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Amazing facts about human body

Human Body is a wonderland. A weird, miraculous, disgusting, wonderland. few things are as complex and interesting to us and our own human body. Let’s learn all about it with these interesting human body facts.

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Ever wondered or thought how many times a minute a baby blinks? Or why the baby has more bones than adults? Or how big is your brain is without all those wrinkles? Or how long your intestine would be if you stretched them out? Or how long human hair lives for?

Well, you can find all these things out from the comfort of your own home, while keeping all your internal organs safely internal.

Check out these Amazing facts about human body, and impress all your friends ,family and colleagues with how much you know!
  1. The cornea is only part of the body with no blood supply-it’s getting oxygen directly from the air.
  2. All baby are color blind at birth, they only see black and white.
  3. Embryos develop fingerprints three months after conceptions.
  4. Between birth and death, the human body goes from having 300 bones, just to 206.
  5. The heart can beat outside of the body.
  6. When you blush, inside of your stomach does too.
  7. Human have a“diving reflex” that shut down the bodily function when submerged in water to prevent drowning.
  8. There are certain kinds of tumor that can grow their own teeth and hair- they are called teratomas.
  9. Human are biolumnisecent, the light isn’t just perceptible to the human eye
  10.  Astronauts can grow up to 2 inches tall in the space.
  11. Your brain can survive 5-10 minutes without oxygen.
  12. In case of extreme starvation, the brain will begin to eat itself.
  13. When listening to the music your heart will sync with the rhythm.
  14. The small intestine is roughly 23 feet long.
  15. One quarter of your bone is at your feet.
  16. Every organ you have two on, you only need one  to survive.
  17. There are more than 10,000 miles of blood vessels in your body.
  18. You are taller in the morning than at night.
  19. You can breathe and swallow at the same time.
  20. Your left kidney is higher up than the right kidney.
  21. Your ear and your nose never stop growing.
  22. “Pregnancy brain” is totally real – women’s brain actually shrinks during pregnancy.
  23. If you smoothered out all of your wrinkles in your brain, it would lay flat the size of pillow case.
  24. Stomach acid can dissolves metal. If touched your skin, it would burn right through it.
  25. At some point you may have fought with  cancer.
  26. The average person produces enough saliva in lifetime to fill two swimming pools.
  27. Tongues prints are unique as a fingerprint.
  28. Human shed about 600000 particle of skin every hour.
  29. Baby only blinks once or twice a minute, while adult average 10 times a minute.
  30. The jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  31. While awake your brain produces enough electricity to light a light bulb.
  32. In camera term human eye is about 576 megapixels.
  33. You carry, on average, about four pounds of bacteria around  your body.
  34. The highest recorded fever ever was 115 degree Fahrenheit.
  35. Everybody has one strong eye and one weak eye.
  36. Men testicle hangs below the bodies because sperm dies at body temperature.
  37. Cornflakes have more gen than people do.
  38. You might feel like you got a workout, but physical sex only burns about 3.6 calories a minute.
  39. Human can’t digest grass. Despite health fanatics wheat grass aids digestion, human would actually need a several more stomach to digest it, likes cows have.
  40. The average person can loose between 60 and 100 strands of hair each day.
  41. The higher your IQ, the more you supposedly dream.
  42. Facial hair grows faster than any hair on the body.
  43. The nail on the middle finger grows faster than other finger nail.
  44. Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than toe nail.
  45. The life span of human hair is 3-7 years.
  46. Women’s heart beats faster than men.
  47. Women are born better smellier than men and remain better smellier all over life.
  48. Men get hiccups more often than women.
  49.  Babies are born with blue eyes more than any other color. The melanin in the baby’s  eyes needs time to be fully deposited or to be darkened by ultraviolet light to reveal the baby’s true eye color.
  50. Men have erection every hour to hour and half hour during sleep. This is because the combination of blood circulation and testosterone production can causes erection erection during sleep and are necessary part of REM sleep.

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we tend to believe that we know our bodies perfectly. we are much more familiar with the changes that occur in our body and how they work. But in fact, the human body in one seriously compound and mysterious mechanism that some confuses the most qualified specialists- doctors, researchers and scientists. we world of medical saviours found these staggering amazing facts about human body that enormously impressed us. These are some amazing facts about the human body. Hope you enjoyed and knew a lil bit more about your body. If you like this blog then share with your friends and family, so that they can know about there body a lil bit more!


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