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How to Get Bigger Wrists: 9 Simple and Effective Ways

A male sportsman could dislike a smaller wrist and probably wonder how to get bigger wrists. Smaller wrists are likely to be accompanied by thinner forearms and thinner hands. Although it is fairly tough, it is probable to enlarge the wrists. Both at home and in the gym, one can perform wrist and forearm workouts. Even though some individuals utilize weights or training equipment, it is also feasible to enlarge the wrist without them.

While they lack the same appeal as sculpted biceps or pectoralis major, the forearm and wrist are typically ignored by fitness experts. However, there is a solid reason why there is little knowledge available regarding how to effectively induce wrist muscle development and how to get bigger wrists that represent the wrist’s anatomical characteristics.

The wrists in broad strokes

Understanding the anatomy of wrist is important to know how to get bigger wrists. The wrist bones comprise some of the tiniest bones in the human body. There are eight carpal bones in each wrist, grouped in two rows of four, and they are so little that they are frequently referred to as “the carpal bones.” A network of ligaments binds the carpal bones to the radius and ulna of the forearm. The wrist can rotate in a variety of directions thanks to this link.

However, due to their diminutive size, the carpal bones do not offer much assistance for the load of the hand. The wrists seem smaller than your arms because of this. It’s because the forearm bones, not at all the wrist bones, are bearing the majority of the pressure. Already you know why the wrists are so little if you’ve ever wondered that and thus searched for how to get bigger wrists.

Generally, resistance training activities like farmer’s walks, chin-ups, and deadlifts can help you how to get bigger wrists. One’s grip and forearms will become stronger thanks to all these complex motions, which also aid to thicken the wrist cortical tissue.

What Factors Affect Wrists Size?

1. Nutrition

The biological wrist size may be influenced by nutrition, however, the genes are largely to blame. Whenever attempting to enlarge the wrists, diet is something you must carefully pay attention to. The same applies to how to get bigger hands.

Calcium and vitamin D are just two of the numerous minerals that make up bones. To promote muscular development and endurance, individuals need also to make sure they get adequate protein in their diet. In this classification, healthy foods like dairy, bone broth, cruciferous veggies, etc. are included.

Nutrition may have an impact on one’s biological waist size, and therefore genetic factors are largely responsible. If you want to get a routine on how to get bigger wrists, individuals should always pay close attention to their eating habits. Bones are created using a variety of calcium and vitamin D micronutrients. Vitamin D deficiency can cause several problems. Individuals also should consume enough protein in their food intake to encourage the growth and strength of the muscles.

2. Genetics

One’s genetics plays a vital role in determining the bulk of individual bone dimensions. One might inherit thick wrists if either one or both of your parents have relatively large shapes, especially in the wrist area. The natural body type is usually determined by genes.

One normal wrist size is normally determined by the body type one genetics give us all. For instance, a man with 7.5-inch wrists and a height of 5’5″ will have a big physique. The size of the bones is greatly influenced by our biological profile. When any or both of one’s parents possess bigger bodies, particularly in the wrist region, individuals may acquire thicker wrists.

How to get bigger wrists size?

Humans choose to focus on basic suggestions which concentrate all on lifestyle choices, body training and workouts which affect the forearm and wrist region to give us a detailed approach regarding how to get bigger wrists.

1. Wrist extension with a barbell

One’s hands and wrists can be made bigger and more toned by using wrist extensions. Place the forearm on both thighs as you sit down. Grab a three to five pound barbell and place the hand with the palm of one hand on the floor. Utilize the wrist to slowly lower the barbell so that one’s wrist is hanging and the top of one’s hand is pointing forward. After a little period of holding such a posture, lift your hand back to the initial place. For each wrist, perform a set of 20 rounds. Wrist extensions can be a suitable answer for how to get bigger wrists.

2. Hammer Curls

The neutral grip pull-up uses the exact hand placement as hammer curls. Hammer curls are a terrific approach to focusing the forearms and wrists particularly. Hammer curls are among the best methods how to get bigger wrists. However, individuals won’t receive quite enough stimulation as carrying one whole body mass.

The brachialis, which is located below the biceps, is likewise strengthened and developed by hammer curls. The biceps increase in size as one’s brachialis grows powerful and bigger.

