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Natural Hair Removal | Safety & Beauty through Mother Nature

Removing hair from the body is such a hectic task. Sometimes you are reluctant to do it because it is painful. At other times, you may delay it because it is somewhat time-consuming. So, the effort done for hair removal is real. Also when you go for natural hair removal, there are some additional tasks involved making you further exhausted. However, as a male or female, you must prefer natural hair removal over other synthetic alternatives. This will help you in long-term relaxation from hair.

In the case of human body hair, you see the preference of both men and women vary. Some might not feel any hesitation in carrying them. While others would do every effort to get rid of them. All they want is smoother, fairer, and flawless skin. Are you being tired of the different creams and lasers etc. to get rid of hair? Do you want to switch to natural hair removal methods? Then you will be glad to find this blog post.

We understand your stress level related to facial hair removal. We also understand the effort you do for getting rid of body hair. You may be using different products in form of chemicals and machines for facial hair removal. For example, pansly hair removal, hair removal spray, magic shaving powder target, permanent hair removal cream, hair removal powder, etc.

However, through this blog post, we will make you understand that how these methods and other natural hair removal methods can alternate with one another. For example, homemade wax can be the best alternative to synthetic chemicals. Homemade wax is inclusive of both hard and soft wax. Therefore, please keep reading as we dive deeper into solving your hair removal issues.

Facial Hair Removal | Biological Interpretation            

Are you thinking about the biological reasons leading to excessive facial hair? Then keep reading as we explain the answer in a simpler way. If you see this issue from a medical and health sciences point of view then you will understand that facial hair growth is not just as simples as it seems. Dermal physicians related the growth of excessive unwanted hair with the imbalance of hormones in an individual’s body.

For example, the unwanted hair growing in your chin region can be due to the overproduction of the androgen hormone. You may have an increase in sensitivity towards the circulating androgens. It is also worth mentioning that different types of disorders of the metabolism and endocrine system can lead to the growth of unwanted hair.

For this reason, you must have seen the number of males and females opting for clinical procedures for treating their hair growth issues. However, no method so far has proved to be fully effective. Many individuals are glad about the results of the laser treatment. It has somewhat permanent results. Yet we look forward to furthering advancement in laser therapy.

Facial Hair Removal | The Unwanted Hair

If you are an individual with too much hair on different parts of the body, then don’t worry. You are not alone in facing this matter alone. In fact, the term ‘hirsutism’ is made for excessive hair. Especially in the females and you will be amazed to see that 5-10% of the females on the global scale are facing this issue. Women of all ages are included in this percentage.

Even without hirsutism, you love to see your face without any facial hair. You must be using tweezers to pluck that unnecessary hair for looking gorgeous. Well, that’s a global phenomenon. However, you will see thousands of ways available to replace the painful and time-consuming methods. Maybe you can find all ingredients in your kitchen to help you with facial hair removal.  

Well, you must accept the fact that you and the people in your friends’ circle want to get rid of those unwanted hair growing on your face.  But like other forms of makeup and skincare, facial hair removal is a bit of unpleasant activity. That is why we see a great advancement in this domain with the passing years. what do you think? should women shave their faces?

Facial Hair Removal | Different Modes

Though you may feel lazy to get up and do facial hair removal. But how to go to the part without getting done with it? However, thanks to the great variety of products, synthetic options, and mechanisms available to try and look gorgeous. You might have tried these products for removing hair from other body parts even. When we talk about hair removal then we can categorize it in different ways. Broadly they are divided into three classes. They are as follows:

Natural Hair Removal

In the natural human removal method, you can choose natural products with good effects on your hair and skin. They do not involve any kind of machines like epilator or synthetic chemicals e.g. hair removing creams. Rather you can just grab the ingredients from the kitchen and apply them to the skin to have a fair and flawless tone. For instance, homemade wax is one example of the natural hair removal method. Plucking your hair with thread or tweezer is also somewhat natural hair removal, in which you are not applying any chemicals or machines.

Synthetic Hair Removal

If you go to the market, you will be blown away by the variety of products available for hair removal. Synthetic hair removal includes hair removal sprays, magic shaving powder target, permanent hair removal creams, hair removal powders, etc. If you are in a hurry and need instant results then you may go for this method of hair removal.

Mechanized Hair Removal

Sometimes you are in hurry to leave for the marriage ceremony of your friend. However, at the same, you might not like to use hair removal creams, sprays, powders, etc. Or simply you don’t like the thicker hair likely to be growing after the synthetic chemicals using. So, you can opt for the mechanized mode of hair removal.

