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How A Home Swimming Pool Will Keep You Fit and Healthy

A swimming pool in your backyard makes your home look inviting and also increases the value of your property. Do you know a swimming pool can also keep all the family members fit and healthy? A swimming pool has many health benefits.

Suitable for all ages

Swimming as an exercise is suitable for all ages. It is perfect for children as it increases balance, posture, strength, and stamina. It also offers a low-impact exercise for senior citizens. Swimming is also suitable for people with arthritis or injuries. Swimming is also beneficial for reducing joint and muscle pain during pregnancy.

It is difficult to get children away from their gadgets. Children will happily agree to spend time in the pool. A swimming pool can be a happy distraction for children from their gadgets.

Provides you with a full-body workout effortlessly

Swimming involves moving your whole body against the resistance of water. This activity tones every muscle in your body. Swimming also increases your strength and fitness. The buoyancy of water supports your muscles and joints and allows you to put more effort into your exercise without straining your joints.

A good cardiovascular exercise

Swimming elevates your heart rate. You can exercise your heart, lungs, and circulatory system without too much effort.

Helps you to lose weight

You can use swimming to lose weight. Water is much denser than air, and every time you swim, you are actually doing a resistance workout. The heavier resistance provided by water strains your muscles and burns calories in a short duration. This results in fat burning, and you end up with lean muscle and increased metabolism. An hour spent relaxed swimming in the pool burns around 500 calories. You can do many types of pool exercises to encourage the weight loss process.

A relaxing form of exercise

Unlike other exercises which cause you to break into a sweat, swimming relaxes you. The water calms you down mentally and alleviates any stress. The pool is a good stress buster. Adding water features will increase your pool’s calming properties. Even looking at the pool can calm your mind.

You can exercise any time of the day

Some exercises are better done in the morning. But you can swim at any time of the day whenever you are free. A pool in your backyard provides you with a beneficial workout according to your time and pace. You can enjoy a swim even during the night.

Improve your sleep

Swimming reduces stress, improves your mood and the result is good sleep at night. Swimming diverts your mind away from stress and makes you relax. Water has an inherent relaxing quality. Contact with water instantly calms your mind and body. Just lounging inside your pool or near your pool is sufficient to remove stressful thoughts from your mind. Reduction in stress leads to good sleep. Good sleep improves your health.

Suitable during summer

Exercising is extremely difficult during hot days. You tend to break out into sweat and exercise feels like a difficult task. Swimming is a highly suitable activity during hot days. Swimming on hot days provides your body with exercise while cooling it down at the same time.

Spend time with your entire family

If you go jogging, your entire family may not be able to run at the same speed. Not every family member may be interested or fit enough to do high-impact workouts. But everyone can spend time at the pool. Swimming gives you the opportunity to spend time with your entire family while exercising. If you hold pool parties, your friends can also join you at the poolside for a memorable evening. Spending time with your family and friends works as a stress buster and improves your health.

Fun exercise

Swimming can be made a fun activity by adding pool toys and flotation devices. You can also add water features to make your pool interesting. You can do a variety of strokes to prevent boredom from setting into your routine. Playing water games with friends and family is a great way to exercise while having loads of fun. Fibreglass pools have a smooth surface and won’t cause scratches or bruises. You can play games as long as you like in fibreglass pools.

Exercise aids

Do you know you can use various equipment for exercising in your pool? Yes. Just like you exercise in the gym, you can use tools in the pools while exercising. There are light and buoyant water dumbbells that can be used to exercise your triceps and biceps.

The water jogging belt helps you to get a cardiovascular workout without straining your knees. Colorful pool noodles can be used by kids and adults to do a variety of exercises. Aquatic webbed gloves improve resistance during water jogging, aerobics or any other form of exercise. There are various types of inflatable pool toys suitable for kids and adults, which are designed to add more fun to your swimming routine. Kickboards and buoyancy belts allow you to stay afloat while you do your exercises in the pool.

Types of exercise

If you are new to the pool, then you can practice light exercises like walking in water in the shallow end of the pool. You can use foam dumbbells for arm exercises and upper body exercises. Exercises like jumping jacks, leg shots, leg kicks and high knee lift extensions can be used to target the various muscles in your body.

Even if you do not want to do a specific exercise, you can practice the various types of strokes and swimming styles. Strokes like freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke will allow you to have fun and get your daily quota of exercise.

A fiberglass pool is easy to install and maintain, and you can enjoy the benefits of a pool throughout your life. Fiberglass pools do not accumulate dirt easily, and the water does not require the addition of too many chemicals. You can enjoy a fit lifestyle without spending too much effort in cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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