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How to make bigger thighs: 8 Simple and Effective Methods

How to make bigger thighs is a highly searched topic on the internet. The trend favoring thick thighs as well as a desire for curves is here to stay. However additional exercise beyond simply very few days each week and a few squats on thigh day is needed to develop large, thick thighs.

To entirely alter the makeup of the thighs, one must strive diligently, be committed, and take a systematic technique to one’s exercise and diet. To assist you to develop such large thighs, we’re going to go into length about a few essential factors. To obtain bigger thighs, the quadriceps must be strengthened. Let us look in detail at how to make bigger thighs.

Larger thighs description

At some moment in a current training regimen, it’s typical to see an increase in thigh size. The thighs are not the only location where this phenomenon occurs; rather, it’s simply more obvious there. Much of the time, as one goes over the process, this problem will self-correct; but, if it doesn’t, there are certain actions one can perform. It will be easy for you to know how to make bigger thighs if you have read the tips on how to get bigger hands.

Whether individuals desire to develop larger thighs, they must correctly exercise their thighs. This entails performing the greatest thigh day workouts frequently to promote muscular development and create lean thighs. Strengthen your thighs vigorously and strongly because they are important to muscle areas and can handle a significant amount of effort. But training isn’t everything. You also need to focus on the factors of how to make bigger thighs

To develop larger thighs, you should also pay close attention to your food, restoration, and supplements. The thighs may appear disproportionately bigger than other parts of your body if you gain muscle. Changing up your fitness program could aid in improving one’s stability.

What factors affect thigh size?

  • The amounts and dispersion of both fat and muscle mass, as well as your bone structure (inherited traits), all play a major role in determining the size of your thighs.
  • The femur (thigh bone) and muscles are what make up the thighs (e.g., quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors) intermingled tissue (e.g., fascia, ligaments, tendons) artery and vein fatty deposits nerves
  • The thighs and glutes can hold greater or lesser fat based on genes and hormone production. A gynoid (pear-shaped) and an android (apple-shaped) are the two basic body forms. Gynoid body shapes usually retain greater fat and muscle in the thighs and glutes, whereas android types of bodies typically deposit extra fat in the belly or abdomen. Generally, cisgender females store more gynoid fat because their estrogen amounts are greater.

These factors are important to keep in mind while learning ways how to make bigger thighs.

How to make bigger thighs?

1 Increased Intake of Protein

Nutrition plays a key role in weight gain or loss. And protein is important to develop muscles throughout the body. Individuals build muscles relatively quickly the further protein they eat. The thighs would take on shape over time. Consume meals such as eggs, quinoa, almonds, chocolate milk, raspberries, avocado, and olive oils (with yolk). Additionally, one might include fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, etc. Increased intake of protein has found to be an effective way how to make bigger thighs.

2 Nutritional Fats

Healthy fats are essential for one’s wellness and physical conditioning, even though it might very well appear unusual, particularly if you’re trying to give up thigh mass. To properly accumulate vital nutrients from one’s food, nutritious unsaturated fats are indeed a significant factor in a balanced meal. Additionally a fantastic source of energy, these nutritious fats. Increase your intake of monounsaturated fats by stocking up on meals like salmon, nuts, and avocados. The nutritional factor is important in how to make bigger thighs.

3 Water Intake

Drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water to keep yourself hydrated during the day. You’ll remain health conscious and active thanks to this, which will aid the body’s processing of protein. It’s also simpler to develop thick muscles when you drink a lot of water because it grants you more energy. Proper water intake is a regular routine method how to make bigger thighs.

4 Squat exercise

The squat is the workout that is most well-liked and effective for growing larger thighs. Squatting can be done while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then drop your torso backward while gently flexing the knees. To avoid knee problems, individuals should always be free to see their toes. During squatting, it’s essential to focus on using perfect posture instead of trying to accomplish many rounds, especially initially. Exercises like deadlifts and hands-only pushups assist you in how to get bigger wrists.

5 Cardio workout

Adapt your cardio exercises. Cardiovascular exercise can help to expand the thighs, but it won’t make them bigger. This explains why cardio cannot result in muscle hypertrophy. Muscular fibers are damaged and subsequently replaced throughout the mechanism of muscle hypertrophy, which results in a bigger muscle. This workout is thus not a complete way on how to make bigger thighs but can help them expand and look big.

While aerobics might aid in weight loss and accentuate the thighs, if you want to build additional muscle, you should concentrate on resistance training activities like lunges and squats.

