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Moisture Wicking Underwear: is It Good to Buy?

Moisture-wicking underwear has been famous for some time due to its quality features. This type of underwear is composed of a specific fabric that pulls off moisture (sweat) from your skin surface rather than just soaking it up. Thinking about this kind of moisture-wicking underwear gives a pleasant feeling.

This type of underwear is most commonly used by people who participate in physical activities, causing them to sweat a lot. Athletes and sportspersons find this kind of underwear quite comfortable to use. These underwear are not only for sportspersons but can also be used in daily life. Some people sweat more in comparison to others.

These underwears are a lifesaver because of being lightweight and breathable fabric types. It is really a good choice for people who want to stay dry and cool. This article is all about the benefits and usage details of moisture-wicking underwear. If you suffer from rashes or itching due to sweating during your menstrual cycle, this article is the solution to your problem.

What is moisture wicking underwear?

Moisture-wicking underwear, also known as period underwear, are actually panties made up of specific fabric types. The moisture wicking underwear absorbs any kind of moisture, including sweat, discharge, period blood, and even pee. In addition, it draws away any moist sensation from your body, making you feel comfortable and dry.

It is usually used for the management of period blood. But you can use these undies for several other reasons other than just menstruation. You can use this underwear during heavy workouts, causing you to sweat more than on regular days. In addition, you can also go wearing this underwear during hot summers to maintain your comfort level.

For all these reasons, it is a comfortable option for people who menstruate or who don’t.

What are the basics behind moisture wicking underwear?

It is a newer invention than regular cotton underwear. The basics of this underwear lie in its fabric type that absorbs moisture. It is the best option for people who enjoy sports and the outdoors.  It helps you keep dry and prevent chafing due to moisture.

How does this moisture wicking fabric work to absorb moisture?

Moisture-wicking fabric belongs to the hydrophobic fabric type, which is a water-hating fabric. This fabric type is combined with a hydrophilic fabric type that is water-loving to make an appropriate environment to get desired results. This material draws away the moisture from the skin and pulls it to the fabric’s surface. One part of the fabric that is water-loving absorbs moisture from the skin. Whereas the other part dries the moisture because of its water-hating qualities.

Moisture-wicking underwears are available in both polyester and Bamboo fabric types. Polyester is one of the best moisture wicking fabrics. It fits properly to the body and is durable even in heavy workouts and tough weather conditions. Bamboo (viscose) is a newer fabric type, offering excellent quality features. It is lightweight and does not tear easily. It has high moisture wicking qualities and is formed by a sustainable plant.

Why is there a need to wear moisture wicking underwear?

Previously, athletes or outdoor enthusiasts used cotton underwear. Though cotton is a breathable fabric, it does not absorb moisture quickly. Outdoor enthusiasts said that cotton kills because as you sweat, it absorbs moisture but stays wet. For this, cotton underwear increases the chances of chafing or rash due to moisture. It is the need of time due to its quality features. It is better to opt for such fabric for underwear that does not keep sweats by making you feel wet.

The tighter-fit moisture-wicking underwear is the best idea for all such problems. Tighter-fit underwear is designed to fit closer to your body without causing any wrong movements. These close-fitting underwear along with moisture wicking underwear prevents you from rashes and chafing.

What are the different types of moisture wicking underwear?

It is classified on the basis of its fabric type. Moisture-wicking fabrics are of different types. These fabric types include:

  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Bamboo
  • Micro modal

Some moisture wicking underwear also comes under the fabric type of cotton. Cotton is a versatile fabric type and can be used to wear anytime or anywhere you want. The micro modal type is suitable if you have a sedentary job or you have to go to any formal events. For lightweight options, you can go for Nylon fabric types.

When should we wear these moisture wicking underwear?

You can wear these moisture wicking underwear anytime when you think there is a need. Go for them if you are:

  • Going to the gym for a heavy workout or exercise
  • Going for an after-work pick-up game
  • Spending quality time in the warm or humid environment
  • Riding a bike
  • Wearing some heavy suits or dress pants
  • Sweat more than others
  • Running in the hot environment

Other than these conditions, you can wear them anytime. Moisture-wicking underwear is a safe and breathable option to provide you with support and comfort.

What are the other things we need to know about moisture wicking underwear?

Wash your moisture-wicking underwear just like you wash your regular underwear. Wash them using light degenerate material but without bleach products. Lay them flat to dry.


Moisture wicking underwear is a basic need of time. This fabric type is getting fame because of its enormous capability to drain moisture away from your body. It contains two types of fabrics. One is hydrophilic which absorbs moisture from the skin. Whereas, the other fabric type is hydrophobic which keeps the moisture away from the body by evaporating in the environment. Hence, by this mechanism, these underwears provide a dry and comfortable environment even in hot or humid weather conditions.

This article covers all aspects and associated benefits regarding the use of moisture wicking underwear. Give it a read to boost your comfort and confidence level by staying dry.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does moisture wicking underwear really perform?

Moisture wicking underwear really works to provide you with a moisture-free environment. It absorbs any kind of moisture by pulling the moisture out of the body. This type of underwear uses such fabric on the outer surface from where moisture can easily evaporate. This is the main process that can make you feel dry and comfortable.

Is moisture wicking fabric and waterproof fabric the same?

These are two different types of fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric draws away the moisture from your skin’s surface. In contrast, waterproof fabric types don’t have the ability to absorb moisture. Both fabric types are different.

Should we prefer moisture wicking underwear?

Moisture wicking underwear is not only good to make you feel dry. But these underwear types help to keep bacteria away from you. In addition, it also prevents odor and reduces the chances of infection and irritation.

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