Heart block poem

The heart block poem depicts the condition of the heart during the heart block. This poem tries to describe the types of heart block. it also tells you the heartbeat in normal and during the heart block condition.

This poem tries to help students the heart block condition inform a poem. we think this poem will provide all the students an easy way to remember heart block and other important information about heart block.

Heart block:

Beating in a rhythm                                                                        Heart block poem
Making prominent LUB DUB sounds
But obstruction in the conduction system
Resulted in a heart block

First-degree heart block
Electric impulse moves slowly
Slowly then the normal impulses through the AV node
Which is seen in highly trained athletes

Second-degree heart block
Two types are present
Type I heart block and type II heart block
Type I heart block, the less serious one
Where Electrical signals go slower and slower
Until heart skips a beat
Not the one which happens when u see the one you like

Type II heart block                                                                                          Heart block poem
Some of the electrical signals don’t reach ventricles
Beating pattern becomes irregular
The heartbeat becomes slower than normal

Third heart block
The electrical signal doesn’t reach the ventricle from the atria
Heart rate slower than normal
Fainting, chest pain, and dizziness symptoms
Come along too

Here comes another heart block
The Acquired Heart Block
The causes of it are many if you ask
It might be due to a heart attack or heart diseases
Also, an enlarged heart and rheumatic fever are the causes too.

Before going to the description of every stanza of this poem, Let’s learn something about heart block.

What is heart block?

Heart block is the cardiac disorder in the heart rhythm due to fault in the pacemaker (SA node is known as the natural pacemaker of the heart). Heart block is caused by any disease that can affect the heart such as sarcoidosis and certain tumor, or any inflammatory cardiac disease. These diseases can be autoimmune diseases or any infection. Hyperkalaemia (high potassium level), is also one causes of heart block.

Description of every stanza of heart block poem

First stanza

The first paragraph of the heart block poem tells you about the sound and rhythm produced by the heart. The heart sounds are produced when electrical impulses produced by the conductions system travels from the atrium to the ventricles and eventually to the whole heart.

Second stanza

It tells you more about the heart block. This paragraph of the heart block poem tells you about first-degree heart block. The electrical impulses move slowly through the AV node in this heart block.

Third stanza

It tells you about a second-degree heart block. This part of the heart block rhyme tells you about the types of second-degree heart block. Further type I heart block is described in this part. Type I heart block is a minor form of second-degree heart block. It is indicated as the type where the heart skips a beat.

Fourth stanza

It tells you about the second type of second-degree heart block. The electrical signals don’t reach ventricles. Due to which the heartbeat becomes irregular.

Fifth stanza:

This part of the heart block poem tells you about third-degree heart block. The electrical signals don’t reach ventricles from atria in this heart block. The individual might feel shortness of breathing, dizziness, and might faint as well.

Sixth stanza

This part of the heart block poem tells you about the acquired heart block. In this type of heart block, there are many causes for it to occur. Having a heart attack or heart disease can be one of the causes of the acquired heart block. Also, an enlarged heart and rheumatic fever can be the causes too.

Final thoughts

Overall this heart block poem will give a glimpse of the heart block. It will also help you to know what conditions you will heart face during heart block. we hope this heart block rhyme will help you to understand heart block very effectively.

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