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Insulin Prices is Much Higher in the US Compared to Canada

Diabetes mellitus is affecting thousands of people worldwide. The disease progresses so enormously that soon it risks becoming one of the most widespread medical conditions on the Earth. The United States of America with one of the highest rates of obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and junk food consumption tops the rating of the number of citizens with diagnosed diabetes.

With such a high quantity of sick people and high demand for insulin medications, the US does not boast affordable prices for insulin, so many people look for ways to buy insulin cheaper from abroad.

Why Is Insulin Cheaper in Canada than in the U.S.?

It may seem ridiculous, but the prices for many medications and not just insulin drugs are times higher in America than in neighboring Canada. Even if the drug is produced in the United States, the prices offered by local American pharmacies will be much higher (sometimes even up to 80%) than in Canada. Why does it happen?

The answer lies in Canadian and American regulation systems. In Canada, there is a special organ, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, that regulates and fixates the pricing policy for medications, including insulin products, so the pharmacies in the whole country stick to the fixed price and do not have the right to deviate from it.

In the USA, there is no such organ or at least a law to regulate the price, and every pharmacy, especially private, wants to earn more, speculating on the prices for such vital and in-demand medications.

Where Do Americans Buy Insulin?

Life-saving insulin injections became extremely expensive for many American citizens who are literally dependent on a daily regular insulin dose of this diabetes medication to control their blood sugar. Seeking survival in the conditions of unbearable drug costs, the Americans were forced to look for more affordable and adequate alternatives, and they have found a way out.

At present, every second patient diagnosed with high blood sugar orders his/her diabetes supplies from neighboring Canada. Everything is because of the matter of price. Canadian insulin is sometimes up to 90% cheaper than American. 

So, Canada is one of the main suppliers of human insulin for people with diabetes in the USA, and the tendency is growing every day. If the US government does not do anything to regulate the prices for insulin brands, Americans will completely refuse to purchase insulin at local pharmacies.

Is It Legal to Order Insulin from Canada?

According to the legislation of the USA, individuals cannot order insulin from abroad, including Canada, for their diabetes management. Nevertheless, thousands of Americans day by day do multiple orders and receive insulin shipped from Canada.

At the present moment, the US customs close their eyes at the parcels with insulin for individuals, perhaps, understanding the life-saving prices for Canadian insulin compared to American. So, right now, if you buy Canadian insulin, you will receive it without any problem. How long will it last? No one can give a precise answer. But thousands of Americans dependent on insulin from Canada hope they can reduce their insulin spending by ordering it from Canada.

Where to Buy Canadian Insulin?

Canadian pharmacists offer way much more affordable and pleasant prices for diabetes medication. So, if you want to save your budget, we would suggest you order the drugs from Canada. It is cheaper, fast, affordable. Buy Canadian insulin for the best price at a Canadian online pharmacy.

The trick is to find a reliable and professional supplier as the Internet is full of fraud. So, you should remember that any respected and professional pharmacy does not sell insulin without asking your prescription since insulin is a prescription medicine. Also, do not get seduced by extremely low prices. Monitor the market and compare the prices of different drug companies. The prices should not differ that much.

That is all for now. We hope this article was useful and helpful. We wish you health and see you in the next posts!!!

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