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The Overview of CBP Blood Test – Purpose, Procedure, Tests, and Cost

Blood is a vital component of our cardiovascular system because it circulates throughout the body and delivers the nutrients that body cells need to function and grow properly. Blood comprises two basic elements, blood cells, and plasma.

A CBP blood test is a blood report card. This report covers a variety of blood parameters that might assist your doctor in navigating a variety of health issues. The information also serves as an indicator of your overall health.

These components are present at a specific order or necessary level in a healthy body and may differ from individual to individual. These are examined with a complete blood picture procedure 

Complete Blood Picture (CBP) Test   

A complete blood test assesses your overall health and diagnoses various illnesses, such as anemia, infection, and leukemia. A complete blood picture test measures the following components and properties of your blood:

  • Red blood cells are oxygen-carrying cells.
  • White blood cells, often known as white blood cells, are immune-system cells that combat infection.
  • Hemoglobin is a protein present in red blood cells that transports oxygen.
  • Hematocrit is the ratio of red blood cells to your blood or plasma fluid component.
  • Platelets are blood-clotting cells that aid in the clotting of blood.

A complete blood count showing abnormal increases or declines in cell counts may indicate an underlying medical condition that needs further evaluation.

The Components of the Complete Blood Picture

Here is a brief overview of the components of the complete blood Picture,

Red blood cells (RBCs)

Red blood cells are an essential component of our circulatory system, as they transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. In some disorders, such as anemia, the number of red blood cells is lower than usual. Hemoglobin is a compound protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen molecules.

White blood cells (WBCs)

The white blood cell count is also crucial in detecting any issues in the body since it indicates the presence of infection or inflammation. Different white blood cells help identify and treat certain conditions and disorders, such as neutrophils signaling bacterial infections, eosinophils showing allergic reactions, and lymphocytes evaluating viral infections.

Platelet Count

Platelets (also known as thrombocytes) are nucleated disc-shaped cell fragments that aid blood coagulation. Platelets are responsible for halting blood flow in an accident or illness with the aggregation of a clump of blood cells forming at the bleeding site. Platelet count is the number of platelets found in a given blood volume.

Why is a CBP Blood test Done?

A Complete Blood Picture (CBP) is done for a variety of reasons:

Review the Overall Health

As part of a standard medical examination, a doctor may recommend a complete blood count to monitor the overall health and screen for various illnesses, such as anemia or leukemia.

Diagnose a Medical Condition

A CBP may be used to determine the cause of specific symptoms. If you’re suffering weakness, exhaustion, fever, inflammation, bruising, or bleeding, your doctor may recommend a complete blood count. The test can also confirm a diagnosis if your doctor suspects you have an illness.

Monitor a Medical Condition

Your doctor may use a CBP test to monitor the condition if you’ve been diagnosed with a blood ailment that alters blood cell counts.

Monitor a Medical Treatment

If you’re taking medications that impact blood cell counts, a complete blood count might help you keep track of your health.

Preparation for a CBP Test

CBP is a simple blood test that requires no preparation unless your doctor advises otherwise, as some tests may necessitate a 12-hour fast.

Wear a loose-fitting shirt with long sleeves that can be easily rolled up, which makes the blood draw easy, and you can eat and usually drink before the Complete Blood Count test 

Fasting is needed for a particular period before the test if your blood sample is used for another test. The physician will provide detailed instructions. It is a standard and safe blood test that carries no health hazards. 

CBP Blood Test Procedure

You can either give the sample in person or take it from your house.

The phlebotomist uses an alcoholic antiseptic to clean the area first. The blood sample is then obtained from the back of the hand or a vein in the inner elbow. 

Following the withdrawal of the sample, the pierced area is swabbed with an alcoholic antiseptic, and a tiny bandage sealed with tape is applied.

A blood sample was obtained and placed in a test tube. After that, it’s labeled with your name and submitted to the appropriate lab for testing.

The Normal Ranges of CBP Blood Test

The complete blood Picture procedure test (CBP) contains the following components with normal values in adults

Red blood cells (RBCs) 

The normal red blood cell count for adults is  

Male: 4.35 – 5.65 trill cells/L 

Female: 3.92 – 5.13 Trillian cells/L

White blood cells (WBCs) 

Male:   5 – 10 per microliter

Female: 4.5 – 11 per microliter


Male: 132 – 166 g/L 

Female: 116 – 150 g/L


Male:  38.3 – 48.6%

Female: 35.5 – 44.5%


Male:  135 – 317 billions/L

Female: 157 – 371 billions/L

What is the CBP Blood test cost in Hyderabad?

The CBP test cost in Hyderabad is around 450 rupees. Tenet diagnostics are among the best new-age diagnostics that provide quality services and accurate results.

Tenet enabled both home and walk-in collection of samples to comfort the customer’s needs. With the click of a button, the customers receive extensive reporting analysis of their past and present to formulate a detailed health graphical comparison report for all their tests. As a result, a statement that provides the most accurate picture of health is produced because we believe that knowledge is the way to a healthy planet.

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