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Dark Circle Home Remedies

Dark circles under the eyes are not an odd thing but common and are seen in both men and women. Dark circles might make you look older than your actual age. For many people dark circle is temporary and is a mark of ageing or lack of proper sleep. But the worse thing is that they are difficult to get rid of.

Dark circle is common in the people who:

  • are elderly
  • have a genetic predisposition to this condition (periorbital hyperpigmentation)
  • are from non-white ethnics group

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the dark circles under the eyes. In most cases, there is no cause of it. It can be removed naturally so it better to learn about dark circle home remedies which will really help you to get rid of it.

what are the causes of dark circle?

The most common causes of dark circle are

  • allergy to products, like ingredients of makeup, hair dyes, and some medications like eye drops and facial cream.
  • Repeated rubbing and scratching the delicate skin around the eyes can eventually lead to brown discoloration around the eyes.
  • in a certain set of people, the problem under-eye bags and pigmentation around the eyes runs in the family. they get worse with sun exposure.
  • Lack of sleep exacerbates the problems.
  • Stress (physical or mental) is a major killer of healthy glowing skin. stress can be a major factor that contributes to your eyes looking tired and ugly.
  • Iron deficiency can also lead to pigmentation around the eyes.
  • smoking increases free radicals in the skin resulting in puffy eyes.

Source: Healthline

Dark circle home remedies

There are numerous ways that people report they’ve eliminated or reduced the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.  everybody is different, so some of these dark circles home remedies might not work for you. It’s better to check by yourself which remedy works for you. The remedies are discussed below:

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Cold cucumber slices

cucumbers contain antioxidants that can reduce puffiness around the eyes. As a natural astringent and coolant, cucumber causes the skin tissues to contract. This makes under-eye circles less prominent. Soaking two cucumbers in lemon juice for 5 minutes and placing them on your eyes can reduce the effect of the dark circles. However, make sure your eyes don’t come in contact with lemon juice.

Cold tea bag

The caffeine present in the tea bags shrinks blood vessels and reduces fluid retention in tissues. This makes the skin around your eyes look flamboyant and admiring. cold tea bags cause skin tissues to dwindle, leaving your eyes looking less distended. place cold tea bags on your eyes and relax for half an hour and see your dark circle reducing quickly.

Rosewater and whole milk

Rosewater is noble for those with diplomatic skin. soak a cotton pad in rose water and place it on closed eyelids for 15 minutes. and for milk, take two teaspoons of milk and mix it with 1 teaspoon of whole milk. soak two cotton pad in the mixture and cover your eye area with it for 20 minutes. Rinse it with the normal water.


Tomatoes are known as natural bleaching agents. they contain antioxidants that reduce discolorization around the eyes. Try this potent dark circle home remedies to banish your dark circle under eyes. Take 1 teaspoon of tomato juice and a ½ teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture under your eyes and rinse it after 10 minutes.


Milk contains vitamins A and B6, which help build new skin cells. The vitamin B12 in the milk naturally lightens the dark skin. The selenium in milk protects the skin from harmful free radicals and sun destruction. soak two cotton ball in the milk and place them under eyes and the lactic acid do its work.


aloe vera is an effective moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory properties. clean the under eye area with moist cotton and apply massage aloe vera pulp under the eyes for 10 minutes.  you don’t need to rinse unless you feel sticky skin.

Is aloe vera gel superior for eye bags and wrinkles?

if there’s one product that works effectively for both bags and wrinkles, it’s aloe vera gel. A storehouse of essentials vitamins, namely vitamin E, C, B12 and A, aloe vera gel is also known for it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties, which helps you combat pesky under-eye bags and wrinkles.

Coconut oil

coconut oil is extremely moisturizing and contains vitamin E and antioxidants that help to repair the damaged skin cells and dryness. it is also rich in lactic acid that tightens the skin. Massaging extra virgin coconut oil every night under your eyes can reduce dark circles.


potato contains natural bleaching properties that can help to lighten your skin under your eyes as well as prevent puffiness around the eyes. you need to take the chilled potatoes and grate them. extract the juice in the bowl and soak cotton pads for a minute. place them on your eyes for 20 minutes and scour with normal water.

Almond oil and lemon juice

Mix one teaspoon of almond oil with few drops of lemon juice. massage the mixtures around the eyes for 2 minutes. leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off with clean water.

Tips to prevent dark circles

  1. Try to erase your stress
  2. Have a diet rich in iron and vitamin c.
  3. Get treated for allergies, hay fever, asthma,  and nasal congestion too.
  4. Decline rubbing your eyes all the time.
  5. Avoid eye cosmetic if you are allergic to them. change your eyes consemtics every six months to prevent irriant allergies and infections.
  6. Be gentle when cleansing and removing your eye make-up.
  7. when choosing a cream or serum to reduce dark circles under eyes, look for vitamins C, E, K or retinol in the ingridients.

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In conclusion

Although having dark circles under your eyes isn’t a serious health concern, you might want them to disappear for cosmetic reasons. There are numerous dark circles home remedy and medical treatments for removing or reducing the appearance of the dark circle which you have read very well in the principle articles. you should try this dark circle home remedies in order to know which one suits you best.


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