have to be performed on it must be very cautious. If the surgeon is not careful then it can damage the penis permanently.

It is a procedure in which the skin of the penis is removed that is covering the glans. There are several techniques used for this surgical procedure; most tools used are conventional and cause pain and result in bleeding. But surgeons have now created instruments that are safer, less time-consuming, and painless.

Benefits for the Patient

Not only has it had the advantage of lowering the threat of developing but also the men can gain many benefits from the surgery. Most of the men have been circumcised during their childhood but others are now planning to have the procedure. So they must know the various plus points that can have after the circumcision surgery in adults.

  1. Cleaning of the penis is easy and straightforward. Otherwise many diseases can develop if the skin is totally covering the penis.
  2. Infections of the urinary tract can be avoided.
  3. Various types of cancer like; penile and prostate cancer can be less likely to advance.
  4. There are several infections that can grow on the skin and glans of the penis.
  5. Many conditions can occur which makes it difficult for the men to either pull up or place the skin in the actual position.
  6. Several sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented from transferring to the female partner.

Diagnostic Techniques of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you are afraid that your companion has developed signs and symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases then it is clever to get it tested to be sure. There are basically three types of tests that can be done to check for any complications.

  1. A simple test of blood can be the best technique to know diseases.
  2. Many of the STDs are diagnosed through urine.
  3. The fluids that are secreted from the female genitals can be a very good source of knowing various STIs.

Reducing the Risks of these Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are many risks that a female partner of uncircumcised men is exposed to. Below are the sexually transmitted diseases that a female might develop. But these can be avoided if the male partner has circumcision by any renowned clinic like Circumcision Center.


This is the most dangerous of all diseases because up till date there is no vaccine or cure discovered for it. There are several causes of AIDS but the most frequent reason is when it is transferred sexually. If the female is pregnant during the HIV phase then it is most likely that the baby is also having the disease.


It is caused by bacteria but is ignored because at many times the symptoms don’t show. When your partner experiences the following signs then it possible that she is suffering from Chlamydia. Fluid discharge with the smell, abnormal timing of bleeding, and agony during sex, itching sensation and many times fever are symptoms that females encounter.

Genital Herpes

A virus is the culprit of this infection. Sores and blisters are produced on the genitals after 14 days of the outbreak. The following day’s fever can develop as a result of the opening of the blisters. Although the infection can go away there is still a risk is there of returning. If the intensity is high then it can even reach the mouth.

Genital Warts

There are no visible symptoms of warts but they can be visible after three months. Basically, warts are created in the genitals but it may also develop on the hand, mouth, and feet. It may also advance to cervical cancer.


This bacterium is the major cause of miscarriage in women. The signs don’t show in many cases but can be known if a diagnostic test is taken. It can cause severe abdominal pain followed by fever.


The virus is carried by the saliva, body fluids, blood, and semen of the contaminated person. The major signs include skin color turning yellow, vomiting, pain, rash, and loss of appetite. It attacks the liver which causes the blood to be affected.

Other Diseases

Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, and Vaginitis are other diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. But all the risks of the above-mentioned diseases can be reduced if the male partner has undergone Adult Circumcision surgery.


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