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How to make your feet smaller? 8 effective tips

Are you sad because your favorite shoes are not fitting on your feet? Although we are bound to make no changes in physical features, some tips can give a shorter look to your giant feet. So do you want to know how to make your feet smaller?

Every person, either male or female, wants to look beautiful in this world. God has created every individual differently. Some are taller; some have brown eyes, while others are black-eyed and white. Although these natural features are not in our control, we cannot change them except by undergoing surgery.

This article will explain the reasons for large feet and some tips and tricks to make them look smaller. So let’s read this article on how to make your feet smaller

Why are my feet getting bigger?

Knowing the reasons behind any problems helps in finding possible solutions. Before knowing how to make your feet smaller, you should know these reasons. You might have asked this question multiple times before. Your feet get more prominent for numerous scientific reasons, and it is better to understand the problem and then manage it wisely. The feet get bigger due to aging, weight gain, running, and pregnancy.

However, you can adopt different methods to cope with this situation, but you cannot stop natural processes that bring structural changes. Let’s discuss each in detail to understand how to make your feet smaller properly.


Aging s a natural process, and one cannot stop it. Aging is a beautiful phase of life yet brings some changes in your body. The favorite shoes you used to wear in your 20s no longer fit, and you might need some more giant shoes at this age. You should know these 10 foot problems to watch for in aging feet.

Sometimes you may get angry while finding your perfect size and buy something you do not like. As you grow old, the ligaments and tendons of your feet become elastic, and you lose the sole’s fatty pads, making your feet broader and bigger.

Weight Gain

Gaining weight is not normal; once you put on weight, you will see drastic changes in your body. You might neglect it, but weight contributes to giant feet. Let me explain how weight makes your feet bigger. Feet bear all the body weight, and a few extra pounds puts stress on foot ligaments and tendons and, as a result, damages the fat pad. These changes make you prone to multiple problems and, as a result, affect your foot size.


Do you wonder why athletes’ hands are more prominent than other persons? Running for extended periods causes your feet to become broader and more prominent. The blood circulation increases in the foot while running and leads to an increase in volume. The increase in volume brings more changes to your foot. If you are a runner but do not want more giant feet, you can adopt various ways to cope with this situation.


Pregnancy causes biological, physiological, and structural changes in women. You might have noticed that your favorite footwear is not fit during pregnancy. When you put on more weight during pregnancy, it puts stress on your feet. The tendons and ligaments of feet lose and stretch, which causes your feet to be more comprehensive.


Your gene plays its primary role in shaping your body and limbs. One cannot do anything about it if one has inherited bigger and wider feet. But you can modify and change your lifestyle to bring some stability to your life. 

Wearing Improper Footwear

Wearing improper footwear for an extended period causes foot deformities and changes its structure. As a result, your feet grow bigger and broader. It would be best if you were cautious of your footwear. Take good care of your feet while wearing any footwear. Wearing an uncomfortable shoe can maximize the chances of damage to your foot structure. It also remains among the main causes of painful women feet. You might feel difficult to reverse the change, which takes months and years to correct.

Some tips on how to make your feet smaller

Here are some tips on one of the highly asked questions – how to make your feet smaller

Right shoe selection

Generally, people with large feet feel difficulty choosing appropriate shoes. Instead of selecting eye catchy, choose the right shoes according to your foot type.

Heels are better than flat shoes

Yes! You heard right. Although high heels can make you uncomfortable walking, your feet will look smaller in them. Females can opt for high chunky heels and wedges rather than stiletto ones. At the same time, men can select shoes with little high heels or padded soles. This can be one of your solutions to how to make your feet smaller.

Keep a special place in your cupboard for ankle boots

People with Large feet must have ankle boots as It has two in one benefit. For example, Ankle boots will cover your entire feet, thus hiding their width, length and curves. On the other hand, it looks classy, thus giving cool vibes.

So, you can be a fashion pro with a smaller foot simultaneously.

Never settle on pointed toe shoes

Pointed-toe shoes seem sassy at first glance and are also suitable for narrow feet. As you know that you are blessed with large feet, don’t settle over pointed-toe shoes because of their looks.

These pointed-toe shoes will make your fingers congested and push them out of your foot. Rather than looking good, your feet will look embarrassing in these shoes.

