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How to get rid of sagging jowls

What is sagging jowls?

“Sagging Jowls” have you heard about it? Why does the sagging jowl occur? How can we get rid of sagging jowls? If you want to know about it, then read this article which will answer most of your queries.

The jowl is a term that defines the characterized sagging skin that is present below your chin or in the jawline. Sagging jowls occur because the skin became thinner, less elastic, and loses of collagen over time. Everyone develops sagging jowls as they age.

Causes of sagging jowls 

Age is the primary cause of sagging jowls. Nearly everyone develops sagging jowls as they age. However, several factors cause sagging jowls faster, even in young people. Some of the causes of the sagging jowls are: 

1. Loss of elastin and collagen

Collagen is a type of protein that is composed of the connective tissue in the body. Elastin is also another type of connective tissue protein. The function of the elastin is that it helps your skin to return to its typical architecture even after being racked. At the age, the skin below the cheeks and your jawline losses must be of its collagen and elastin. This protein plays a vital role to protect the jowls. At this age all these proteins are lost, so the skin around the cheek and the mouth loses its compactness and tightness. So when this skin loses its firmness and tightness, gravity causes it to sag and descend to the area on either side of your mouth or chin. 

2. Genetics

Genetics is also one of the reasons behind the formation of the sagging jowls. If either of your parents has jowls, the offspring are more likely to thrive them. And the reason is the less amount of elastic and collagen in the body. The fewer amounts of collagen and the elastic causes to develop the jowls naturally. There are no age limits for developing the jaws, you can even get jowls in your teens or twenties. 

3. Smoking

The key element present in the cigarettes like nicotine and other elements can damage the collagen and elastin of the skin. It can cause constriction of blood vessels. Due to this essential nutrients like Vit A cannot reach the skin.

4. Sunrays

Being exposed to sun rays for a long time can cause harmful effects from the ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays can harm the collagen of your skin and it can cause sagging jowls.

Risk factors for jowls include

It would be best if you tried the exercises that strengthen the cheek and your mouth muscles. Here are some practical jawline exercises that help to get rid of sagging jowls naturally. 

  • Facial expression
  • Weight loss
  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Using computers or phone
  • Chronic alcohol use
  • Severe dehydration 
  • Severe or chronic stress
  • Poor skin hygiene
  • Skin allergens
  • Lack of exercise
  • Chronic illness
  • Trauma or injury to the facial and the jaw muscles
  • Low antioxidants diet, fats and other essential nutrients
  • Habits or expression in which there is the overuse of the check, mouth and jaw muscles such as chewing gums, laughing, frequent aggression, talking for a long time.

Best way to get rids of sagging jowls naturally 

Yawning is one of the simple and the most natural exercise to get rid of your jowls naturally. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen your facial muscles, especially the cheek, and the mouth muscles. 


You need to follow this step to practice this yawning exercise to get rid of jowls naturally. 

  • Open your mouth wide as if yawning 
  • Then slowly close it to count of 20 without letting your upper and lower teeth touch. 

Jawline Tilt

Jawline exercises are beneficial to get rid of the jowls. These jawline tilts help to the sharper jawline and strengthens the facial muscles. You can follow these steps to complete the jaw tilt exercise.

  • You can stand up with your back straight. 
  • Now tilt your head as far back as you can comfortably can. 
  • Put your hand gently on your neck and then pull down until the skin over your jaw it tight. 
  • Now you must start pretending to chew. (if you find painful pretending chewing, you can use bubble gums for eating and make exaggerated chewing motion). 
  • Continue this for 30 seconds.

Cow face pose

Cow face poses, also known as Gomukhasana, is a new yoga exercise used for the sagging jowls. Sometimes, this exercise is also used for meditation. The main aim of the gomukhasana is to strengthen the facial muscles. The steps that you must follow for this pose are: 

  • You must first relax your face and jaw and then allow your mouth to open slightly. 
  • Now jut out your lower jaw and overlap your lower front teeth over your front teeth. 
  • Extend your right arm overhead; turn your head to left and look up at the ceiling. 
  • Stay for 10 seconds; then relax. 

Stretch and smile 

There is nothing complicated about this exercise. The words themselves describe the activities. For this exercise follow these steps

  • The first step is to make a fist with each hand and then push them into the sides of your neck right below the ear. 
  • Scrunch it gently but firmly.
  • Now pull down on the skin with your fists until the skin is tight. 
  • Then smile genuinely. 