3. Wrist releases

This is yet another fantastic method one may utilize to extend one wrist after working out. This would assist you in lowering the likelihood of any strains or pain that may have occurred throughout the exercise. Meanwhile, it is one of the ways how to get bigger wrists. Individuals could only do that after previous exercises, so take special attention to that.

4. Keep up a fit lifestyle

Almost most of the daily activities involve using wrist flexibility. In other terms, when individuals perform household tasks, lift their supplies, and move objects around the apartment, individuals would unknowingly activate the tendons and muscles of the wrist, which ultimately strengthens one’s wrist. Sustain a lively routine as a result, and refrain from living an unhealthy lifestyle whatsoever under any circumstances. A fit lifestyle is a simple method to assist on how to get bigger wrists.

5. Deadlifts

Individuals might just have observed that the forearms are slightly swollen after a day of heavy deadlifts. This would be because each of those 20 muscles is necessary for both the grasp on the bar as well as the movements of the weight.

Because strong grips are needed for deadlifts, the wrists will also be worked and it may be your solution to how to get bigger wrists. If you desire to deadlift higher weights, raising with lifting straps can be a wonderful option, however, if you prefer bigger forearms and wrists, individuals may prefer to attempt lifting without them.

6. Hands-only pushups

Hands-only pushups are yet another excellent at-home exercise to strengthen one’s wrists. We want knuckle push-ups, not frequent pushes. Knuckle pushups are push-ups performed with closed fists. One’s fist is again locked, and one’s knuckles are situated on the ground, as opposed to a typical push-up, whereby one’s hand is opened as well as one’s palm is laying on the ground.

The workout would put a lot greater strain on one’s forearms and wrists since one needs to clench the fists tightly to keep them stable. You’ll sense that lateral movement working the forearms when you start to lower your chest toward the floor. However, maintain the thumbs away from the wrists to avoid injuring oneself. Doing this exercise properly can surely help you how to get bigger wrists.

It’s acceptable if one can’t perform push-ups with your entire body. One can gradually increase the number of repetitions until one can perform knee push-ups while remaining on one’s knuckles. You’re qualified to progress to full knuckle push-ups when you’re able to continuously achieve a certain objective.

7. Deadlift with a regular or trap bar

In addition to promoting bone formation, raising big weights also causes a rapid rise in testosterone (which affects the whole body, not just the wrist and forearms). This implies that, in addition to the wrists, the body completely experiences a rise in bone strength. This surely helps in how to get bigger wrists. Using training, one can bulk up your wrists by performing trap bars or conventional deadlifts (as long as you use optimal load).

8. Hand Holds

You can get hand grips as useful items for fitness devices. Hand grips are an excellent option if individuals don’t have enough space for training facilities because they are frequently very affordable and small. Hand grips are a simple yet effective method how to get bigger wrists. Remember that you shouldn’t utilize hand grips too frequently. Apply it progressively and begin with 5-7 rounds for 2-3 sets. You risk suffering from significant pain or wrist injuries if individuals overstimulate themselves.

9. Think about using a resistance band

The benefit of this advice is that it calls for using resistance bands, which are simple to store after use.

Also affordable, these bands provide you the freedom to choose from a range. Individuals are encouraged to choose the lighter ones, nevertheless, as the forearm does not have a lot of strength. Without having to rush to the gym, one can utilize them at any time at home. This is an effective way for how to get bigger wrists which can be done at home.


Even though developing powerful, big wrists can make your arms look better, learning how to get bigger wrists may be difficult. The wrists can only get so big once they’re fully formed. However, by strengthening your wrists through exercise, you might make them appear a little bit bigger. If you have a health concern, consult your doctor before implementing any of these ideas to avoid harm. If you don’t want painful muscles, think about stretching both before and after each practice.


How Much Time Does It Take To Grow A Wrist?

It will take months, possibly even years, to grow the wrists. Muscle hypertrophy is unrelated to bone reformation and bony enlargement.

Can Exercise Make Your Wrists Bigger?

Would you like to know how To get rid of your thin wrists? Simple. Lift hefty objects. After a certain age, the only ways to increase or sustain wrist size are through exercise and food. The greatest wrist exercises involve hefty compound mobility if you wish to enhance the wrist circumference but didn’t win the genetic lottery.

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