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4 Healthy Vaping Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Vaping offers fun and intense experience, whether alone or with friends. However, incorrect use and care for your vape pen can affect your health in myriad ways. For this reason, it’s advisable to acquire quality vapes and understand how to use and maintain your vaporizer. Are you seeking tips to stay healthy when vaping? Read on for incredible ideas.

1. Paving etiquette is key!

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon in mainstream society. But there are etiquette and safety guidelines to adhere to. These rules are vital when vaping in public; otherwise, you may end up annoying others when vaping.

Although vaping is not as harmful as smoking, it can still irritate the throat. For instance, if you’re in a public place and someone blows a cloud of vapor into your face, you’ll get annoyed. Therefore, avoid vaping in confined spaces or while traveling. Some venues may allow vaping, but you shouldn’t assume this unless you are sure.

2. Clean & maintain your device

 It’s critical to keep your dab pen clean. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will enhance your device’s durability and ensure healthy vaping. Removal of vapor substance residue and component part maintenance should form part of your cleaning routine.

Keep the mouthpiece clean and clear of dirt to avoid bacteria. Also, remove and wash the mouthpiece the same way you do to the e-liquid tank. Clean the vape tank to eliminate any chemical residues and build-up. Otherwise, a dirty vaporizer will result in bad taste, and the residue may eventually break down the plastic components of your device.

The components will also degrade over time and should be replaced as required. Don’t insert the coil in water when cleaning; this can lead to malfunctions and harm you.

3. Know the right doses

 THC is associated with more potent effects than smoking, and taking incorrect doses can result in adverse health effects. Also, vaping delivers higher amounts of THC than smoking, and it’s advisable to watch your doses. If you’re a beginner, inquire from the team at the store and acquire the most suitable vaping devices. For instance, a vape pen contains 0.5 mg of THC oil, and one puff is equivalent to 4mg THC.

4. Watch your batteries

 There have been cases of vape batteries exploding. When you use your batteries incorrectly, they can overheat or explode, which should be avoided. Incompatibility isn’t good either! If shopping for a battery replacement, double-check that your battery is the appropriate fit for your vaporizer.

 The battery’s charger should also be compatible with the battery. Typically, batteries have a rating range, and any charger that fits the range should work perfectly. Lastly, avoid cheap replacement charging equipment and go for quality vaping accessories.

A quick wrap up

The quality and cleanliness of your vaporizer and other vaping accessories determine your vaping experience and health. It’s wise to acquire the right vape pens and watch your THC doses. Also, clean your vaporizer regularly and replace any worn-out parts like the wick and coil.


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