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Are Teeth Bones? | Exploring the Facts

Do you often wonder if teeth are bones or not? Or maybe you have thought about it when your younger kids ask you are teeth bones? So, sit back and enjoy reading as today we are here with some facts to answer this question. Let’s not make you further curious. So, in a simple way to answer your question, we must say, no teeth are not bones.

For sure, teeth look like bones by appearance. Just like your bones, they are hard as you touch them. They are also white, resembling your bones. What’s more? They also break occasionally in a way similar to bones. These are the facts due to which you may think are teeth bones?

So, then why we say they are not bones? Let us help you understand the fundamental difference between the two most hard substances of our body. In a simplified manner, let us take the example of breaking teeth. As the teeth break, you see they do not have any ability to regenerate or regrow themselves. Instead, in extreme cases, you need to go to your dentist or orthodontist.

The dentist will restore them for you. Now, the next question is, what happens when your bones break? Indeed, in most cases, when injuries are mild, then your bones do their job. By this we mean, they instantly start to regenerate and regrow. The process of healing starts itself.

We hope now you got the answer to your question are teeth bones or not? Well, keep reading as we go into further details and make you understand the simple facts about it.

The Calcium Deposits

Your question are teeth bones may also related to one more common aspect between teeth and bones. Both teeth and bones contain calcium. Your teeth and bones store over 99 percent of the calcium of your body. The rest of the 1 percent is present in the blood. So, both of them are deposits of calcium. So, now do you understand why teeth and bones are hard? The calcium in both of them is in calcium phosphate form.

Calcium is the best companion of both teeth and bones. In the case of teeth, they make your enamel hard. So, as a result of this,  you have a stronger jawbone. While if we talk about bones, then calcium is necessary for building bones. It gives you structure and support.

So, are you worried about what to do when calcium in your teeth is lost? Well, nature makes the calcium in your bones. However, sometimes acid and bacteria can affect it. However, there is a way. You can have a calcium-rich diet to replace the lost calcium in your teeth.

An interesting question here is how to know if you have low calcium? There will be different symptoms through which you can track if the calcium in your body is lacking. You will face cramps and spasms of muscles. You will have fatigue. Also, as you know, teeth are the largest deposits of calcium, so you may also face some dental issues. As you see such symptoms, it is best to visit your doctor, who would comment on the calcium status in your body. He will prescribe good medicines also.

Are Teeth Bones? A Quick Difference

Well, you may love to see a brief account of the significant differences between teeth and bones. Therefore, we are here to cater to you. The difference is as follows:

What are they made of?

Inorganic materials make up your teeth. But if we look at bones, we see organic and inorganic materials as essential components. Bones are living tissues.

Do they have bone marrow?

No, teeth and bones are different in having bone marrow. Teeth do not have any bone marrow. While bones do have marrow rather, it will be accurate to say they produce the marrow. Then the marrow makes the blood cells in your body.

What is the effect of injury on teeth and bones?

Teeth and bones also behave in different ways when it comes to healing. Your teeth cannot regenerate or regrow. But your bones have the power of healing after injury or accident. Therefore, bones can quickly restore and regrow.

What is the effect of body growth on teeth and bones?

Well, you may well understand and see this. Your teeth only grow up to a certain age, and then their growth stops, no matter if your body is growing or not. However, bones in your body constantly grow as your body produces. You see them growing and changing with time.

Can our teeth and bones get yellow with time?

Well, teeth and bones are different in terms of display also. As you know, teeth are bare, and they are inside your mouth. But your skin covers the bones. So, you may use whitening strips to have pearl-like white teeth. But thanks to the placement of bones under the skin. At least now, you don’t have to grab whitening strips to make your bones shiny.

Teeth | Your Essential Feeding Companions

Are teeth considered bones? To solve this confusion, you need to understand the makeup of your teeth. Only then will you get how teeth and bones are varying from one another. Also, you will be able to comprehend how essential jobs both are doing for you.

Imagine life without teeth? It will be challenging and tedious. You might have seen your granny struggling with artificial teeth. So, value them while you have them. To make you understand their makeup, we have created a simple description for you. First, you need to remember that teeth are non-living tissues. But they are comprised of four kinds of tissues. These tissues are different in their makeup.

Are you curious about these tissues? Let us brief you. These tissues are known as dentin, enamel, cementum, and pulp. Pulp is the softer portion of your teeth. While the other three make the more complex part of your bone.

Composition of the Teeth

For further details about the teeth composition, have a glance at these tissues:


The innermost part of the tooth is pulp. Pulp is the softer core. Pulp has different types of connective tissues in it. Also, it contains the blood vessels and nerves. You will see the dentin part of the teeth surrounding this pulp. Dentin is then further covered in another layer. The layer covering dentin is enamel.


Enamel is, in fact, the hardest thing in your body. It does not contain any type of nerves. If you study enamel, you will it has some power of remineralization. However, it does not have any ability to regenerate or regrow or repair itself, especially if the damage is significant.

Are you wondering why enamel is so hard? Because calcium phosphate is responsible for making it. Now you understand why your doctor suggests you do treatment, then you have tooth decay? Because he knows tooth cavities will not recover by themselves. Therefore, you must listen to him.

Also, you need to know that enamel is a non-living part. Therefore, there are chances of it wearing off. Probably, you see older people facing this problem.


Do you know how your teeth remain in their place? Because you have cementum. It firmly covers the root region of your teeth. It is present under the gum line. Or in simpler words, you can say cementum plays a role in attaching the teeth to the bone. Are you wondering what the composition of cementum is? Let us tell you. Type I collagen and protein polysaccharides are the making materials of the cementum part of your teeth.

