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Pregnancy Pillow: Is it Worth Buying?

Pregnancy is an exciting experience, full of emotional challenges and happiness for a mother-to-be. The nine-month pregnancy period demands ultimate care and support to ensure the safety of the baby. Besides getting nourished internally, it is necessary to provide protection against external harm. To provide protection, it is essential for pregnant ladies to stay in a safer environment.

Sleeping position is one of the crucial factors to consider during pregnancy. Partners suffer a lot due to awkward sleep positioning, which may be harmful to the babies. Regular mattresses are not comfy for pregnant ladies. For this reason, pregnancy pillows are designed to relieve body aches and provide accurate sleep position.

This article covers the major and minor details associated with the pregnancy pillow to understand its benefits. After reading this article, you will also be able to decide on the best pregnancy pillow for yourself.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a specifically designed pillow to provide protection and support to pregnant ladies. It properly follows the contours and curves of pregnant ladies. In addition, a pregnancy pillow also provides support during different sleeping positions to protect babies. Moreover, it also provides complete support to the entire body other than the belly area. They are usually longer than the regular pillows.

Pregnancy pillows are also useful to enhance the quality of sleep during pregnancy. In the last trimester of pregnancy, it becomes difficult for pregnant ladies to sleep in a normal position. A pregnancy pillow helps to achieve a comfortable sleeping position even in the last trimester of pregnancy.

What are the major benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are known for a variety of benefits for pregnant ladies. The most obvious benefit of using the pillow is to ensure quality sleep during sleep by providing support to the body. Here are some other benefits of using it. These are as follows:

  • Relieves body aches and pain – During pregnancy, the body weight of ladies increases. Increased body weight puts pressure and stress on the legs, back, and hips. This increased pressure makes it quite difficult to rest these body parts. A pregnancy pillow provides support and protection to these body parts for ultimate body rest. In this way, it helps to relieve body pains.
  • Improves blood circulation – Sleeping in an accurate position boosts blood circulation which is important for pregnant ladies. Sleeping sideways is uncomfortable for pregnant ladies due to a growing belly. They help you to sleep sideways quite comfortably and improve blood circulation in the body.
  • Relaxing and improved sleep – Good body rest is the main thing for a safe pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow helps you to sleep better and even for longer hours.
  • Useful after delivery – A pregnancy pillow is also helpful even after delivery. It helps you to put the baby in the right position for breastfeeding. Moreover, it also helps the baby to learn proper latching.

What are the different types of pregnancy pillows?

There are different types of pregnancy pillows according to size and shape. Every type carries a different type of benefit according to their needs. A pregnancy pillow should be selected after assessing which kind of discomfort you are facing during pregnancy. Every pregnancy experience is different from the previous so you must select a pregnancy pillow according to your demand. Here are some types of pregnancy pillows according to their uses. Let us have a look at these common types of pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy wedge pillow

It is one of the smallest pregnancy pillows, also known as a pregnancy cushion. It can be used even after the pregnancy period. Moreover, it can be available as a round wedge pillow or a triangular wedge pillow. You can place it under your belly or behind your back to provide sufficient support during sleeping. It can also be used as a standard pillow. It will help you relieve heartburn or reflux because of the head position above the average body height.

Full-length pregnancy pillow

These pillows are quite large and provide a complete cushioning effect to the whole body. It provides comfort to the arms, legs, and support to the belly. This type of pillow is suitable to hug and embrace. But, these pillows are not useful to provide support to the back. These pillows are available as straight full-length pregnancy and flexible full-length pregnancy. These pillows are used to hug and cuddle. You cannot place these pregnancy pillows under your belly or behind your back.

Total body pregnancy pillow

These pregnancy pillows are about the height of five to six inches. So for this reason, these kinds of pillows are perfect for any pregnant lady. It is best to use these pregnancy pillows during the second trimester. Moreover, they also provide support to the spine area and also reduce back and hip pain. There are two basic types of this pregnancy pillow. These are as follows:

  • C-shaped pillow: This pillow looks like the shape of the alphabet C to provide support to the head, belly, back, and legs. It is more useful for those pregnant ladies who sleep in a riding position. You can place your head on the top of the pillow and adjust your back to the curve of the pillow.
  • U-shaped pillow: This pregnancy pillow is best for those who love sleeping on their back but are unable to sleep due to increased body size. It provides support to the complete body including the back and belly. You can use the top of the pillow for the headrest and slide your body into the pillow. You can wrap your legs around the pillow and sleep comfortably.

Which factors should you consider before selecting any pregnancy pillow?

Every pregnancy is different and every person has a different body.  Many pregnant ladies do not go for pregnancy pillows. But, also the majority go for the pillows for comfort and support. These are some of the basic tips regarding the selection of pillows according to your problem or body type.

Sleeping position

Sleeping on your side is an ideal sleeping position during position. Many people do not find it comfortable to gravitate towards side sleeping. For such people, they are helpful to adjust their sleeping patterns. These pillows become a guard rail to train your body to stay in the best sleeping position.

Pillow shape

There are a variety of types and shapes of them available in the market. Most pregnant ladies prefer a pregnancy pillow to support their belly area. But may also want proper support for the hip and back area. Go for the shape you are comfortable with.

Materials used in the cushion

It is important to select such materials that are comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash. There are different types of materials used in pregnancy pillows. These include polyester fiber, styrofoam, microbeads, memory foam, buckwheat, therapeutic pillow, and organic filling. Go for the material that is soft to use but quite firm to provide the support.


Firmness is the key to providing comfort and support during pregnancy. Too soft pregnancy pillows fail to provide support due to decreased firmness.


Select the size you are comfortable with. A bigger pillow will surely occupy more space and also be heavier to change the location. Check for space and consult with your partner. A larger-sized pillow is suitable for people who continue changing their head position while sleeping.

Hypoallergenic pillows

People susceptible to allergies should go for pillows that are unable to cause any kind of allergy. It is important to get rid of any kind of allergy during pregnancy. These hypoallergenic pillows will help you keep away from allergic particles.

How to improve sleep patterns during pregnancy?

There are some ways to improve sleep patterns during pregnancy. These are as follows:

  • Eat small meals prior you leave for bed. It will improve your digestion and also help you to get rid of heartburn. It is also important to avoid spicy foods and junk foods that can affect your digestive system.
  • Go for exercise and yoga during the daytime to stay active. Exercise enhances blood circulation in the body and improves your sleep.
  • Ensure sufficient intake of fluids. Do not drink a lot before going to bed. It may disturb your sleep.


A pregnancy pillow is a beneficial accessory during the pregnancy period. It is specifically designed to provide ultimate care and protection against external harm to the baby. In addition, it provides a long list of benefits to pregnant ladies. Having this pregnancy pillow will help you to enjoy your pregnancy period.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do standard pillows not work for pregnant ladies?

Standard or regular pillows do not provide sufficient support or protection to pregnant ladies. Moreover, regular pillows may slide around you during any movement in sleep. It may cause discomfort and body pain. For all these reasons, pregnancy pillows are designed to provide ultimate care and protection against any harm.

Can we wash the cover of the pregnancy pillow?

Cleaning is an important aspect of pregnancy. During pregnancy, sweat may get absorbed by the pillow. Cover your pillow with some removable coverings. And, keep these covers neat and clean to avoid any kind of infection and maintain hygiene.

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