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Pumice stone: What it is a pumice stone?

“Pumice stone” have you heard about it. If no then don’t worry this article might be the one you are looking for to know about the pumice stone. Let’s know about what is pumice stone? How to use it?

In the simple language, we can say pumice stone as a stone which is used for our skin to make it softer. But in detail, A pumice stone is a stone which is formed of the dust or dirt of the volcano (lava) and water mixed together. It is the abrasive stone which helps us to remove the dryness and dead skin. It is too light in the context of weight.  A floating stone is mainly used to soften our skin by removing dryness.

It can be used daily. But most important is that we must  knowhow can we use the pumice stone in a proper way. As it is abrasive it can remove skin up to deep, causing bleeding,  which will cause risk of infection. So we have to use it carefully.

Where can we buy a pumice stone?

Pumice stone is not that hard to find. It is available almost in every beauty and cosmetic supply stores and the grocery store nearby you. These stones are also found in various types.

Some are single sided pumice whereas some are double sided and most of the people prefers double sided as double sided pumice stone  have both  an abrasive side and the softer side. Abrasive side is used for the rougher skin like knee and a softer side is used for the more sensitive areas like cheek or face.

What accessories we may need while using pumice stone?

While using the pumice stone we might need some accessories so given below are the accessories needed while using floating stone.

  1. large bowl or basin of warm and soapy water is needed as it helps to exfoliate the dryness easily with the help of these stones.
  2. soft towel is needed to rub the surface after using pumice rock.
  3. moisturizer (cream, lotion, or oil) which we can use this after we finish scrubbing of skin in order to keep skin moisturized.
  4. bristled brush is needed that will help us to keep the stone clean.

How to use pumice stone?

You can use pumice stone by following the given below procedure:

  1. Firstly we have to take a basin or a bowl filled with lukewarm soapy water. And then we have to soak our pumice targeted part in which we are going to use this stone. Or if it faces we can have a shower for some time.
  2. We have to soak our targeted part for about five to ten minutes. We can leave our targeted part in water to make sure that part is fully softened.
  3. Now while using this stone, we must first wet the stone before we start using it on our body part. Sink it in the lukewarm soapy water.
  4. Now, in order to remove the rough, dead skin and calluses make sure that you scrub floating stone in a circular motion. We shouldn’t scrub more when we feel pain while scrubbing the stone. We can also spend more time on the surface which is rough more hard areas this will help us in removing thick, leathery calluses. If you find thick, leathery calluses then you can spend two to three minutes rubbing gently so that it goes off easily.
  5. After you finish scrubbing the target area then you can rinse that area by using clean water. After that pat that area with the help of soft towel to make the area dry.
  6. After you make the target area dry after using a stone, Make sure that you use moisturizer cream, oil so that it will remove all the irritations and will make all the target area softer.

How to clean a pumice stone?

Pumice stone should be kept clean. Every time after using this stone  make sure you clean it with a bristled brush and  rinse with clean  water. To maintain cleanliness of the floating stone keep the pumice stone in the dry place. Avoid keeping it in the place from where it can collect moisture.

Pumice composition:

Although you know that the pumice is formed from a volcanic rock but you might want to know about its composition. Pumice composition consists of:

  1. Silicon dioxide
  2. Aluminum Oxide(some)
  3. Traces of another oxide

Similarly, mall crystals of various minerals also occur in some of the pumice. The most common minerals found are:

  1. Feldspar
  2. Augite
  3.  Hornblende 
  4.  Zircon

Pumice stone for feet

There are several best pumice stone for feet. Some of the pumice stone for the feet are enlisted below:

  • Zenda naturals earth lava pumice stone
  • Phogary natural pumice stone
  • Diane rectangular pumice stone
  • Tweezerman sole smoother antibacterial callus stone.

These stone can be really beneficiary for the skin condition like calluses and corns.  These floating stone helps to soften the calluses and corns to reduce pain which is produced from friction. These pumice stone for feet can be used daily, but you must have the proper idea of using it on feet. If it’s not properly used, you can harm yourself by removing the maximum skin. This injury increases the risk of the infections too.


Pumice stone is the age-old home remedy to soften our skin. We don’t have to run to the SPA more often to make our rough dead skin to get repaired. We have the best beauty home remedy which we can do at home by own self. It is easier to practice daily at home.

Something that we must take care while practising or using these types of stone is we must have to take care that we don’t scrub that harder that it may remove our skin and lead to bleeding and infection.  To maintain the softness of the skin we can use the floating stone on a daily basis


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