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5 Different Types of Lips: How to Make Your lips look good?

Whether you have a thin, red lip or a voluptuous summer-like kisser, the types of lips you have are not set in stone. There is an easy solution to the problem for those of us with chapped and cracked lips: hydration! When it comes to your lips, hydration is everything! A water-rich moisturizer will keep your skin soft and plump without looking greasy or heavy.

A good strategy for applying moisturizer like this is using circular motions in your mouth – this minimizes absorption into the lower layers of skin, making things greasy (causing flaking/dryness). In addition to keeping moisture on your skin’s surface, if used on the rest of your face (particularly the cheek area), it can even out skin tone! You may also be interested to know saffron benefits for skin.

Another easy and effective way to treat chapped lips is a thin layer of petroleum jelly. This works especially well for those prone to dry, cracked lips due to extreme weather conditions. The types of lips that crack or bleed easily should be treated as soon as possible, and never too late is better than never! The petroleum jelly will moisturize and seal in moisture so that your skin has no escape from its precious water.

A thin, red lip

The most common types of lips are thin, red lips. The color can be as light or dark as you want as long as it is red. This lip shapes is generally enhanced with gloss or rouge to add shine and a little glow to your face.

A plump summer-like pink lip

This is a kisser with a distinct outline and defined lip line. This shape draws more attention than your lips as the outline extends past your mouth line to provide definition and depth. Pink is generally regarded as the best color of choice for these types of lips as it is warm yet flattering on every skin tone. However, some men prefer chrome over pink because they think it looks tougher!

Different Types of Lips

A thin, red line in a darker pigmented lip

Many women have dark and light red types of lips as they age (also known as heterochromia). This lip shape is similar to the plump summer type, but you will have a small, deep red line extending behind the actual lip area into the cheek contours. The more pigmented the color of your lips, the lighter and more defined the line appears behind your true lips.

Multiple colors of the same color, such as a multi-colored mix

A unique trend gaining popularity is when a woman takes multiple colors of the same color (ex. red) and lines them in a specific area on her lips. This look aims to make the types of lips look fuller and more symmetrical.

A thin, red line in a pale pigmented lip

Lips can be plump or thin, but you do not want your lips to dominate your face! For this reason, you should create a dramatic outline on your lips to help offset any unwanted attention from that area. A red line deeply colored types of lips in a lighter skin tone is one way to achieve this look.


Your lips are one of the most defining features of your face, so it’s important to choose a look that complements them and emphasizes what you want. Remember to consider your skin tone and try different shades until you find one that works best. Experimentation is always a good thing!

Types of Female Lips

What types of lips do I have?

If you want to know what types of lips you have, here are the basic guidelines:

You may be wondering how to get rid of chapped lips. This is because they can be very uncomfortable and painful. The first thing that you can do is prevent your lips from getting chapped in the first place. If you are going out in cold weather, make sure that you bring Chap Stick with you so that your lips do not get chapped. You should not use products like lipstick or gloss on your lips before going outside in cold weather because it will dry them out and make them more susceptible to becoming dry and chapped.
If you have dark lips, your color will be more on the blue side of the spectrum. For this reason, you should choose a red lipstick color that is close to your natural skin tone. The length of the color should be more than just a thin line because that can make your lips look larger than they are. You should ensure that if you decide on a darker shade, the color will still be flattering and not too overpowering.
If you want something lighter than your normal shade of lipstick, you may want to choose between a light pink or orange. This color looks great on everyone and is something that you can wear while going out during the day or while attending a wedding. You should choose a bold shade rather than your normal color so that it complements the type of skin and tone you have. If you have fair or light skin, you should go with a pink shade rather than any other color. You can always add gloss as a finishing touch if you do not want to draw much attention to your lips.
Having red lips is all about confidence! If you want red lipstick, then go for it! However, if this is too bold for your liking, you can always choose another color like pink or orange to cover up some redness. You should make sure that the color is no lighter than your natural skin tone. Red lipstick with a blue or orange undertone can make you look pale with pale lips. You should choose a red lipstick color just on the border of being too dark for your skin tone.
No Lipstick-
If you want to be able to wear no makeup at all, then your best bet would be to let your lips grow out to create enough lip padding for any lip color. The longer you wait, the better chance you have of having a naturally full, healthy-looking pout. Once they are long enough and filled in, you can use a lip contour rather than a pencil or product.

What are the different types of lips?

Different types of lips include:
Thin Lips
Thinner lips have less volume to them than thicker lips. These are the lips that require most of the attention to get them to look voluptuous enough. If you want a fuller pout, make sure that you choose a lipstick color close to your natural skin tone or darker.
Medium Lips
Medium lips are located smack dab in the middle of full and thin. Many women think that these are the most difficult types of lips, but they aren’t that bad overall. These lips are still noteworthy because they have more in common with the lips of a full-blown beauty queen than a woman who has not gone to the effort to take care of her mouth. When it comes to lipstick color, you pretty much have one choice: using your natural skin tone or finding a shade close to it.
Full Lips
These lips naturally look voluptuous but a fine line between full and thick. If you want other gel products like lip liner or lip gloss, you should choose a thicker color rather than choosing something natural. Remember that dark colors are used mostly when creating plump, fuller lips.

What are the best natural lipsticks?

If you want to know the best natural lipsticks, you should look into products that contain olive oil in them. This ingredient works well with those who have dry and cracked lips. Suppose you are looking for something simple that will nourish your lips. In that case, olive oil is a great start because it contains antioxidants and has been known to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips.
If you want to make your lips appear fuller, you should try using ingredients that contain collagen. You must look for products made to plump up the lips, such as lip gloss or lip liner. You can also use a lipstick color close to your natural skin tone and apply a thin layer over the top to fill out your lips more.
Satin Lipsticks
Satin lipsticks feel like feathers as they glide onto your pout. These lipsticks are very lightweight, so you must apply them with a light hand. If you use too much of the product or rub your lips together, you may have feather-like lines on your lips. Some people recommend these lipsticks to achieve a natural look, but that makes the feathers even more noticeable.
Airbrush Tattoo Lipsticks
An airbrush tattoo is something that we hear but never actually see. This is where a tattoo artist uses this type of technology to apply permanent makeup on people’s skin. Airbrush tattoos are relatively new in the cosmetic world and have managed to pique the interest of many people worldwide.

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