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Can Pregnant Women Eat Salami?

Can pregnant women eat salami? This is one of the questions most people look out for. If you are one of them then you are looking out because you are curious and looking forward to your pregnancy and want to take care of yourself more than ever.

If it is your first time expecting a baby, you may have several doubts about many things like what to eat and what to not.

Many things have different impacts on your body before and during pregnancy. So, it is essential to get an idea about the effects of different things on your body and baby before eating.

If you are a salami fan and used to eat it without any limit before pregnancy and now don’t know its effect during pregnancy, you should read this article. This will tell you whether Salami is wholly forbidden or you can eat it to a safer level, its origin, nutritional contents, benefits, etc.

What is Salami or Deli meat?

Salami is a highly seasoned fatty sausage of pork and beef usually in a dry state. Deli meats are cooked meats that have been sliced and prepared for sandwiches or light snacks, including those cured or smoked.

Deli meats are into three categories

  • a complete cut (meat that is first cooked and then sliced)
  • into sections (a dollop of meat that has been bonded to create a single piece of meat)
  • the processed one

Salami is in classification because it is made up of meat parts that have been in the mix with seasonings and cured until they have hardened. Pork, beef, or veal are frequently in use to make the meat. Cooked meats, including those that have been in cure or have salt, are informal as deli meats.

Why is Salami not in recommendation?

When you ask that pregnant women eat Salami during pregnancy, your doctor is likely to have given you a list of foods to avoid, with processed meat probably near the apex of the list. There are several reasons for it. Salami usually contains nitrates as preservatives like sodium nitrate. Experts advise not to have these chemicals for the safety of a pregnant woman.


It is a disease you can get through Salami (more chances if Salami is home-cooked). It is by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. This foodborne sickness causes fever, muscle pain, and stomach problems. It can cause severe issues to the fetus and cause many complications in pregnancy.

If the Salami is not adequately cooked or undercooked, it may contain bacteria like salmonella or Toxoplasma. These bacteria are primarily in the soil and feces of cats.

These bacteria are the foundation of salmonellosis and toxoplasmosis. If you have a weak immune system and your body cannot bear these infections, it can prove fatal to you and your child.

Side effects and Risks

In the phase of pregnancy, the question can pregnant women eat Salami is utterly important. Any women hope to get pregnant at some time in their lives because it is a natural and healthy state.

Pregnancy, on the other hand, can render women more vulnerable to some diseases. In pregnant women, even minor conditions can cause major sickness.

So, the infections like listeriosis and toxoplasmosis can lead to other major problems like miscarriage, stillbirth and if these bacteria cross the fetus, they may form the following problems in inborn babies: These infections may become more severe if you are pregnant.

  • Paralysis
  • Visual problems
  • Mental sickness
  • Heart diseases
  • Hearing loss
  • Kidney complications

Salami has a more extensive content of cholesterol which may cause heart problems, diabetes, and obesity.

The Nutritional Content of Salami

When you look at what Salami contains, you will know that it includes a lot of fat, proteins, and cholesterol. About 100g of Salami has:

  • 32g of Fat
  • 113mg of Cholesterol
  • 370mg of Potassium
  • 23g of Protein
  • 1730mg of Sodium

As you know, cholesterol is the leading cause of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. These diseases eventually lead to heart failure or myocardial infarction. The excess salt concentration in deli meats like Salami can cause swelling and hypertension.

So, before eating Salami without any consideration, you must read these aspects. While eating Salami from street vendors is obviously dangerous, even making it at home can be harmful to your health, especially if it lacks proper cooking correctly.

Cooking and warming Salami until it’s steaming helps destroy bacteria, there’s still a risk of contamination, and cooking won’t eliminate the nitrates.

The safe level of Salami for a pregnant woman

After reading the above effects of Salami, are you distressingly thinking that pregnant women can eat Salami and other deli meats until delivery?? No, it’s not like that. You can take these things but with proper care and precaution. However, if you want the best plan for you and your baby, then abstain from these things for just nine months. But if your salami desires are too obvious to ignore, take into account that you should not eat deli meat in uncook manner or “straight out of the package.” Here are some instructions to decrease the risk to the least.

 A hygienic environment is a necessary condition for any eatable, whether it’s Salami or other foods. Try to keep your diet clean so no harmful bacteria or pathogens can find a way to get into your body and cause problems.

