Holi 2023: How Unsafe or Bad are Artificial Colors for the Skin?

Generally, spring blooms were utilized as a wellspring of colors for Holi, yet with time fake colors have supplanted these characteristic fixings.

Overflowing with an abundance of colors, Holi unites friends and family and imbues them with an incredible soul. Denoting the triumph of good over wickedness, the Hindu spring celebration is commended with excitement and mirth on the full moon day in the period of Phalgun. Loved ones play with the colors that day, toss water inflatables, and crunch on an assortment of bites.

Customarily, spring blossoms were utilized as a wellspring of colors for Holi, however with time counterfeit colors have supplanted these regular fixings. For yellow, turmeric powder was utilized, hibiscus blooms made for the red shading, and henna was for green. In any case, today, markets are overwhelmed with costly counterfeit colors with compound solvents blended in them. For the sake of extravagant items, dim shades like green, violet, and dark are restrained copper sulfate, mercury sulfite, and lead oxide in high substance.

A couple of dermatologists share why it is ideal to avoid compound colors and basic strategies to utilize regular colors without passing up a major opportunity from the fun and skip of the celebration.

These colors are really mechanical synthetic substances lead oxide, copper sulfate, and malachite green, aluminum bromide, Prussian blue cobalt nitrate, indigo, and zinc salts, and red (mercury sulfate). At times, added substances, for example, mica residue and glass particles are added to the colors to give them a sparkle. These again are extremely destructive to the skin. The clearance of such items is generally unregulated.

“These are solid colors, which can’t be washed off effectively. Fluid colors accessible in the market are much more hurtful than powder colors as they will in general gather in overlay zones, for example, crotch and armpit region,” dermatologist ShitalPoojary said.

“Rather than normally made colors from blossoms and herbs, synthetics and colors are utilized which contain unsafe synthetic substances, substantial metals, acids, mica, glass powder, and hazardous soluble bases,” Deepali Bhardwaj, a Delhi-based dermatologist said.

Reactions of Holi colors

“Reactions incorporate tingling, dryness, peeling of the skin, disintegrations of skin, and dermatitis. Skin scraped areas can happen because of cleaning of skin to evacuate the colors,” Poojary stated, including, “Auxiliary bacterial diseases and exacerbation of skin break out and prior dermatitis can likewise happen. Individuals with dry skin and prior skin issues should be additional wary.

“Concoction colors when connected to the skin can cause loss of hair (alopecia). Contact of synthetic colors in eyes can cause bothering, watering of eyes, corneal scraped spots, and conjunctivitis. In uncommon cases, foundational symptoms can happen because of synthetic substances which can show as shortness of breath and cyanosis,” she included.

“The synthetic concoctions can make genuine damage the skin after scratching other than driving unfortunately here and there even to long-lasting weaknesses like a visual deficiency, skin ailments like vitiligo,” Bhardwaj said.

Step by step instructions to dispose of the unsafe impacts

“It is basic that individuals change to regular natural colors or home-made colors from the kitchen or greenhouse. Synthetic colors should be maintained a strategic distance from totally. Actually, there is an earnest requirement for the administration to absolutely boycott the closeout of these colors at the season of Holi,” Poojari said.

She likewise proposed approaches to keep your skin from getting harmed: Apply oil on the skin just as hair; wear nail polish so the colors can’t go inside the nail bed; wear defensive glasses while playing Holi, sprinkle eyes with clean water on different occasions; don’t scour forcefully while expelling, and utilize a mellow cleanser to wash off the colors. The persevering colors will blur over some undefined time frame.

“Likewise, on the off chance that any open injury or cuts are there on the body before Holi, at that point bandage or wrap ought to be done preceding playing Holi to maintain a strategic distance from section and ingestion of the hurtful synthetics from it which can even prompt hazardous impacts like inner disease, visual deficiency due to being caught up in the circulation system. The poisons utilized in colors can result in the scope of infections, including skin hypersensitivities, aggravation prompting ceaseless skin inflammations,” Bhardwaj jested.

When to look for administrations of a dermatologist?

“Over the top redness, tingling, copying sensation, rankling, disintegrations, facial swelling, photosensitivity, unexpected loss of bunches of hair, the fuel of prior skin sickness, foundational manifestations like shortness of breath, somewhat blue staining of fingertips, lips and so forth call for genuine activity,” Poojari said.


It is hard to make out contrasts between a characteristic shading and a color. Playing it safe is, in this way, essential. Attempt to utilize just homegrown colors or else home-made colors from kitchen or patio nursery like Tesu blooms, Genda blossoms to beetroot squeeze possibly.

  • Try to utilize home-made colours from kitchen
  • Use blooms from the greenery enclosure like Tesu blossoms, Genda blossoms, and beetroot juice
  • Tomato juice and turmeric can be utilized as shading
  • If anybody powerfully applies lasting shading or dark oil, stay away from it on the face and attempt beyond what many would consider possible to get their imprints on your garments

Just Before Playing Holi

To avoid the retaining of color on the skin and negative effects you can follow the following measures.

  • Always oil the body with coconut oil, olive oil or nutrient E oil and back rub hair with mustard oil.
  • Oiling at spots like behind the ear, between fingertips, close fingernails is critical.
  • Paint your nails with the darkest shading conceivable so the Holi colors can’t go inside nail bed.
  • Wear defensive glasses while playing Holi. Indeed, even an old pair of shades is a smart thought
  • Wash your eyes clean with virus water and see an eye expert if the bothering perseveres following a couple of long periods of Holi.


  • Standing under running water for 5-10 minutes and don’t clean or scratch forcefully.
  • Use fluid cleanser delicately and use home cures on the difficult colors
  • Applying lemon juice, curd, and sandalwood blend. Including turmeric and white flour will likewise have great outcomes.
  • For the face, utilize olive oil on cotton to expel the makeup by Holi colors after richly washing with running water and after that use home cures with white flour.

Play safe!


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