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What Makes Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Different From Others?

The majority of the people diagnosed with mental illness issues have had a co-occurring substance use disorder, and those with substance use disorder have had mental health issues. Such people are said to have a dual diagnosis and require specialized treatments. They need treatment that analyses and manages the co-occurring disorders as one and does not treat them separately.

The patient should be admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for the treatment to be effective. While other treatment centers will focus on treating alcohol use disorders and others drug dependency, most of them will focus on both.

Alongside use disorders, some mental health disorders treated at these centers include; anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD), bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia.  

Importance of Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

The co-occurring disorders usually have the same symptoms and triggers. This is because they feed each other and feed off each other too. Dual diagnosis rehab becomes a necessity in this case because it is the only way to provide proper therapies and medications used to treat both issues. Simply treating one disorder can worsen the other.

How to Detect Dual Diagnosis

It is difficult to tell when an individual suffers from a dual diagnosis because it is common for people struggling with substance abuse. When a person addicted to drugs starts to exhibit signs of irritability, paranoia, anxiety, and depression, it could signify mental illness.

Another tell-tale is when the individual finds it difficult to remain mentally stable when sober. They might also choose to spend more time alone and not be productive at work.

Types of Therapies Offered At These Centers

Whatever issues the patient may be suffering from, they will have to undergo behavioral therapy. They will be subjected to cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on altering their thought patterns to promote healthy behaviors. Another therapy technique is dialectical behavioral therapy. This therapy uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques but focuses more on the social aspects of the treatment.

Individual psychotherapy also involves one-on-one sessions with the counselor that help patients talk about their struggles. The integrated group therapy is meant for bipolar disorder and substance abuse disorder patients. This therapy technique aims at treating both issues. It teaches symptom recognition and skills that enhance mood stability. Other than the therapies provided, some medicines also prevent relapse. Since these medicines can intensify other disorders, they should be used cautiously.

Preparing for Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Deciding to enroll in rehab is daunting because you will be subjecting yourself to lifestyle changes. The most important thing to do will be to prepare your mind. The potential patient should relax and partake in activities that bring them joy and peace. Adjusting one’s mind will prevent quitting when the going gets tough. One should also look into the costs that will be incurred before enrolling.


 It is important to do your due diligence before choosing any dual diagnosis rehab to ensure you find the most suitable one. Check to ensure that they have the resources to treat efficiently and effectively.


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