Generation issues

“The greatest disease in today’s generation is not TB or leprosy; It is being unloved, unwanted And uncared for.”

I believe medical science plays a vital role in making a person aware of the various diseases or illness that a person is suffering from. There are many people in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love. Emotional pain is tragically beautiful.

Sometimes it takes complete power over you. Anxiety and depression are not choices or excuses, they are not even phases or cries for help. They can’t be just switched on and off.  Generation is starving for loyalty, honesty, affection, the hardest thing out there to get lately. It is desperate for more peacemakers, healers, restorers, and storytellers. Lacking all these feelings, people are on the way of Self-destruction which doesn’t always look like taking too many pills or cutting your nerves open.

Sometimes it’s drinking the coffee when you know that caffeine gives you a panic attack and crossing the street without looking both ways. Nobody is responsible for your this condition. You Yourself are making it worse. Everyone goes through this bad phase, everyone is suffering from their own traumas, everyone is trying their best to come out of from this generation issues, so why not you?

 Now, from this moment on, let go of everything that holds heavy in your heart, cry as much as you want, speak what’s on your mind, scream as loud as you can, spread love to all, compliment someone to make their day, do  everything walk, run, jump and yes you are even allowed to fall but just don’t stop doing the things that make you feel alive. Let the wind rustle through your hair. Let nature knows that you are a happy kid again. Let the sun, moon, star and the whole galaxies know that you are again shining at your brightest. Go follow your interests.

Experiment, explore, discover.Do  worthy things until you find the spark inside yourself. But remember,igniting your spark is like falling in love. That’s the easy part. Staying in love and weathering the inevitable storms is the hard part. It takes time, commitment and continuous  effort to keep a fire burning.The more energy you put into it, the better flames you get. The sooner you accept the fact the world always goes through the good and bad phases, the quicker you’ll be able to rid of all this toxicity in your life -both good and bad- and the better you’ll be taking  care of yourself.

 And yes, Sometimes life is going to kick your teeth in. Sometimes it is going to confuse you, Sometimes nothing will make sense and everything looks messy and cold around you. But you are going to learn, you are going to come out stronger. You are going to fight with your tooth and nail, and you are going to grow. Slowly but surely you’ll realize that all this is important for your growth.

Praise yourself; in-spite of all this you survived. And it’s okay to get hurt by the memory of it all. The pain you feel on those occasions isn’t pain anymore,it’s a gentle reminder of that you’ve experienced and how far you’ve come leaving all your scars behind. Happiness is laughing until you rib pains, you feel like your stomach can burst out at any moment.We are all social beings broken and beautiful.Perfectly imperfect. This is comfort.This is peace. Right now, you may be broke as shit, may be feeling ugly as shit, may be colleges are making no sense, texts are getting left on read, and you have an anxiety every other hour.

Despite all these circumstances, your mood-swings, there will always be two persons standing by your side. Your mom and dad are never going to get tired of your feelings. They are the one who worries more for you than they do for themselves. Your every drop of tears makes their heart hurt. Your decent simple makes them happy. They struggle so that you never get into any type of discomfort.

When you are in pain, their eyes get tears. Your parents  never fails to comfort you in each and every thing. From your diapers to sanitary pads they took all the responsibilities and you are relying on them from your  pencils to pens .Your parents never fails to amaze you with their caring nature.How much introvert you get, they will always  there through your thick and thin. They are simply amazing. Their love for you is unconditional. Love is not described in words,it is felt by heart. They are the gifts of god.(Remember always be thankful for this gift to god).

  Knowingly or unknowingly, the reasons behind your success are related to the peoples you spend most of your quality time with. Always observe the people around you. The great lessons are often taught by the people around us. We are always surrounded by people. But the most important question is “what type of”? It can’t be guaranteed that you will always be surrounded by good people. You must be wise enough to choose from.

You must be wise enough to choose the people.Always surround yourself with the following types of people:

  1. The Inspirer
  2. The Motivator
  3. The open-minded
  4. The passionate
  5. The grateful

Needing approval from others will always make you scared, will always make you anxious, and will never allow you to trust yourself. Empower yourself. Self-love is about participating in healthy environments that grow you and nourishes you. It is also about cutting yourself off from evil and energy-draining environment that kills you slowly. We do not practice forgiveness; we practice holding on to the pain. Once you accept that nobody owes you anything, which is you freeing your ego, then you can forgive the people who have hurt you.

Holding on to pain is a choice. At all times you have to keep faith and believe that something great is on the way. You’ve been praying, Visualizing, practicing and working towards your goals and dreams.
Your time is coming and blessing is on its way more than you are imagining. No darkness can stop you because you know that you are the light and darkness is only making you stronger, making you shine brighter, so you can see in the clearer and bigger vision. You’re becoming the best and strongest version of yourself with every new day.

Optimism restores happiness and gratitude attracts abundance. Life is one big wave, sometimes it hits you all at once. You lose a relationship, change jobs, and old friends go and new friends come. You have it all together on Monday, and by Thursday you don’t have a clue. This is how life goes on. And all you can do is flow, grow and adapt to the current situation. Have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you.

Now, it’s time to leave behind the people who no longer brings positivity into your life. You have to choose to surround yourself with people who help you to become the best version of yourself. Don’t rush into things, may be not today or tomorrow or as early as you want, but things will surely get into their place as God is preparing you for something great.


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