Though this exercise is less effective but easy to do, you will experience your muscle to be contracting after you complete all these steps. 

Happy cheeks

Smiling is one of the effective jawline exercises to strengthen your facial muscles. When you make the most prominent and widest toothless smile, you can feel the muscles in your cheeks activated.

Now you can press the tips of your index fingers into the corners of your mouth and push upward toward the cheeks, you need to hold for 20 seconds and then repeat five times. Do this twice a day. 

Jawline slap

Lack of blood supply is one of the reasons behind the loosen skin. The main aim of the jawline slap is to dynamize blood flow to the tissue along the jawline.

Palpating along the jaw produces a physiological reaction that extorts blood into the fabric. You can try this exercise as much time during the day but is sure to stop when you begin to feel a creeping sensation in the skin. 

Other treatment options for sagging jowls


The cosmetic surgeon in a hospital usually does surgical procedures to reduce the jowls. The operation to reduce the sagging jowl is neck lift or facelift. This procedure involves general anesthesia. The recovery from the neck lift or facelift surgery may take a few days to a couple of weeks. 

Lower rhytidectomy is the procedure done by abolishing fat, tightening muscles, and rearranging the skin around your neck. A neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is done to shape your jawline. The incision is usually established in front of and behind the ear, extending into your hairline. Platysmaplasty is also the most effective treatment for the sagging jowls. 

As with any surgical agendum, risks can include: 

  • Bruises
  • Damage to nerves or muscles
  • Internal hemorrhage
  • Complications from general anesthesia
  • Swelling or improper healing 
  • Sepsis

Dermal filler

Dermal filler is the process of injecting hyaluronic acid into the soft tissue of the skin. It is injected to restore lost volume or fill in lines and wrinkles. The filler is one of the painless procedures that provide dramatic results and necessary recovery inherent in surgical procedures. Some fillers can help your body to produce more collagen to keep your skin tight. 

One of the best dermal fillers is Sculptra which is injected to lift both the cheeks and the skin around the jawline and mouth. The result of the filler is permanent while many patients will enjoy a noticeable improvement for 1-2 years or longer.


Thermage is a non-invasive laser tightening treatment. This procedure uses heat and radiofrequency energy. The thermae power aims to tighten skin collagen.

The recovery time for thermage is the slightest, and the process can be done in a single day. This procedure is an excellent solution for younger patients who are in their early stages of jowl formation. 


Therapy is also a non-surgical laser-based procedure similar to thermage. This procedure is to tighten and firm the skin through the stimulation of collagen production.

Ultrasound technology is used by this therapy to lift and tighten the skin. Many patients receive good clinical results in a single treatment. 

Prevention of jowls

It would help if you reduced the risk factor to prevent the sagging jowls. The risk factor that you need to avoid includes: 

  1. Avoid smoking: The nicotine in cigarettes and other ranks of tobacco can damage the elastin and collagen of your skin. 
  2. Limit your exposure to the sun: you can use different sunscreen cream to your face and neck to limit your exposure from the sun. The UV rays from the sun damage your skin, so it’s necessary to limit the sun exposure. 
  3. Limit your skin time: In this 21st century, phone, tablet and laptops are more closure than anything else. It is necessary to keep your head at a natural, comfortable angle while using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It keeps your neck skin from getting bundled up or stretched out. 10-20 minutes break can be taken in every hour of computer work to protect your muscles. 


The jowl is a term that defines the characterized sagging skin that is present below your chin or in the jawline. Sagging jowls occur because the skin became thinner, less elastic, and loses of collagen over time. Everyone develops sagging jowls as they age. Age is the primary cause of sagging jowls. Nearly everyone develops sagging jowls as they age.

However, several factors cause sagging jowls faster, even in young people. It would be best if you do exercises that strengthen the cheek and your mouth muscles. Some practical jawline exercises that will help you on How to get rid of sagging jowls naturally are mentioned above. I hope after reading this article you know much about how to get rid of sagging jowls.

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What are sagging jowls?

The jowl is a term that defines the characterize sagging skin that is present below your chin or in the jawline.

What causes sagging jowls?

At a time of our life due to age, we develop jowls. In a period of time, our skin becomes thin and loses elasticity. Our skin is firm and tight due to the presence of collagen and elastin  but these elements are lost over the time

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