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5 Tips for Getting Relief from Period Pain

Having pain in the lower back and abdomen, and upper legs during menstruation can be undeniably debilitating and excruciating. Before menstruation, you may also go through PMS and experience mood swings, tiredness, and anxiety. What’s great is that a natural PMS supplement can significantly help reduce your symptoms, but ask your doctor first.

Although your doctor may prescribe painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen after ruling out serious conditions like endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and fibroids, relieving period pain naturally may even work better for you.

Therefore, we’ll share five effective tips to help you get relief from period pain and make sure your day goes smoothly.

Tip #1: Use a Heat Pad

Heat can help relax the contraction of muscles and ease your period pain. Therefore, you should grab a heating pad or a hot water bottle to relieve your period pain. Many women have found this to work great!

Whenever you’re using a hot water bottle or heat pad, make sure you wrap it up in a towel or a piece of cloth not to put it directly on your skin and risk burning.

Tip #2: Exercise

Although exercising during period pain may be the last thing on your mind and may even seem counterintuitive to some, exercising can actually help you relieve period cramps.

When you exercise, the blood circulation in your body increases, which aids in relieving the cramps. Moreover, physical activity also releases endorphins in your body that lower the perception of pain.

Therefore, you can go for a walk or do yoga to get all these benefits instead of curling up in your bed.

Tip #3: Reduce Stress

Psychological stress can worsen your period pain due to the release of stress hormones (cortisol) in your body that can increase muscle contractions.

Therefore, you should try to reduce stress overall in your life, not just during your period. Practice yoga or meditation to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body. Exercising regularly can also help boost happy hormones.

Get good quality and quantity of sleep every night, and make sure to journal every day. If nothing is really helping, you can always visit a professional therapist.

Tip #4: Eat Healthy Foods

Specific foods can worsen your cramps, while others can do the opposite. You should avoid salty and fatty food like fried chicken, fries, pastries, cheese, and white bread, as they can lead to bloating and inflammation and cause more period pain.

On the other hand, incorporating foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B6, and E and omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and magnesium can minimize inflammation and relax the contraction of muscles. Some examples are nuts, fatty fish like salmon, and green leafy veggies.

Tip #5: Massage

You can relax your uterus and get relief from period pain by massaging your abdomen. Circular motions can help you achieve better results.

In addition, you can also get a full body massage while you’re menstruating, as this can aid in blood circulation, release tension from your body, and facilitate you in feeling relaxed both mentally and physically. 

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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