Thanks to the advancement in technology that now you can see a wide range of dermaplaning products which can help you in hair removal. So, now you can easily adapt them to de-fuzz that unwanted hair on your face including lips, brows, in the chin region. This type of method includes electrolysis and laser therapy.

Skin Care before Hair Removal

Skin is a sensitive part of any human’s body. Especially when we talk about facial hair, then you need to take extra care in choosing the type of product you want to apply. Another important consideration in this regard is to do some tasks before you initiate the actual hair removal process.

Prepare your skin carefully so that you have a cleaner and smoother base to use. Doing so will also save you from occasional cuts. You must remove the residues remaining after the makeup. Or there can be other impurities on your face. In this regard, you can take a cotton swab or pad. Just saturate this swab or pad with the micellar water present in your makeup kit. And then, clean your face and other body parts by sweeping with this pad or swab.

Natural Hair Removal | The Magical Homemade Wax

Among all methods of facial and other body hair removal, we want to start with the natural hair removal method. Because it is sustainable and will help you get rid of unwanted hair without any further side effects. As you all know, ‘Mother Nature heals’. So, why not use nature’s power to look more gorgeous and graceful without worrying about long-term harms. Therefore keep reading as we throw some light on the benefits and types of homemade wax.

Homemade Wax | Benefits

We recommend you to go for homemade wax due to the amazing benefits you can enjoy after using it. Though it can make you exhausted to some extent. But you should keep the long-term benefits in your brain as you get tired. These benefits are inclusive of the:

  • Economic benefit: Salon waxing is much costlier than homemade wax. If you further compare homemade wax with laser therapy then you will understand that price of homemade wax is nothing.
  • Natural components: Well, the best thing about homemade wax is its natural ingredients. You are absolutely saved from toxic chemicals.
  • Better privacy: If you don’t like the beauticians or professionals to pluck your facial or body hair then homemade wax is your savior. Especially if you hesitate from bikini wax at the salon then do not wait anymore and start making your magical homemade wax
  • COVID-19 perspective: In the ongoing epidemic, no one wants to take risk of going to salons. Therefore, homemade wax will save you from this fatigue as well.

Homemade Wax | Types

There are several types of homemade wax. In their type, you just have to grab the right ingredients and methods to prepare it. We have good news for you that the ingredients for such wax will be available in your kitchen. If not present there, you can visit your nearest commercial stores to grab them. Also, we recommend you to purchase other things which will help you in waxing. For example, wax warmer, strips, collars, etc.

The two broad types of homemade wax are hard wax and soft wax. Are you further curious about these two types? Let us make it easier for you.

  • Hard wax: If you are intending to clean your sensitive region e.g. upper lip, bikini line, eyebrows, etc., then you must go for hard wax. You can prepare it easily with beeswax and some quantity of rosin. Also, you may add another ingredient of therapeutic significance. For example vitamins or oils. You can use it without removal strips. Use warm water for melting it.
  • Soft wax: It is the weekend and you finally want to get rid of the harder hair grown on your larger areas. Then you must go for soft wax. Or you can say you use soft wax for insensitive body parts e.g. legs, abdomen, arms, etc. The ingredient of soft wax is somewhat similar to hard wax. However, you will need wax strips or any other removing clothes for it.

Homemade Wax | Sugaring Wax

If you are a regular reader of aesthetic beauty, fitness, or health blogs then you must know about the sugaring wax. Sugaring wax is another natural hair removal method. It is very much liked because of its efficacy. So, are you wondering about the composition of sugaring wax? Then sit back and keep reading as we inform you about all the relevant details about sugaring wax.

Sugaring wax is actually a paste in appearance. You will obtain this paste if you add the sugar with lemon juice and then add some water and honey to it. Sugaring wax is actually a type of soft wax which can be used for removing hair from larger areas of one’s body. But there is something more exciting about sugaring wax.

Sugaring wax is famous for catching unwanted hair on your body from the roots. While you will see other products grabbing the target hair from the surface. So, the result is obvious. After using sugaring wax, you may be relaxed for about minimum of three weeks. Hurrah! Isn’t that amazing?

Well, indeed it is. But you must mindful that every individual’s body function is different. So, there are chances that you get hair growth in different time spans after you are done applying sugaring wax.

