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Gujranwala Medical College

Gujranwala Medical College also known as GMC is known as one of the finest medical colleges in Pakistan. It is present in the province of Punjab in the Gujranwala city. The exact location of the college is Alipur Chatha Road, Gujranwala. It is one of the components of the University Of Health Sciences (UHS). District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ), Gujranwala is the integral partner of GMC. In this college, a number of departments related to the medical sciences have been working to enhance the capabilities of students in those genres.

Everyone wants to enjoy college life. In GMC, students will have opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities. There are sports week annually. Students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the games. Additionally, welcome parties are also done. For the junior students, the seniors and final year students will organize and give a welcome program. Concerts are also arranged. Thus, extra-curricular activities keep going on in the college along with studies.

History of Gujranwala Medical College

The college is doesn’t have a long history. It was established in the year 2010, around 10 years ago. The District Gujranwala is the 6th largest district of Punjab. In the year 2010, overviewing the growing population and the standard of living of the people of Gujranwala, the Government of Punjab decided to establish a medical college in the city.

The founder of the college is Dr. Atiya Khaliq. So, in 2010, the construction work started. The construction for all the departments started. The development of all the departments started. Lab facilities are also available for the students. Hostel facilities are also being provided for the students. The science departments, a colony for the staff members, and a beautiful cafeteria have been established. When the building of GRW medical college was under construction, the lectures were being delivered in some other building. Then in 2011, when the construction work finally completed, the college was inaugurated and proper sessions of medical studies got started.

DHQ, hospital, Gujranwala was being affiliated with the college. In this hospital, students of GMC were guided for clinical practice of various subjects. This hospital is actually a training school for the students where they practice their medical studies and are allowed to examine the patients for their case studies.

Overview of GRW Medical College

The medical college has been affiliated with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). It has been 10 years since its creation. The message delivered by the College is, “Committed to serve”. Which refers to the fact that we produce such doctors who would serve their nation.

Getting admission in a medical college is not less than a challenge. GMC cares for its students. Like for instance, some students do not understand the lectures that have been delivered to them by their professors. This happens to many students. To compensate for this lack in studies, some lecturers at GMC post video lectures on their YouTube channels to facilitate the students.

Talking about the departments in the college, there is a total of 16 departments in the institution all working diligently for the welfare of the nation.  Sports gala are organized to enhance students’ capabilities in co-curricular activities. Various activities like bonfire night, sangeet night, New year night, convocations, and many more activities are being conducted every year.

When the college came into being, there were only 100 students. But gradually, this number increased and now hundreds are students are studying in GMC in order to pursue their future plans. The college aims to escalate the morale of the students. All the information regarding the admission and about hostels has been provided on the official website of the college. The college inculcates good communication skills in its students. GRW Medical College wants to promote quality education.


GMC offers degree for the following programs:

  • MBBS
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
  • MSc in Medical Nutrition and Diabetics

Experienced professors deliver lectures in the respective courses. The fee structure is also quite simple. For MBBS, the annual fee is around 35000 rupees.

Admission procedure of GRW medical college

For getting admission to Gujranwala Medical college, the student requires to have passed the MCAT entry test with good marks. Also, he/she must have at least 60% in the FSc pre-medical. It is necessary for the student to have scored at least passing marks in the subjects of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

If a student fulfills the above-mentioned requirements, then they will be eligible for admission to GMC. They will fill the online admission form available on the official website

In 2,3 weeks, the merit lists will be uploaded to the College’s notice board and also on the website of GMC. The names of the students mentioned in the list will be allowed to get admission to the college. For that, students will have to visit the website for the necessary documents mentioned there. Then they will get admission to GMC.

Moreover, if any student has submitted fake documents, then the college may cancel his/her admission at any time whether he/she is in the final year.

Hostels of GMC

The college has now established a number of hostels for both the boys’ and girls’ students. These hostels are well- managed. A separate hostel for the staff members of GMC is also in the Gujranwala city.

Gujranwala Medical College Hospital

The District Headquarters Hospital, Gujranwala has been affiliated with GMC. It is in fact, the teaching hospital for students of GMC. In this hospital, there are specialized doctors and surgeons in the departments of Gynecology, ENT, Neurosurgery, Urology, and many more.

Administration of Gujranwala Medical College

GMC has quite good administration. It has a great infrastructure. A well-developed lab is also present. There is a good system of management. Also, there are several societies working in college. Students’ enhancements cells are also present.

Additionally, GMC has its’ official journal by the name “Bulletin”. In the Journal, the necessary details about Gujranwala Medical College are present.

LOGO of Gujranwala Medical College

Contact number and Address

The address of Gujranwala Medical College is Alipur Chatha Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan.

The contact number of GMC is as following:

Contact Number: +92 556705801

The official website of Gujranwala Medical college is

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