These routines work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks, as well as every muscle in your thighs. Activities which entail striking, hopping, or quick sprinting are all excellent for building thigh muscles, as are mountain biking, hill riding, uphill climbing, and hillside running. Jogging for more than 3–4 hours should be avoided since excessive long sprinting might reduce the muscular mass in the thighs. Along with the cardio exercises for how to make bigger thighs, you can also follow a 7 day Cardiovascular Diet Plan.

6 Fire Hydrants 

Lie on your stomach with the knees underneath the hips as well as the wrists underneath the shoulders. As much as possible, raise the right leg, raise the right knee from above ground, and extend the right thigh toward the sides until the inner thigh is virtually parallel. Repeat by lowering to the beginning position. Ten to twenty repetitions per side. By compressing a weight behind the exercising leg’s knee, you can add weight. This is considered a good exercise on how to make bigger thighs.

7 Utilize leg bands

The thighs’ bands assist people quickly developing big thighs. Try to encircle the thighs with a booty band when exercising. It makes the hip abductors stronger. Additionally, it bulks up the thigh and gluteal muscles. Altogether, it’s a quick technique to change the thighs’ form and size. Since only one quadriceps muscle is used instead of both during single-legged heel drops, they offer a more intensive exercise than squatting.

Hold on to the bottom level of a staircase flight to accomplish a single-legged squat. Raise yourself back to the initial posture while bending the engaged knee gently until the second foot meets the ground with the inactive knee still hung well over the side of the platform. All of these workouts, when done consistently, can aid in developing larger thighs. These workouts are considered good for how to make bigger thighs.

8 Increased Calorie Burn

Strength training requires your body to consume a lot of calories for strength since it works the muscles. This is another thing you need to do as a way to how to make bigger thighs. The system requires you to consume additional extra calories the greater muscles you have functioning. Several of the largest muscles in the body are found in the thighs and some other leg muscles. As a result, you’ll probably consume a lot of calories whenever you strengthen the thighs using exercises like squatting and other exercises. Balancing calories is important in how to make bigger thighs.

Advantages of making bigger thighs

  • Your chance of developing cardiovascular disease will be lower. Yes, so according to a study, it’s harder to lose abdominal fat over the thigh or buttock fat, but it’s still preferable to developing a big belly. It is believed that belly fat (imagine apple form) is more hazardous and increases the chance of developing diabetes and coronary diseases. In this case, you must also find ways to lose weight fast and easily. Considering this you must check on the ways on how to make bigger thighs.
  • You’re forced to adopt a more distinctive aesthetic. Creating big thighs entails giving up on choosing to wear a lot of the same uniform clothing in big-box retailers, regardless of one’s height, size, or proportions, or getting one to tailor saved in one’s preferred phone contacts. In either case, you won’t look like anyone else, which should be something to celebrate.
  • Also a lower chance of harm. Fitted thighs indicate a strengthened base, which protects your spine and prevents back injuries regardless of how “large” thighs are or the way they press around each other (thigh gap). Searching for ways on how to make bigger thighs can help you get good strength and avoid injuries to some extent.


It’s simple to feel impressed if you desire a particular body, such as huge thighs and a curvaceous shape. Concentrate on the exercise routine, diet, and dietary supplements. It is important to follow the ways on how to make bigger thighs. You’ll be in one direction to bigger thighs and keeping people safe in no time if individuals can maximize those three factors by providing a mixture of resistance training and aerobic endurance, eating fresh whole types of food with protein and vegetables, refined carbohydrates, and completing the gaps in one’s diets with essential vitamins, nutrients, as well as supplements.


Why do thighs expand?

Estrogen is primarily to blame for the fat increase in your thighs. The buttocks and thighs are the areas where the accumulation of fat is more frequently found since this hormone causes rapid expansion in adipose tissue in females.

Does exercise make thighs smaller?

To keep a moderate weight or aid in weight loss, walking is among the primary causes individuals work out. Indeed, walking can aid in thigh reduction, particularly when accompanied by a balanced diet.

Which foods make your thighs fat?

Pasta, white rice, white bread, pastries, drinks, and sweets are the main offenders. The blood sugar levels surge after eating these items and then plummet shortly after.

Are fat thighs healthy?

Fat thighs are a sign of having a healthy heart, a new study has suggested, as scientists claimed evidence of a link between leg size and lower blood pressure. Chinese researchers said they have found that having big thighs is associated with lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease in obese people.

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