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How Baby Formula Shortage in the U.S. Has Affected Infant Nutrition

American parents of newborns are facing a terrible shortage of baby formula in stores. The pandemic terrified people, so they started sweeping baby food off grocery shelves. Together with such problems as unemployment and financial difficulties, American baby food manufacturers could not manage the production of the required amount of products to satisfy the needs of all infants. 

Another reason for the lack of baby formula in America is that some companies had to stop production because of customer complaints. Some babies got indigestion and diarrhea after eating a portion of baby food made by some American companies. So, the choice of available products became extremely short. Today, 40% of US parents cannot find high-quality baby formula for their kids. So, they search for other alternatives to adapt to the new reality.

What is So Special about Baby Formula?

An amateur cannot make infant food. Its main ingredient is dry milk, derived from cow’s or goat’s whole milk. This powder is the altered milk formula that allows kids to digest it faster and easier. Certified baby food includes everything a baby needs to thrive, like vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. There are five alternatives to traditional breastfeeding:

  • hemp milk
  • cows milk
  • coconut milk
  • goats milk
  • homemade formula

Such a variation allows parents to choose the product that suits their newborns best. For example, plant milk is the best option for children who are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to animal proteins. Goat’s formula is the safest because it is easy to digest, nutritious, and less allergic than cow’s formula. Parents make formulas that adapt to the infant’s requirements. Though, the last variant is the riskiest because parents have to make them sterile and full of nutritious elements to promise healthy development of a baby’s organism.

Moreover, unaware parents can add harmful substances to the mixture. They often want to adjust the formula to their taste preferences and add condensed milk, caramel, and other sweeteners or flavors.  If parents prepare the wrong formula, the baby can suffer constipation, frequent belching, meteorism, and even poisoning because of non-sterile conditions or low-quality ingredients.

Are Baby Formulas Regulated?

Baby’s health is the primary concern of all countries because they are our future. So, both Europe and America have organizations that control the quality of products that food industries produce, especially the baby ones. The Food and Drug Administration regulates pharmacological goods and food regarding safety protocols in America. The European Commission is responsible for the quality of European products. The EC is a bit stricter because the FDA banned many European products because of labeling inconsistencies, which means the EC is more dependable.

There are two most popular baby formulas – the FDA formula and European baby formula. The main difference between them is the quantity of DHA and iron per portion. American baby formula has five times more iron, while European formula contains more DHA. The indisputable advantage of the European formula is that its manufacturers develop products depending on a baby’s age. It means that pediatricians calculate the required amount of DHA, iron, omega-3, vitamins, carbs, fats, and protein regarding the peculiarities of the growing organism. American products have only one version for kids from birth to one year. European companies have four stages:

  • stage 1 or Pre (up to six months) 
  • stage 2 (six-nine months)
  • stage 3 (up to ten months)
  • stage 4 (up to twelve months)

Some companies have only three stages: 0-6, 6-9, and 9-12 months.

Why Some Mothers Don’t Breastfeed

Mother’s milk is the best food for an infant. Unfortunately, not all moms can provide it. Today, a mom refuses to breastfeed for several reasons. 

Health problems

Mommies refuse to breastfeed because of health problems or taking pills incompatible with breastfeeding. 


When a couple asks someone to give birth to their babies, a mom will surely have no milk.


Many couples adopt children, so the baby formula is everything a baby can get to stay healthy and grow.


Sometimes, dads take maternity leave to take care of a baby while mommies work. Gay couples also have to buy baby formula to supply their kids with the required macronutrients and micronutrients.

Lack of milk

If a mother is exhausted, sleepless, or nervous, she can start experiencing milk deficiency. 

Unreadiness to Follow a Diet and Feeding Rules

It’s not a secret that mothers have to avoid some food when breastfeeding so as not to make their kids gassy and allergic. Not everyone is ready for such changes, so baby formula is the best option for newborns.

Is It Safe to Shift from American Baby Formula to European Baby Formula

Only doctors can tell if it is safe to change eating habits abruptly, and parents should not decide on the formula on their own. As it has already been said, there are five alternatives to breastfeeding. A pediatrician should examine the baby to determine what baby formula suits the baby. All babies feel good when eating their mom’s milk, but they can be intolerant or allergic to ingredients in baby formula. Only a health adviser knows what products are safe for a baby. For example, if a baby needs more iron because of its insufficiency, a doctor can prescribe supplements to change the situation for the better. 

So, parents should examine the available products on the market and introduce the list to a pediatrician. Some hospitals have infant food to help parents select the best one. Kids who have no health problems can tolerate different baby formulas. In case of gastrointestinal diseases or allergic reactions, pediatricians will pick the best formula out of the available variants. 

No matter what formula you prefer, the transition should be smooth. So, if you see that you are running out of your regular baby formula, it will be better to buy European baby formula in advance and start using it from time to time to see the baby’s reaction to new food. If something goes wrong, you should consider another baby formula and consult a pediatrician to find out the reason. 

What Should Parents Do If the Store is Running Out of Baby Food

Except for supermarkets, one can find baby food online. Organic Best Shop offers top-quality baby food to its customers and delivers parcels on time. Even though the price is high, parents are ready to buy it at any cost. The reason is that the shop is reputable and sells organic baby formula that is safe and certified. What is special about organic baby food?

  • It has no harmful chemicals.
  • German products go without artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and stabilizers.
  • Such formula has only organic ingredients meaning they were made from eco products. Animals eat healthy food, and farmers use sterile tools to get the milk and deliver it to companies that will turn it into powder. 
  • It contains everything a baby needs and doesn’t provoke digestive problems.

Now, US health regulators are thinking about how to change the situation and increase the amount of baby food on American shelves. Until then, parents should buy safe baby formula online to supply their infants with all the vitamins and minerals they usually get when mothers breastfeed them.

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