Median Cubital Vein

A 38-years-old female went to the pathologist for a routine blood examination. The pathologist asked the technician to collect the blood sample of the lady. While attempting to collect the blood sample from the median cubital vein the technician noticed that the blood in the syringe is bright red. He immediately withdraws the needle.

In the second attempt, he inserted the needle slightly medial to the previous puncture. The lady felt a sharp pain, which radiated to the lateral three digits.


  1. What is the median cubital vein?
  2. Name the fascial structure, which separates the median cubital vein from brachial artery and median nerve.
  3. Mention the cause of sharp pain that radiated to the later 3⅟2 digits.
  4. What does the bright red blood in syringe indicated during collection of the blood sample from the median cubital vein?


  1. It is a communicating vein in front of the elbow between the cephalic and basilic vein.
  2. Bicipital aponeurosis.
  3. Median nerve injury
  4. Puncture of the brachial artery

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