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CBD Cat Treats: Taking Proper Care Of Your Feline

Cats are one of the most popular animals to keep as pets worldwide. Only the dog has more owners, although not by much as this article tells us. Even in the cradle of civilization, there is evidence showing that we have used them to catch mice for a long time. That is the most common use that most people would have them for in their homes. As generations passed, it became more apparent that they have more use than just hunting small prey. 

There was a time in history wherein owning a feline is a symbol of honor. In ancient Egypt, for example, these animals were considered sacred due to their protective nature. It was also due to religion, as one of the major gods in their pantheon is a cat goddess. Their feline worship had many advantages, but it was also used against them at one point. The Roman army once used cats as a way for them to conquer an Egyptian city without its citizens fighting back.

Take The Sadness Away With A Pet

Nowadays, with the pandemic going on, it makes sense for most people to find a new companion while being locked at home. It makes sense to have one, especially if you are living on your own. Studies have shown that being alone all the time does not encourage a healthy disposition in life. Most people who do such an act tend to have a valid reason, like suffering from a mental health issue or experiencing grief. Without any other valid reason, living on your own is a practical yet terrible existence.

Most people would prefer dogs as pets because they believe them to be therapeutic. Who does not love these lovely furballs bursting with vigor and happiness? These critters were domesticated because of their ability to learn quickly and adapt to their environment. It also helps them know how to follow simple commands and be given a job if so inclined. Dogs are usually rather affectionate as well, and sometimes lovingly referred to as attention hogs.

With cats, it is almost the exact opposite of its canine counterpart. Even though there are felines who are also affectionate, most do like being left alone. There is a joke circulating the internet that dogs see us as their master, while the felines believe they are the masters. It shows how they act around us, knowing they can live on their own without our help. For the most part, dogs are somewhat dependent on us, which may work or not depending on the person.

For that specific reason, other pet owners like having a kitty or a tomcat roaming around at home. It may not act like mousers anymore, but they are still great hunters. However, it does not mean that you can leave them alone to fend for themselves. 

You got them because you want to have a company other than other humans, so it would be best to answer positively to that gesture as well. Despite their apparent haughtiness, cats may become more accustomed to touches and cuddles once they trust you enough.

Rewards And More Rewards

One of the ways that you can reward them for their efforts, though, is by giving them treats. It is a popular notion for any pet owner, as this helps in training them in obedience and other cues. Felines might not be as responsive as the canines, but they still learn that it is good to follow you. 

Sometimes though, these creatures end up breaking the rules, and they almost seem to taunt you. Nevertheless, giving a treat once in a while is a good thing to help them acclimatize to you as well. 

There are so many options for treats, though, that it can be confusing to choose one. You do not have to select a single one, but it would be best to let them taste it first and see if they like it. Not all treats are great for cats, so there lies your challenge. For example, CBD treats alone have many variations which is why Pet hemp company cat treats exist. You have read that right; cannabidiol can be used for cat food as well.

You may already know what CBD is, as it has been discussed all the time in news outlets as well as social and printed media. It is a compound extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, which effectively alleviates the symptoms of stress, pain, and other behavioral issues. It is important to note that this does not have the same effect as your typical marijuana joint.

What Does CBD Do?

Once cannabidiol enters the system, it goes through the endocannabinoid system. The system is a complex arrangement of neurons and other cells that makes it easy for the compound to take action. As it enters the brain, it influences the nervous system to do specific tasks like making you sleepy or dulling your pain receptors. It is not a perfect system, but it works for most people.

With cats, it does a similar function since these creatures do have the same structure as us. The take in the compound, and it works its way through the system mentioned above. However, they are more susceptible to its effects like lethargy because of their smaller stature. As science says, the smaller the body, the faster it uses up everything it consumes over a while.

It might seem a bit odd that animals can use a medicine used to treat humans. However, cannabidiol is different since it is a naturally existing substance, so its possibilities are endless. Aside from treats, you will usually find it in oil form or also mixed with other products. It is typically the oil form that is used for animals, but treats are becoming more common.

If you will give this one to your pet, make sure that it does not have any trace of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The said substance is toxic when consumed by smaller creatures in large amounts, and their digestive systems might not handle it. Keep them safe, just as you will when taking any medicine. 

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