Bones| Your Essential Strength Companions

As we are comparing teeth and bone for getting an answer to the question, are teeth bones? Then we must also understand how bones are essential for us too. When you are born, you have 300 – 350 bones in your body. As you grow up, these bones are 206. So an adult has these 206 total bones in his body. We already mentioned bones are living tissues.

In the process of growth, there is a continuity in the breaking down of the older tissues. New tissues take their place. So, this shows how we remain healthy and strong.  The cycle of tissues breaking and replacing keeps on repeating. Isn’t that good news? Well, thanks to the default system of the body, which is so perfect.

Well, you must be thinking, how are our bones so strong like enamel? Calcium phosphate makes them strong. Also, they have another protein called collagen. But, what’s good about bones which are unlike teeth? That is their power of healing.

Healing starts immediately if the bones break. Isn’t that amazing? After the injury, you will see the hard callus taking the place of the soft callus. As a result, the new bone tissue appears. Thanks to the living tissue. Due to these bones, you can move, and they also have a lot of other functions.

Teeth and Bones | Part of Skeleton

If you are a student or practitioner in medicine, you must know that a human skeleton has teeth. Although we now know well that teeth are not bones. However, we can say teeth are a part of the skeleton because of the similarity of structure and hardness. However, the difference between teeth and bones is real. We hope you must now understand teeth bones or not? If we see from a disease perspective, then both teeth and bones are vulnerable to it.

Teeth & Protection

Are teeth considered bones or not? After learning the answer to this question, we must tell you that their protection is a must. It must be a priority for you. The beneath part of the enamel has dentin. It is making a major part of your teeth. However, we would like to inform you that this significant part is susceptible to attack by bacteria. This is the reason you get cavities in your teeth. Also, you suffer from sensitivity due to attacks on bacteria.

You may think, who won’t take care of their teeth? We are stressing about this because they are not capable of regenerating. Teeth are not bones. Therefore, they cannot heal themselves. So, what the other way around? You need to protect them with extra care.

Teeth are strong as bones, then why I need to be careful in protecting them?

Yes, teeth are strong as bones in terms of hardness. But, when your nutrition is good and you do exercise, then your bones fine. However, in terms of teeth, you need to take care of them in a daily manner. You need to brush twice, floss, and use a good mouthwash. Also, teeth are composed of minerals. Therefore, organic things may happen naturally plaque starts to develop and damage your enamel. As a result, you are uncomfortable and feel pain. To protect your teeth from plaque, you need to combat the bacteria-causing plaque.

Keeping an Oral Hygiene Routine

You can take good nutrition and do exercise to keep your bones healthy. But for teeth, you must make some additional effort. This effort needs to be daily and often a day, which is not difficult if you realize it. Because they can’t clean themselves, it is sad to know that teeth need to be pulled out once damaged permanently. You need to replace them. However, you should not worry as we are here to guide you in this regard.

Teeth are unable to repair. But luckily, you have a way to protect them. Simply, you need to combat those bacteria coming and attacking your dentin. Because once they attack the dentin, you will be in trouble. So, why not do something about it in priority.

You should not forget to brush your teeth two times a day. You should do it in the morning and at night before sleeping so that the bacteria inside your mouth don’t have a chance to do a party and cause you trouble.

Also, floss, floss, floss! You must floss regularly. There are several good-quality types of mouthwash available. Grab one and enjoy good health! Also, you must not overlook visiting your dentist or orthodontist. In this way, you will get regular checkups and cleanings. Isn’t that amazing to have healthy teeth?

Bottom Line: Are Teeth considered Bones?

With this detailed blog, we hope we have made it simple to understand that teeth are not bones. Teeth and bones may look alike when you first see them. However, the differences are fundamental. To have a summarized look, the following are the major differences which make teeth and bones distinguished.

  • Making material: Teeth and bones vary in composition. Inorganic materials are components of your teeth Different organic and inorganic materials make up your bones
  • Similar component: Calcium is the same component found in both teeth and bones
  • Bone marrow: Teeth do not have any marrow. While bones do have a marrow, they produce the marrow. Then the marrow makes the blood cells in your body
  • Repairing: Teeth cannot repair themselves. Bones have the power to regenerate and repair
  • Placement: Teeth are bare and visible in your mouth if you have! While skin covers the bones
  • Protection: Teeth needs regular care for protection against plaque. Bones become strong with a good diet and exercise

We suggest you take good care of your teeth and bones as long as you have them. A little consideration of your body parts will keep you healthy and strong. We will be delighted to know your response in the comment section regarding our blog. Thanks!

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the composition of dentin?

Dentin is made up of only two elements. These are fluorine and iron. Dentin is further covered in another layer. The layer covering dentin is enamel. Since enamel is the hardest substance in the body, therefore it needs more elements for protecting teeth. Therefore, we see enamel more strong and resilient due to other elements involved.

What is pulp, and what is it made up of?

Pulp makes the innermost part of your teeth. It is also referred to as the softer core. It is made up of different kinds of connective tissues. In addition to this, pulp also has blood vessels and nerves. If you closely look at the structure of the teeth, you will find another layer called dentin covering the pulp.

What is the hardest part of the teeth?

The hardest part of the teeth is the enamel. It is armor made for your teeth. Enamel protects your teeth from any kind of damage. So, when you have a toothache and the doctor shows any concern about decay, he refers to this enamel.

Is enamel destructible?

Yes, for sure, the enamel is destructible. Even though it is the hardest part, it is easy for enamel to undergo cracking and chipping. Since the enamel part of your teeth is exposed to acid and bacterial growth so it can damage. Therefore, you need to take care of your teeth and do regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

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