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Lumbini Medical College

Lumbini Medical College (LMC) is located in the district of Palpa. This district is in the Lumbini province. Palpa is a hilly district. It is almost 300kms away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Palpa is at a great height which offers a sight for recreational activities. Students of Lumbini Medical College go paragliding and hiking.

The biggest advantage is that the weather is always pleasant here. There is no intensity of the weather. Rather, moderate temperature makes everything in Palpa lively.

The region in which the Lumbini Medical College is present consists of rural areas. The medical college has a teaching hospital also.

This teaching hospital is committed in serving the people. The staff shows no harsh behaviour to the patients. Instead, they deal every patient with extra care and attention.

History of the College

The medical college has been serving the nation with the past 12 years. It came into being in 2008. But the structure of the building of this college had been built in 2005.

Before becoming a medical college, this building was a private limited academy. Later on, it became a public limited company.

After that, the college applied for a letter of permission from the Ministry of Health and Population. This letter was for seeking permission for a teaching hospital of Lumbini Medical College. Then the college also initiated the PCL program (Nursing Program).

In 2009, the MBBS program was also inaugurated by the Lumbini Medical College. The college further expanded its development by being affiliated to the Kathmandu University in the year 2015.

Overview of the College

The College is present between the beautiful mountains and green fields of Palpa. The college has been continuously making attempts to improve the quality and standard of its education.

A feedback/review from the students when they are in the final year of their course is taken. The intention of this feedback enables the college administration to improve the things that are lacking.

The college has received great appreciation from the medical councils of America, Australia and Canada. The MBBS degree being offered by the Lumbini Medical College has been accredited by South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC). These accreditations show the importance of the degree of Lumbini Medical College.

The medical college has an affiliation with the Nepal Medical Council (NMC) as well. The college has a teaching hospital too. This hospital has been providing the services of Out Patient Department (OPD), In-Patient Department (IPD), Blood bank, a unit for dialysis and helipad service.

 The hospital of Lumbini Medical College has been serving the people with the help of specialized staff of doctors and nurses. The administration of the Lumbini Medical College is quite good and responsible. It knows how to deal with the issues of the college. The administration of Lumbini Medical College manages the budget of the college and coordinates with other departments too.

The College has its own journal as well. There a number of articles are present in this journal. These articles are usually related to the medical field and give information about modern techniques. These techniques are about dealing with diseases and infections.

Standard of education

The medical college is rich in having professional lecturers and professors. These professors not only teach the students about the medical books, but also teach them the communication skills. Thus, making students soft and compassionate towards dealing with patients.

The lecture halls tell their own story. They have been developed with all the necessities. There are wooden desks in every lecture hall. Projectors aid in teaching to students during lectures.

Every student in the classroom is present with the opportunity to speak before their fellow students. There are some topics related to their syllabus and then they are asked to give a small lecture on it. This enhances their confidence level.


In Lumbini Medical College, there are three programs/courses. These are the MBBS program, Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS), Nursing Program and Post Graduate Program.

 For the students who want to take admission in MBBS in Lumbini Medical College, the student must have secured at-least 50% marks in the FSc pre-medical. Moreover, the students are required to appear an entrance test being conducted by the Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. Every year, there are total 100 seats of in MBBS class in Lumbini Medical College.

The duration of the nursing course in the College is 4 and a half years. In the Nursing course, the future nurses are given training about dealing with the patients.

The nurses too have a very tough job like the doctors. In fact, sometimes they perform more duties then the doctors. The nurses have to obey the doctors. They assist the doctors in the operation theatres.

 The College makes sure graduate competent and hard-working nurses. In 2008, the medical college introduced a nursing program based on certificate level.

This program has been recognized by CTEVT. In 2011, BSc in nursing education began. This program has the recognization of the Kathmandu University. In Lumbini Medical College, the nurses are taught to act like a teacher, researcher and manager in the Future.

Journal of Lumbini Medical College:

The Lumbini Medical College has its own journal which ensures the official publication of Lumbini Medical College The name of this journal is “Journal of Lumbini Medical College”. Its short form is as ‘JLMC’.

Fee Structure

The Lumbini Medical College follows the rules of the Kathmandu University regarding the fee procedure. The estimated fee for may be Rs.48,00,000. This fee can also paid in installments. However, the fee in first year in installment will be worth 28lacs. In the next years, the student can pay worth 6 lacs every year.


There is some criteria for admission in Lumbini Medical College. Appearing in the entrance test is compulsory for every student.

 The student should have at-least 50% marks in FSc. The candidates must have secured good marks in the major subjects such as English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

Any failure in the above mentioned subjects can block the way for admission in Lumbini Medical College.

For further details, the students must visit the official website of the college. The students have also to pay the hostel dues worth Rs.10,000. This is annual fee of hostel.

Hospital of Lumbini Medical College

The teaching hospital of Lumbini Medical College has been serving the nation for years. It has been providing a number of facilities. Such as the well-organized OPD’s.

In the Out-patient department (OPD), there is waiting hall so that patients can sit there and wait for their turn. The consultant sits in the OPD every day to examine the patients.

There is an In-patient department too. In this department, there are private wards and a general ward. An established operation theatre is also there.

The services of MRI, ECG, CT Scan are also available here. This shows how well-developed is the hospital of Lumbini medical college.

Blood bank of the hospital

The facility of the blood bank is also available. In this blood bank, the blood from the donor is being collected and then it is packed into packets with the mention of the blood group on the packet.

This blood is then provided to those who are in need of blood. These may include the patients suffering from severe accidents, the patients of leukemia, thalassemia, sickle cell disease or the cancer patients.

Different products from this collected blood are also being made. The people who develop such product are referred as the commercial manufacturers. This work requires much experience.

Moreover, the Lumbini medical college teaching hospital have developed a dialysis center too. The availability of the Helipad is also present. This helipad has been made outside in front of the hospital.

The students of Lumbini Medical College perform their house jobs in this teaching hospital. They are special training about boosting us their confidence level.

The students are taught to show sympathetic behavior towards patients. Because proper care and attention can make these patient get out of their illness phase a bit earlier. Similarly, the doctors and nurses do their duties with honesty and dignity. They work 24 hours to treat the patients.


The hostels of Lumbini Medical College are very well-organized. There are total 4 hostels, two for the boys and 2 for the girls.

In these hostels, separate canteen is available in every hostel. The availability of 24 hours electricity and 24 hours pure water supply is present.

Moreover, the students have been provided with the facility of sports grounds. There are play grounds for hockey, football, cricket etc. Near these hostels. The playing halls for indoor games have also been established. This shows the advantage of seeking admission in Lumbini medical college.

Contact Number and Address

Address: Prabhas, Tansen-7,Palpa,Nepal

Contact Number: +977 75 411201

Official Website

The official website of Lumbini medical college is:

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