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Early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps

Are you or any of your loved one experiencing early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps? then you have come to the right place.

Did you know that early cramps during your pregnancy can lead to anxiety? You may even be confused whether it is the signal of an impending miscarriage or normal uterine stretching. The same case is not always obvious. There are various causes of early pregnancy cramps as the body is continuously changing.

If you have mild cramp in your early pregnancy then it is usually normal. This is not a signal or sign of miscarriage. However, if you are receiving some strong cramps then it may signify a problem. If the pain is not strong , one sided and also indicated by bleeding then you must consider that there is no any immediate cause.

Besides all these things if you are willing to do something to get relief of the early pregnancy to lower back pain and cramps then you shall keep the following things in your mind.

About the normal early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps:

The mother’s body is much concerned about the growth of the baby during the first trimester. These changes may result in certain cramps. These cramps are considered normal and are generally mild and temporary.

When the woman becomes pregnant then her uterus begins to grow. Due to this, she is likely to feel moderate and mild cramps in her abdomen or lower back. This type of cramp may be similar to the menstrual cramps.
The uterus is a muscle so whenever it contracts there is a chance of some kind of discomfort.

You may have the question that you are receiving cramps every now and then during your first two trimesters then be happy that it is normal.

There are many reasons for these types of cramps. Constipation, acidity, a full bladder including the state of the body after sex, exercise or orgasm may be responsible for such types of cramps.
One thing you need to keep in mind is that a pregnant woman is also susceptible to urinary tract infection as well as a Yeast infection that may also result in mild cramps during this stage.

Now after knowing about these normal cramps, you must be eager to know about the abnormal pregnancy cramps.

Abnormal pregnancy cramps:

You must call a physician if your pain and cramps are severe as well as persistent. It is actually good to check on something that doesn’t seem to be right. Isn’t it?

In order to get rid of ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to get the early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps investigated. The American Academy Of Family Physicians says that this type of cases appears only in 2 per cent of the pregnancies. It is also the major cause of death for the woman in the first trimester.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants in other parts of the body rather than the uterine cavity. It generally appears during your six to eight weeks of pregnancy. The mother can also feel the ectopic pregnancy as there is one-sided cramp as well as pain in the shoulder and neck region along with an urge to get a bowel movement.

When to immediately consult the physician?

If you feel the cramping to be on one side of your lower abdomen then you must consult your doctor to be on the safe path. You should do that even if the pain or cramping is not severe.

If can observe a type of vaginal bleeding along with early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps then you should consult your physician as soon as possible as it may also be a chance of a miscarriage but it doesn’t always mean a miscarriage. Your physician may also ask for your blood test or maybe an ultrasound to figure out the problem.

How to get relief from normal cramping?

There are certain ways that may be implemented to get some relief from the early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps. You may change your position or may sit on a place to get some relief and some rest.

Cramping can sometimes also denote that you are doing much physical work and you are taking much stress. You should take some rest and minimise the physical works during your pregnancy. You can also use meditation or controlled breathing techniques to relax.

Using a hot water bottle near the region of your pain can help you get some relief.
Some woman also believes that taking a night shower works wonder for them. Moreover, according to some doctors, the mother can also use an elastic belly band to get relief.

A word from Worldofmedicalsaviours team

Look it’s normal to receive early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consult a doctor or a physician. Especially when it’s your first baby or if it is different than your other pregnancies then you should definitely take the precaution and stay on the safe side by taking your physician’s advice. this way you can get relief from early pregnancy lower back pain and cramps.


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