I am invisible if you think
But I am visible if you seek to see
Visible Scar shows your pain
But what about the invisible once?

Invisible scar why are you so painful
You just go deep and cut me open in pieces
The pieces I cannot seem to join
But further goes down to little pieces

Visible scar you tell your own story

But invisible ones hold
A lot of untold
Ones cure for the visible scars are found
But what about invisible scars

The bleeding which doesn’t stop

The healing which never seems to occur

The words the memories the pain
Just makes the scar never go away
Always binding you with its presence
Never letting you go away

Time seems to favour your healing
Still, you go from it hurts a lot
To I feel less
To being back on my feet

Still scars, you always hold a lot of memories
Memories of struggle
Memories of pain
Memories of healing
Memories of smiling
And crying at same time

I hope we can heal our invisible scars
Cause invisible scars cut you in a way
You never think of heal your invisible scars
Heal yourself
care yourself

-Rashmi shrestha


World of Medical Saviours (WOMS) is a website formed by a group of medicos who are embarking to provide facts, tips and knowledge related to health and lifestyle. This website proves to be a great platform for the medical enthusiast and also for those medicos searching to outgrowth their knowledge about the medical field.

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