Top 14 things every nurse must have in their pocket

Last updated on February 1st, 2020

If you ask any nurse what their favourite thing is about wearing they will most likely say “pockets!” scrubs pockets hold all of those essential tools that a nurse needs to survive a shift. If you’re a student or a new nurse, you might not know yet exactly what you should keep in your pockets and what you should not. So here is a list of 14 pockets nursing essentials that need to be carried in your pocket.

1. Pen and highlighters

You can never have enough pens! Highlighters are also a great tool to use if you want to mark information about the patient on his or her chart. So this is the first thing you should have in your pocket.

2. Gum

Nurses get up close and personal with lost of people, so fresh breath is a must. So they carry different flavours of gum in their pocket in order to freshen themselves.

3. A snack

To maintain the blood sugar and to be prepared for those busy days when they may not be able to get a break they carry a light snack in their pocket.

4. Notepad

While a paper towel or scrub pants will work for jotting down vital signs of the patients. Sometimes it is nice to have the paper in the pocket.

5. Stethoscope

Whether you choose to keep your stethoscope around your neck or in your pocket, a stethoscope is an absolute must for a duty nurse.

6. Lip balm

Hospitals are cold and dry. Coat your lips with lip balm to prevent the inevitable chapping

7. Tape

Between taping up IVs and blood draw sites, you’ll certainly use a lot of tape throughout the day. So carrying tape is must too.

8. Alcohol Swabs

Chances are, regardless of your nursing field, you will deliver at least one iv push field,  med each shift. Make patient safety, easy and sterile by keeping alcohol swabs handy.

9. Watch

There may not always be a clock around you or in your patient’s room. A watch is essential for taking vital signs of patients as well as knowing how many hours before your shift ends.

10. Scissors

Be the hero on your unit by having scissors in your pocket. Put your name on them to prevent other nurses from holding onto them and feeling proud.

11. Penlight

Penlights are not only good for neuro assessments; they also make great lights for charting at a night in a patient room or finding a pill you dropped on the floor.

12. Iv flushes

Save yourself time when giving medications or maintaining a line by having your IV flushes always at your side or in your pocket.

13. Hair or bobby pins

Avoid getting your hair in body fluids or on patients by having a hair tie or bobby pins in your pocket.

14. Hand lotion

After the 100th time washing your hands, your hands will be screaming for moisture, it will be like washerman’s hand. Keep your hands soft, happy and shinny with a small tube of lotion

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What you like to keep in your scrub pockets comment below!


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