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Does Breast Oil Work? Natural Ways to Increase Breast Size

Breast oils are effective for breast growth and enhancement in the long run. But it takes time, and one must wait months and years to get desired results. You can get an enlarged breast by surgery, but breast oil is a good option if you do not want to go through the painful process. There are many benefits of using breast oils that help in breast enhancement.

Every woman loves a perfect body and shape. The small and sagging breasts affect personal and social life. Some women look for natural ways to increase their breast size. Asian women have been applying breast oil for ages for breast enlargement.

Let’s discover how breast oil is beneficial for breast enlargement and growth.

Best Oil for Breast Enlargement

Choosing the best Oil for your breast health and growth is very decisive. You can try some oils at home for your desired results.

Some essential breast massage oils helpful in breast growth and increasing breast size are listed below:

Olive Oil for breast firming

If you are looking for the best Oil to firm your breast, look no further. Olive Oil is the best Oil that makes your breast firm and prevents it from sagging. Olive Oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids, which cause your breast to firm and opposes free radical changes, stimulating breast sagging. No scientific studies prove this claim, but olive oil is still helpful in many ways.

Benefits of Olive Oil

  • Massaging your breast with olive Oil improves your breast health and increases the size
  • Olive oil massage has proven to result in sagging breasts
  • Olive oil massage maintains your blood circulation to the breast and, as a result, increases growth

How to massage breasts with Olive Oil?


  • Take a little amount of Oil and rub your hands for 5 minutes
  • Give warmth of your hands to your breasts
  • Start massaging in a circular motion and then clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Avoid massaging your nipples
  • Massage before going to bed
  • Continue this method for 2 to 3 months

Fenugreek Oil for breast enlargement

Fenugreek is obtained from fenugreek seeds which come from the herb. Fenugreek oil is widely used, has many benefits, and is equally essential for breast enhancement. Women massage their breasts with fenugreek oil for enlarged and firm breasts. This is one of the breast oils that you can look into if you think of breast enlargement.

Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

  • Enlarge your breast because fenugreek helps in the production of estrogen
  • Fenugreek improves collagen production, which makes your breast skin firm and increases breast volume

How to massage breasts with fenugreek oil?

Method I: Take some fenugreek breast oil and massage your breast daily for 15 minutes.

Method II:

  • Take some fenugreek seeds and roast them.
  • Make a thin powder and add some water to it.
  • Apply this paste to the breast and massage in a circular motion. 

Flaxseed Oil for Breast Growth

Massaging your breast with flaxseed is not that effective, but taking a few flaxseeds orally will help in breast growth. If you want to increase your breast size naturally, take flaxseeds with water in the morning and see the results. For better results, use flaxseeds in combination with fenugreek seeds.

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Benefits of Flaxseeds

  • Flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) which enhance the breast growth
  • Flaxseeds also help in breast firming

How to take Flaxseed for Breast Enlargement?

It is advisable to take flaxseeds orally, which maximizes the chances of breast enhancement. You can massage your breast with flaxseed because massage improves blood circulation.

Evening Primrose Oil for Breast Firming

Evening Primrose oil is one of the best breast oils for breast enhancement because it contains fatty acids and Vitamin E. it is essential to use evening primrose oil in combination with other phytoestrogen-rich ingredients. There are many benefits of Vitamin E oil that you may look into.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

  • It strengthens your breast and increases breast size
  • Evening Primrose Oil also makes your breast firm

How to use Evening Primrose Oil?

The proven method is massaging your breast with evening primrose breast oil. Take a half teaspoon of evening primrose oil and gently massage your breast before sleep.

Coconut Oil for Breast Tightening

Coconut Oil has many benefits, and women consume this Oil for various purposes, such as hair and breast tightening. It is the best option because it contains Vitamin E and saturated fatty acids, which enhance breast growth.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil promotes blood circulation and causes an increase in breast size
  • Coconut Oil enhances the tone of your breast and tightens it

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How to Massage Breasts with Coconut Oil?

Method: Take some coconut oil and rub your palms. Start massaging your breast in a circular motion, and massage your armpits.

Almond Oil for Saggy Breast

Almond Oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and D. Almond Oil also contains minerals, making it the best choice for saggy breasts. Almond oil as your breast oil improves breast health and makes your breast skin fresh.

Benefits of Almond Oil

  • Almond Oil maintains cell growth
  • Almond Oil tightens your breast

How to massage breasts with Almond Oil?


  • Take some oil and massage your breast clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Try 100 to 300 circular motions in each massage session.
  • Massage your breast with almond oil after a bath or before bed.

How to Massage the Breast for Increasing Size with Oil?

The breast is composed of fats and fatty and fatty tissues, and massage is the natural method that aids in releasing hormones. There is no particular time for massage, but it is better to massage your breast after a bath. Massage keeps your breasts healthy and improves blood circulation.

Wearing a bra the whole day impairs blood circulation of the breasts and, as a result, compromises your breast size. It is essential to massage your breast for 10 to 15 minutes if you want enlarged breasts. Massage stimulates the production of oxytocin, a love hormone that minimizes stress and anxiety.

Massaging your breast makes you look younger because it causes the release of anti-aging hormones such as estrogen and prolactin. Take time out of your busy schedules and massage your breast for better toning and shape.

Things to Remember Before Doing Massage

Taking care of a few things before massaging your breast with breast oil is vital. It is not advisable to do massage in the following conditions:

  • If you are pregnant, do not massage your breast
  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid rubbing your breast
  • Do not massage your nipples
  • If your skin is sensitive, do not go for a massage
  • It is advisable to massage your armpit because it improves blood circulation to the breast
  • Do not apply too much pressure on your breast
  • Always use your palm and fingertips for massage
  • For better results, massage your breast twice a day

Method: Take some oil and warm your hands with Oil. Move your hands in a circular motion around the breast and give your breast a warm massage for 15 minutes. 

Side Effects of Breast Oils

Some oils are prepared with different ingredients, so it is better to check which Oil could be best for your skin before buying it. Suppose you are allergic to olives and apply olive breast oil on your skin; it could be allergic to your skin. Try to take a test and apply Oil to your skin to overcome this. If it suits your skin, purchase it. 


Self-love and care make you look younger and maintain your shape. This is not scientifically proven that breast oil enhances breast size, but it brings slight changes in your breast skin and maintains the tone and texture of your breast. Massaging your breast has no such side effects to worry about. 


Does consuming olive Oil minimize the risk of breast cancer?

It is evident from various studies that consuming olive Oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. Olive Oil is a rich source of antioxidants and has anti-cancer effects.

Does breast oil relieve breast pain (mastalgia)?

Breast pain, known as mastalgia, is common in women during their reproductive years. Vitamin E and evening primrose oil are effective in minimizing breast pain.

Which is the best Oil for breast enlargement?

Almond and Olive oil is best for breast growth and enlargement. Olive Oil is widely used for increasing breast size.

Does massage have any side effects on the breast?

Massage does not have any side effects on the breast but if your skin is allergic to any oil or combination of oils, stop massaging immediately.

Dr. Rahul Kushwaha

Rahul Kumar Kushwaha, MBBS, is an intern doctor at a prestigious college in Bangladesh, North East Medical College, situated in South SurmaPamila, on the outskirts of Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is one of the team members and Founder of WOMS and has been working since the beginning of WOMS. Similarly, he is also the founder of the pregnancy journey app and the auscultation world app.

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