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Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser treatments are one of the most common hair removal methods people opt for. Laser treatment can be used to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body. Laser hair removal may cause pigmentation and scarring of the skin so, it is important to know about the side effects of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the vogue with people wanting a solution to hair removal that is more permanent than some other methods. Using lasers to abolish hair works by stopping the hair follicles from growing new hairs.

Having unwanted hair is a barrier to your beautiful look. This is why you are here to know a technique for your hair removal. There are many hair removal techniques. You can see hair removal machines in the market. You can also find permanent hair removal options in the market.

Along with the pros and cons of laser hair removal, you will also get the answer to laser hair removal costs and how to remove hair from the face. You may have various reasons for hair laser removal.

This may include white hair treatment, facial hair removal, upper lip hair removal, hair removal for women, etc. Many of the methods may use face wax. Let’s begin the article and get your unwanted hair removed.

Before boarding on the therapy, however, people should make them aware of some side effects of laser hair removal, as well as the pros and cons of laser hair removal. The risk of any side effects of laser hair removal is discussed here because it is considered a medical treatment, and just like all other medical treatments, it does carry its own risk.

What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

The chance of developing one or more of the existing side effects partially depends on your skin characteristics. The side effects of laser hair removal can be fugacious or indestructible.

Some of the risks or side effects of laser hair removal are discussed below:

1. Redness and Irritation

One of the common side effects of laser hair removal is redness. Although the expert uses numbing cream on your skin before the treatment, the redness is there on the face for a few days.

Laser hair removal damages the follicles of the targeted hair. The body reacts to this, and many people experience redness and irritation in the affected area. The skin may sting or feel tender, and may even appear to swell slightly.

Sometimes redness and irritation can get worst due to several factors. You must visit the doctor if this gets worse after a few days. Redness may last for 1-7 days.

2. Changes in skin color

Some people may notice minor color changes to the treated area of skin. It may get slighter darker or lighter, following laser hair removal. Changes in skin color can be another side effect of laser hair removal.

It may take at least 7-15 days for your skin to come back to your normal color skin color pigment. Color changes are generally common for people with dark skin.

3. Itching

One of the common side effects of laser hair removal is itching. Generally, 99 percent of women suffer from slight itching issues which may be there for a week. Itching and redness of the skin is a problem that a person may suffer after undergoing the laser hair removal method.

4. Skin infection

Another rare, yet serious side effects of laser hair removal are skin infection. As with other cosmetic hair removal methods, damaging hair follicles with a laser can create an infection. Some of them suffer from infection which may generally be due to unhygienic skin conditions.

The affected area should be treated as a wound while it heals. People should report any signs of infection to a dermatologist.

5. Laser hair removal burns

One of the common dangers which are associated with this treatment is laser hair removal burns. When a qualified practitioner carries out the process, the burn is rare.

Burns may occur if the skin, instead of the hair follicles, absorbs the laser hair energy. Laser burn may be much common for people with dark skin because skin with dark pigmentation absorbs laser much more easily. Generally, the burns may be mild but there are several times when you may also observe serious burns on the skin.

6. Blister

Some women may also suffer from blisters on the treated body part. Although blisters are quite rare, there is a chance that you may have blisters on your face especially when you have sensitive skin.

Blistering is generally due to overlapping laser treatment or when you undergo the treatment carried by unskilled practitioners. So it is very much important to check with your expert before the treatment.

7. Scars

Scars are typically no side effects of laser hair removal. However, if practioner makes an error, scarring can occur. This should not be an issue with most qualified practitioners.

Scars may also form if people do not care for the treated area correctly afterward.

They should treat the affected skin as if it had been sunburned to avoid further damage. This means keeping it moisturized, protected from light, and checked regularly for signs of infections.

8. Pain on the skin

Numbness or pain on the freshly treated is another common side effect of laser hair removal. You may also observe slight bruising on the skin which is generally due to the formation of a scab on the treated area.

These side effects generally last for 1-6 days and your skin may return to normality after a few days.

pubic hair laser removal side effects

How much does laser hair removal cost?

According to 2016 data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal costs an average of $ 306 per session. However, when you go to your nearest clinic, do not expect to see or get close to the same price. To know how much does laser hair removal cost, stay connected.

The price still depends on the clinic and the area you want to get rid of hair. In general, LHR treatment on smaller areas is cheaper than on larger areas such as the legs.

Laser treatments on the underarm cost an average of $150. It is also the average cost of other smaller areas such as the bikini line, chest, and abdomen.

Low prices considering other physicians will charge $250 to $450 in these areas. Legs and hands demand a higher price, and clinics divide them in half. The average price for a Half Arms or Half Legs. Treatment is $250 and a higher average price is $650.

You can also get a laser hair removal procedure for your face or buttocks, which costs an average of $250 to $650. The entire region, being the largest area, is on average the most expensive, ranging from $ 300 to $ 800. All the laser hair removal prices are based on the sessions. The treatment requires 6 to 10 sessions, so the cost will pile up over time.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Many people wonder that if laser hair removal is safe before doing it. But according to the people who have done it say they find it safe and well-tolerated.

There are no long-term side effects that are detrimental to the health. But minor side effects can be experienced by the people. Before doing the procedure, a dermatologist does a test on a small patch of the skin to see how it reacts to the treatment before it is done.

So, you can be assured to get it done if you want to do it. But always seek doctor’s suggestion and recommendation before doing it.


Laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people when performed correctly but a qualified practitioner. It may take multiple treatments to remove unwanted hair completely, and permanent hair removal is not always guaranteed.

Some people may experience minor side effects of laser hair removal, such as redness, irritation, and swelling.

While some people may experience major side effects of laser hair removal like laser hair removal burns, blisters, and scars. Anyone who notices the signs of major side effects should see the doctor.


Can laser hair removal give you cancer?

The myth that laser hair removal treatment can cause cancer is baseless. The lasers used in permanent hair removal, facial hair removal, upper lip hair removal, and more do produce a bantam amount of radiation.
However, this laser radiation is not thought to be baleful, and there is no evidence that laser hair removal therapy causes skin cancer.

Is permanent hair removal safe for the face?

The plurality of people who use it finds that permanent hair removal is safe and well-tolerated. However, some people may encounter minor side effects like laser hair removal burn after facial hair removal.
People should ask their dermatologist to test how a small patch of skin reacts to the therapy before having it done on a larger area of skin.

Is it okay to go with upper lip hair removal?

If you have some noticeable hairs on your upper lip, chin, or around your eyebrows, face wax is probably going to be a most efficient solution for removing several hairs at once, but if you have sensitive skin, or you only have facial hair or two to remove, tweezing your facial hair is totally acceptable.

Is laser hair removal safe for the face?

People are warier to use laser hair removal on the face. But to your surprise, it is safe for face. In some cases, some users have experienced temporary mild side effects like redness or swelling.


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