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How To Make Your Skincare Routine Better

There are so many different options when it comes to skincare that it can often seem overwhelming. What is it you really need to do, and what products are actually going to help? Which ones are there just for show or are a passing fads? What should you avoid altogether? 

In some cases, the answers to these questions will depend on the person asking them and their particular skin type. In others, it’s much more black and white. No matter what, building a good skincare routine is crucial. Read on to find out how to make yours better (or start one if you haven’t already). 

Understand Your Skin Type 

If you don’t know what type of skin you have, it will be hard to determine the right course of action when it comes to taking care of it. Oily skin needs different products to dry skin, for example. 

Although you may have self-diagnosed your skin type because you noticed that you had an oily T-zone or that your forehead was dry, this might not be accurate. It’s best to see a professional dermatologist to get a full diagnosis, and in that way, you can ensure you are using the right products in the right way to ensure your skin is as healthy and well looked after as possible. 

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize 

It’s highly likely you will have heard the phrase ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize’ before. These three words can be a useful mantra to help you remember the three crucial phases of taking care of your skin, no matter what else you do. 

It’s wise to search for good cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that you can rely on – and that link to your skin type. This is where you should spend your money if you’re going to buy something expensive; getting a good set of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers will ensure that you have a good base to work on. After that, you can choose other options, depending on what outcome you want. If you have acne, for example, you might also add solutions from chemistclick.co.uk to help you. 

Massage When Moisturizing 

Following on from the fact that having a good moisturizer is vital for good skincare, it’s also useful to know how to use it properly. The best way to apply moisturizer is to massage it into the skin. Place a small dot on your face and rub it into your skin using small circular movements, ensuring you get enough coverage. 

The reason this is important is that you will be massaging your face as well as adding moisturizer. You’ll improve your circulation, which will help make your skin look and feel great it will even reduce puffiness and potentially help with wrinkles and fine lines. 

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Don’t Squeeze Spots

This might seem like a strange thing to add in a post about skincare, but it’s very important that you don’t squeeze any spots that might develop, no matter how tempting it might be. Remember that your hands are going to have germs and bacteria on them, and when you squeeze a spot, you’re allowing those germs to potentially cause an infection, making your skin look and feel worse. 

Leaving spots alone to pass by themselves will prevent infection, and it will reduce the possibility of scarring. 

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