Sugaring Wax | The Perks You Can Enjoy

Well, it’s a great relief to think about smooth skin for three weeks. However, you may also be looking for other good features associated with the sugaring wax. Therefore, we have devised this section to inform you about the other perks of this natural hair removal method. Here you go:

  • Exfoliation: Since the major ingredient of the sugaring wax is sugar, therefore you will see it acting as a natural exfoliant. That is why your skin is softer after sugaring wax than other waxes. Isn’t that wonderful to have hair-free and also beautiful skin at a time? Well, most of the desire for this.
  • Non-toxic: After seeing the ingredient, you can understand how healthier this wax is. While if you go for hair removal sprays then expect other side effects also.
  • The smoothness of skin: If you are wondering for how much time will your skin be smoother after applying this sugaring wax? Then we assure you that your skin will stay smoother for a longer duration. That means a minimum of six to eight weeks. An interesting thing is that the hair growth after sugaring wax is comparatively thinner than the original ones.

Hair Removal through Synthetic Means

You are living in an age of urbanization and industrialization. While you will totally accept the profound role of Mother Nature in helping you in natural hair removal. But at the same time, you may mention that you are working two jobs and that you have to travel all week.

Or you may be an athlete with a hectic routine. So, doing natural remedies are totally impossible. Another reason you may not like procedures of waxing, epilation, depilation, laser, threading is the pain you have to face in doing them.

Pansly Hair Removal

We understand the busier routine you have. Therefore, we have added this side of the story as well to benefit you. As already mentioned there are three broad classes of hair removal. Using chemicals and sprays to get rid of hair in an instantaneous manner might be your favorite one.

The market is providing you with a number of options and brands in this regard. For example, pansly hair removal is a quick method of getting rid of the unwanted hair on your body. You can grab this product to enjoy the ease of removing your hair in just five minutes.

Also, the good thing about pansly hair removal is that it does not harm your skin. You will not have any nicks or bumps after using it. You may take the small-sized packing with you to any place. After using the pansly hair removal method, you will notice your skin smoother than ever.

Hair Removal Spray

Some people might prefer sprays over creams. If you are a busy individual and cannot spare time to do natural hair removal then hair removal sprays can also help you. You can use them on the rigid hair growing in different regions of your body to enjoy softer and smoother skin.

Also, if you don’t like the painful procedures of waxing, epilation, depilation, laser, threading, etc., then hair removal sprays are best for you. Such hair removal sprays are quick and efficient in their action. Check out the latest hair removal sprays available in the market to benefit you.

Magic Shaving Powder Target

Magic shaving powder target is a kind of razorless shaving powder.  They are especially good for guys with darker skin tones to help them in preventing cuts due to razors. However, the region of the body treated with magic shaving powder target is very clean, feels lighter, and becomes fragrant. Also, you can use a magic shaving powder target for shaving your beard.

Permanent Hair Removal Cream

Well, most of you have said in your heart, “I wish this hair never grows back”. You are not alone in wishing so. That is why you find a variety of permanent hair removal creams in the market. These permanent hair removal creams actually come with the hair growth inhibition chemistry in them. Mostly, they are prepared with botanical extracts. These botanical extracts are specialized in affecting your hair growth.

In most cases, you will see these botanical extracts doing inhibition and regrowth reduction of hair. Therefore, as a result, you will see the regrown hair having a lighter and softer texture. If you use permanent hair removal creams for longer durations then you can permanently get rid of hair. So, what are you waiting for? We do recommend you go for purchasing permanent hair removal creams.

Hair Removal Powder

Hair removal is also possible with the different kinds of hair removal powders. Most of the time, the manufacturers claim that their hair removal powders are prepared with natural and organic ingredients. Therefore, you can use them for removing unwanted and excessive hair. If you go for slightly costlier hair removal powders, then you will probably have no side effects or irritation of the skin.

Still, you should use proper gloves to apply it to the hairy region. You must not wear any kind of jewelry or ornaments when you are using hair removal powders since any chemical reaction can take place. Also, you must avoid contact with hair removal powders with eyes since eyes are sensitive to such chemicals.  

Final Words on Natural Hair Removal

With this, we come to the end of our blog post on natural hair removal. Human being has always been so fond of doing things quickly. However, sometimes you realize that little hard work and prolonged activity may benefit you in a long run. Preferring natural hair removal over synthetic means is one such approach.

We hope, we have helped you to understand the importance of preferring natural hair removal over synthetic means. We would love to have your thoughts and experiences in this regard in our comments section. Thank you!

Frequently Asked questions

Can I do the sugaring wax at home?

Sugaring waxing is an important type of natural hair removal method. Yes, you can easily prepare it and apply it at your home. It will save you money, energy and you will also be protected from COVID-19 in the current scenario.

Which method is best to reduce hair regrowth?

You may see different types of manufacturers claiming that their products will do so. However, to be honest, only waxing can do this job for you. In fact, after using any commercially available hair removing wax or homemade sugaring wax, you will see the next hair lighter and softer. In contrast, synthetic creams make your hair grow thicker. Also, the smell of synthetic chemicals is horrible.

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