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How to Differentiate Kratom Strains By Their Color

If you want to find yourself the best kratom strains, you should know what kratom color offers you the best effect. This article will be telling you about the different Kratom strains and their effects. 

Kratom tree has been a native plant to the enriched soil of Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. Scientifically named Metragyna Speciasa is long known for its medicinal properties. Not only it has been used for recreational purposes but also to treat various chronic ailments. 

The leaves of this tree are often dried to get fine powder or capsules out of it. The powdered form is most liked by the GRH Kratom community as they believe the grounding increases the surface area which aids in receptor adherence. 

Depending on the time of its harvesting, the resultant powder may vary in its physical and physiological effects. These physical and physiological characteristics bring us different strains of Kratom. 

Though one-hand experience will help you learn more easily, this guide would go great if you’re still unclear about different kratom colors and how they differ from each other.  

Three Main Kratom Strains

The most evident Kratom trait is their color. Kratom plant offers us three different colored strains. The variety has all to do with the age of the kratom plant.  The difference in color is basically the time when they are harvested.

There are three main kratom strains which include:

  1. Green vein Kratom
  2. White Kratom
  3. Red Kratom

These strains are further classified into different other variants which differ geographically in nature. These Kratom strains are the most commonly found strains. You might have heard about yellow and gold kratom strains but they are very rare and less researched.  

Come find the individual characteristics of green, white, and red kratom strains. 

White Kratom Strains 

It is a young harvested form of kratom strain. It is preferred by those who are looking for less ripened and young kratom strains. This strain is long known for its intensifying effect. Research shows that different ages represent different alkaloid profiles. It means different pharmacology is the reason for their different physiological effects. The white strain is grown in controlled sunlight exposure. 

You can even genetically engineer your kratom plant to offer white vein kratom leaf throughout the life of a plant. After you have got your desired colour, the plants are often kept indoors to prevent further maturation. 

Effects of White Strain Kratom 

  • White kratom renders a mildly stimulating effect. 
  • It tends to energize, boost or uplift the system. 
  • White strain variants also help to improve focus and determination.
  • It has a similar effect to a caffeine rush
  • White strains have a mild euphoria. 


Since it is harvested at an early age, white kratom represents the maximum concentration of mitragynine. It might be a bit challenging for the newbies. They should get themself a green variant to prevent any life threatening risk. 

White Strain Variants 

White strain kratom is further classified into various other strains which include:

  • White Maeng Da Kratom 
  • White Bali Kratom
  • White Thai Kratom


Ideally, 3g of white kratom goes great for both the beginners and the advanced consumers of random. Keeping your body reaction check, you can increase your dose as per your need. 

Green vein Kratom 

This strain is a mild option for red and white kratom consumers. Green vein kratom represents the stage of maturation (i.e. the middle age of Kratom life cycle). It is the most preferred form of Kratom strains. The effects of this strain appear to be subtle and stay for long. 

Effects of Green Vein Kratom

  • A moderate level of energising and uplifting effect
  • It improves the perspective towards life
  • It is euphoric at high doses. 
  • Renders a sense of calmness and tranquillity. 
  • White vein works great for anxiety and depression
  • It brings positivity and chattiness


Green variants are considered the subtlest variant of kratom counterparts. However, it has a moderate and mild stimulating effect. 

Green Vein Variants

  • Green Bali 
  • Green Malay 
  • Green Indo 
  • Green Borneo 


5-6 grams of green vein kratom is best suited for every sort of kratom consumer. Still, age, medical condition, and time of consumption are the factors that are vital to improve efficacy or prohibit side effects.  

Red Vein Kratom 

Red vein kratom depicts the full maturation or ripened stage. If you want to differentiate this strain from others, you can clearly observe the red-colored veins due to prolonged exposure to sunshine. 

Effect of Red Vein Kratom 

  • Red vein helps to manage chronic pain
  • It gives mild sedation at high doses
  • It enhances focus and alertness 
  • Users also use red vein kratom to treat anxiety and depression
  • Renders a sense of calmness which helps to get fine sleep. 


Being fully mature, it is the most concentrated concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. This results in maximum potency of the red vein strain.

Red Strain Types 

  • Red Indo 
  • Red Vein Maeng da 
  • Red Bali 
  • Red Borneo 
  • Red vein Thai


3 grams of red vein kratom is safe for beginners. While 5 g  works great for an enhanced stimulating effects. 


It is now clear that you can differentiate kratom strains by their color or their time of age. To get maximum potency, red vein kratom works great but the dose should not be overwhelming. 


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