Instead, try round-toe shoes/peep tip shoes to give your feet a smaller look. You may try this method as your solution to how to make your feet smaller.

Find out the right size shoes

 It seems weird to read about the size of shoes as everybody selects the correct sizes. But here we are, focusing on large feet. It sometimes happens that people bluntly choose a smaller size to hide their bulky and oversized feet, which in return gives a more suspicious look. The foot bulges out from the edge, giving a fatty look.

Therefore, always find your shoes according to the perfect size patiently.

How to make your feet look smaller?

Not only are they perfect shoes, but your dress can make your feet look slimmer. Following are some dressing tips to make yourself easy in shoes. Besides knowing how to make your feet smaller, you may also know how to make them look smaller. Here are some tips on that:

Prefer flared jeans over narrow

The fashion of slim jeans never fades away in any era, but these jeans can be a sense of embarrassment for large feet people. Always wear flared jeans as they are heavy from the bottom and add value to your attire by hiding your most proportional feet.

Don’t try to wear skinny skirts

Maybe you are fond of fitted skirts, but they will not compliment your giant feet. Your feet will be visible the whole time, thus making you anxious.

Instead of wearing skin-tight clothes, prefer to wear a longer Dress. 

Dark shoes are better than Light shoes

We can’t deny the beauty of nude shoes, as they are currently demanding in the fashion market. But bold and dark colors are better than pastel and nude-colored shoes for large feet.

Does losing weight affect feet size?

Obesity is not good for many reasons and has several health complications. As discussed above, weight gain contributes to bigger feet. Shedding extra pounds is essential to get rid of bigger and wider feet. This can be another solution to how to make your feet smaller.

Is arch support helpful?

Your feet become flat due to improper footwear, and you lose your foot arch. This loss of arch leads to bigger and wider feet. Do not worry if you have just noticed your flat feet. Put arch supports in your shoes to counter the flat feet. You can also use orthotic arch supports to combat flat feet. This can be helpful in your query on how to make your feet smaller.

Does surgery help in reducing foot size?

Can surgery be your solution to how to make your feet smaller? Some people undergo surgeries to make their feet smaller, which is most common and trendy among women. Women want to look perfect and stunning from head to toe, and they love footwear a lot. Some women go for surgery commonly known as ‘Cinderella Foot Surgery’ to make their feet smaller. The procedure involves the removal of the knuckle of the toe or removal of the toes in some cases. It is advisable not to go for this procedure because of potential risks. 

Exercises to make your feet smaller

Are there some special exercises that can be a solution to how to make your feet smaller?Sometimes you wonder whether exercises will help out in making your feet smaller or not. The answer is yes; if you start exercising today and devote some time out of your schedule to exercise, you will see drastic changes after some time. 

Some conditions like flat feet or Fallen Arches make your feet bigger; doing exercises will help you maintain your foot arch.

Try to raise your toe to 90 degrees and repeat this 10 times daily.

Walk on your heels and toes and practice this for 10 to 15 minutes.


Shoes are the first thing to be noticed in a person’s personality. Although one cannot replace the natural feature of your body, the tips mentioned above can make your life easy with your shoes. All things take time, and one cannot correct changes overnight. Have some patience and wait a bit for your desired results. Hope this article gives you solution to the query – how to make your feet smaller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Losing Weight Affect Foot Size?

Obesity is not suitable for many reasons and has several health complications. As discussed above, weight gain contributes to more giant feet. So, shedding extra pounds can reduce the size of big feet.

Can Estrogen make my feet smaller?

To some extent, yes. MTF HRT decreases muscle mass, cartilage, and soft tissue. However, it does not affect bone structure.

Does HRT(Hormone replacement therapy) make my feet smaller?

As HRT does not change bones, you should not expect too many changes. However, it may change if your feet have a lot of soft tissue.

Does wearing small-sized shoes will make my feet smaller?

Yes! Wearing small shoes can help in feet size, but too small can cause suffocation, thus causing swelling to your feet. Better to avoid extra small shoe size

Dr. Rahul Kushwaha

Rahul Kumar Kushwaha, MBBS, is an intern doctor at a prestigious college in Bangladesh, North East Medical College, situated in South SurmaPamila, on the outskirts of Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is one of the team members and Founder of WOMS and has been working since the beginning of WOMS. Similarly, he is also the founder of the pregnancy journey app and the auscultation world app.

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