According to the American pregnancy association, cook until it is steaming if you badly want to eat deli meat or Salami. This is the best way to get rid of maximum pathogens. Also, keep in mind that your utensils should not come in contact with raw meat.

can you eat salami when pregnant

Indications that you have eaten infectious Salami

If you have eaten Salami and now don’t know whether you have taken the infection or not. Don’t worry, there are some symptoms, you can identify your problem by taking an outlook. The emergence of food poisoning symptoms can take quite some time. In just about all cases, illness begins within one to three days. However, symptoms can appear anywhere between 30 minutes and three weeks after consuming infected food. The length of time it takes to recover depends on the bacterium. Following are the outcomes of getting an infection or food poisoning:

  • Fever
  • Muscle pain and cramps
  • Body fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chills
  • Weakness

If you are suffering from these causalities, stop taking further Salami and talk to your doctor immediately

Effects of eating Foodborne Pathogens you can ingest with Salami

In normal circumstances, eating rotten meat causes you some real problems, as we listed earlier. But in a pregnant lady, if these infections and bacteria interfere with her pregnancy, they cause many issues related to delivery. You can never know the number of pathogens you are taking in with Salami.

An article was in THE NEWYORK TIMES on March 10, 1995. In this article, they wrote about deadly bacteria found in Salami. According to federal health researchers, the potentially fatal bacteria that makes thousands of people sick every year after eating ground beef has been present in Salami.


Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease by the apicomplexan Toxoplasma gondii. Grown-ups with toxoplasmosis usually have no clinical manifestations. On occasion, people will experience a few weeks or months of mild flu-like illness, such as muscle aches and tender lymph nodes.

One of the most common parasites that can be in Salami is the Toxoplasmas Gondi parasite. It can be transmitted through uncooked meat, Salami, deli meat, cat feces, and from mother to child. Its signs include swollen lymph nodes, flu, fever, body pains, and general fatigue. Since you’re otherwise healthy, not pregnant, and have been confirmed with toxoplasmosis, you’ll most likely only need conservative therapy.

If you’re expecting or have a compromised immune system, you may require medical attention to avoid serious consequences.

However, prevention is the best strategy.

As we already said, it can be transmitted to the fetus and cause stillbirth or miscarriage. If the baby survives with such a condition, they may bear a severe eye infection, jaundice, spleen, and liver problems. Consult with your physician immediately after having doubt of toxoplasmosis to minimize the impact to the possible limit.


Listeriosis is a severe bacterial disease due to the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria is a dangerous bacterium that can be present in a variety of foods. Listeria infections were mainly in connection to deli foods and hot dogs during outbreaks. Pregnant women usually only have a viral infection and other common cold ailments, including fatigue and muscle cramps.

On the other hand, diseases during childbirth can result in miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, or a fatal contagion of the infant. The chances of getting this disease increase five to ten percent for a pregnant woman. So, intensive care is in need before satisfying your cravings for deli meats and salamis in pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is a condition when many changes occur in your body. But the feeling of being a mother or being a mother is such a solid and unexplainable feeling in the world that you bear all pains and restrictions. The problem of food cravings goes on top of the list during pregnancy.

You can satisfy your desires, but it’s best to avoid things like Salami. They often carry bacteria and other dangerous pathogens, which may prove lethal to you and your child in a pregnancy state. But you really want to eat it; you can have it in tiny amounts by taking full caution like cooking it to the fullest, eating in a clean environment, etc.

Despite all care and caution, don’t panic if you still get an infection and make an appointment with your doctor. Things will get better. Just don’t lose hope.

Frequently asked questions related to Salami

Following are the frequently asked questions by pregnant women. You may find the answer to your question in this.

Can pregnant women eat Salami on pizza or in sandwiches in a lesser amount?

Yes, you can. There are some dishes when Salami is somehow safe:
If the garnishes are sizzling hot and the meat is clearly crackling on top of a pizza,
Soups and stews are three of the most popular dishes in the United States.
Only if the heart is steaming hot, not merely warm, inside a toasted sandwich.
Only if dehydrated Salami is roasted until it is blistering or sizzling.

What if you ate deli meat like Salami in pregnancy?

Almost certainly, you’ve heard someone advise against eating deli meats while pregnant. You’ve probably heard people tell you about how they ate deli meats, and everything turned out alright.
The good news is that having a problem as a result of eating deli meat is quite unlikely. Each year, about two thousand twenty-five hundred people will become sick with Listeria. This indicates that it is highly uncommon. On the other hand, pregnant women are more likely to contract it, putting their developing fetuses at risk of significant difficulties and even death.

What Should I Do If I Consumed Salami While Pregnant?

You’ll be fine, according to the odds. However, as with anything else, you never know.
If you begin to experience one of the following common listeriosis symptoms, your food may have been contaminated with Listeria:
1. Fever Chills
2. Muscle aches
3. Nausea
4. Diarrhea
It’s important to understand that while you may experience a few symptoms after eating contaminated food, it can also take up to 30 days or more for the first symptoms to appear.

Is it safe to eat deli meats during pregnancy?

There is no such thing as “magic deli meat” that is entirely safe for human consumption during pregnancy. Many experts agree that the meat should be heated or steamed to be considered slightly safe. Although the number of listeria cases in the United States is low, pregnant women are at an increased risk

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