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Should women shave their face?

Last updated on August 6th, 2019

Shaving or not shaving? Many women could consider it every day for legs, boxes or pubs, but should we follow the advice of the experts gathered in the Daily Mail and start shaving our faces? Trust me after reading this article you will get answers to all your queries regarding the question running in your mind “should women shave their face”.

Absolutely not. If you shave to get rid of a small tache or to shave the whole face and soften it, the resurgence as a result of a razor, compared to depilatory creams and waxing, is a colossal pain to the ball. And that’s the problem here: as a beauty manager, making sure my nails don’t look like chipped micro daggers and maintaining my hairstyle, make-up and cleanliness routine, is enough for administrative beauty; more than enough, in fact.

Does any woman of the 21st century really have the time or desire to shave her whole face for slightly softer skin? In a world that punishes any indication of facial hair in women, psychologically it can be painful, so some women (particularly those with polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes hirsutism) already resort to shaving their faces. The use of oral contraceptives to reduce androgen production can help and creams like Vaniqa slow hair growth. Lasers (not IPL, which are not as effective) are ideal for permanent and more effective shaving depilation.

Read further to get your answers on should women shave their face.

About Asian hair

The tone of the skin also makes a difference in how facial hair is visible. Asian hair has a larger diameter than Caucasian or Afro hair and is more elastic. (it has more layers of cuticles, which makes it stronger and thicker). But it also has a faster rate of regeneration and the myth that it will make your hair grow back more frequently and persists quickly among South Asians. (It’s not like that, it’s just more blunt at the ends, so it looks like this).

Wonder why shaving is common among men?

Shaving does not affect the keratin cells that create real hair in any way. Even Asian women shed less body hair than other races, which could make hirsutism heavier. As for the anti-aging claims of shaving the face, they are an absurdity. Men have a thicker and younger looking skin. It is because male androgens cause an increase in skin thickness by up to 25% compared to women. Men also produce more sebum, which is the oil that keeps skin hydrated and plump.

Finally, men have a greater density of collagen in their skin than women, which is why women age faster. The conclusion, therefore, is that men and women are biologically programmed to age differently. The shaving could exfoliate the skin and presumably keep it soft, but if you are already using a towel, a facial brush or an exfoliant on the top, it is a serious wash. Shaving is not only inflammatory (cause of sensitivity), it also makes the skin more paper-like and thinner. Add a shade at five o’clock to the mix and, no doubt, it is damaging your skin, and this is aging. Getting away from the razor, sir is definitely not your friend. Above mentioned is also a reason why men don’t need to think before shaving their face but you keep on thinking; should women shave their face.

Going to shave? Remember these points

Are you sure you want to change threading and waxing for a facial shave? Here are seven things you can expect to happen.

  1. Your hair won’t get thicker I’m sorry, lovers of myths, but the dermatologist, Dr. David told “Neither waxing nor shaving makes hair grow faster or thicker, we have a series of hair follicles on the skin and, if you do not destroy them with lasers, they will continue to grow at the same rate and with the same thickness. “
  2. You will have Renee Daly, a normal facial razor, told DailyMail:”
    La people say that their hair should grow back again, but mine has always remained soft, apart from the stubble, which can be seen later, for a couple of days. “Use a strong cover to hide the stubble as it starts to enter.
  3. Your skin will feel exfoliated
    Yes, shaving is more or less the equivalent of a facial scrub, notes Marie Claire. Make-up will be easier Daly has noticed that the trick simply “feels” better after shaving, which makes sense because shaving gives you a softer facial surface to work with.
  4. You may have ingrown hairs
    As with normal shaving, Marie Claire has noticed that red hair can appear on her face. Provided that she doesn’t shave carefully and use shaving cream.
  5. Shaving burns may occur
    People with sensitive skin should be very careful to avoid burn blades. The Guardian has cited it as a legitimate possibility. Once again, people take your time and use shaving cream if your razor requires it.

In conclusion

 Should women shave their face? Many women have long touted facial shaving, an at home, less fierce version of dermplanning. It is the practice of using a razor to shave the peach fuzz and hair off of your face in pursuit of hair removal and smother, exfoliated skin. Hope that now you know the answer to ; should women shave their face or not.

So what do you guys think: Are you going to try shaving your face, or is this something best left to health, lifestyle and beauty blogger and crazy editors like yours truly?

lets us know right here in the comment, or over on facebook or instagram!


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