Porter’s Tip Hand

Policeman's Tip Hand

A baby boy was delivered in a hospital by an obstetrician by pulling the baby’s head using forceps (forceps delivery). Two weeks later the parents took the baby to the pediatrician for a check-up. While examining the baby the pediatrician found that the baby’s right arm was medially rotated and adducted, while his forearm was extended and pronated. He also noticed sensory loss on the lateral aspect of the right upper limb.


  1. Name the position of the upper limb of the baby observed by the pediatrician.
  2. Which position of the limb is characteristic of the clinical condition?
  3. Name the site of lesion and the cause that produced this condition.
  4. What is the cause of sensory loss in the upper limb?


  1. Policeman’s tip hand/porter’s tip hand.
  2. Erb’s paralysis
  3. Erb’s point due to the excessive separation of the neck and shoulder caused by pulling the baby’s head during delivery.
  4. Involvement of the ventral root of the C5 and C6 spinal nerves.

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